Smell the Star Wars Universe with These Candles

Have you ever watched a film and wondered what a particular character or setting might smell like? If you have, the Star Wars gods have smiled down on you, and finally, you get to own the scents and not just imagine them in your head. If not, then you’re just in luck as you weren’t subjected to the torturous feeling of wondering without the satisfaction of an answer.

Avid fans of Star Wars should dance for joy at the prospect of smelling adventure all day every day in the comfort of their home, car or office. Before you instruct Alexa to cue the happy dance song, there are some details you need to understand.

Why Star Wars Candles by Numskull Designs are a Must-Have

The thrill and joy behind Star Wars candles come from the excitement rallied by the Star Wars franchise. In the same manner, these candles draw inspiration from the success of the brand. Expect to be wowed by these Star Wars collectibles as they are diverse and try to represent the core principles behind Star Wars. Get different candles to achieve:

  • The imminent smell of wisdom emitted by the one and only Yoda - this is the best way of owning the Star Wars universe in the palm of your hand.

  • The undeniable scent of adventure that was the highlight of The Empire Strikes Back.

  • The mystery of the spirit that endures anything and always rises to fight for one’s place in the sky as represented by Star Wars in its entirety.

The Star Wars collectible candles are all a celebration of and include the original trilogy, i.e. The Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope and Return of the Jedi. For most people, Star Wars is just a story, one that demands attention, is highly addictive and entertaining. But for real fans, Star Wars is a way of life. Having whatever collectible and purchasing any available Star Wars merchandise is one way of living Star Wars day to day.

Star Wars Candles Collections

  • The Empire Strikes Back Set — the set of candles has the likes of Han Solo Carbonite, Lightsaber Duel, Millennium Falcon, Yoda’s Cooking Pot and Inside of a Tauntaun. However, Merchoid doesn’t provide full details or descriptions for these candles. There is no information on whether or not they do exude any scent. If you love riddles, then the puns and quips that reference the title of the candle will be more than enough information. The set sells for 44.99 USD online and can be purchased anytime and delivered by a parcel forwarding service provider.
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  • The A New Hope Candle Set comes with a collection of Trash Compactor, X-wing Cockpit, Wookiee, Banther Milk and Cantina. These names give nothing away, and if anything, they leave one wondering and making speculations on how these candles will most likely smell. A clear example is that the Wookie candle is described in a question which asks “ever wondered what a walking carpet smelled like?” While at it, you might fall head over heels with Cantina because it smells like “Eau de-scum and villainy.” The set also goes for US$44.99
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  • The Return of the Jedi includes the likes of Rancor, Sarlaac Pit, Jabba’ Palace, Death Star Destroyed and Ewok. Again, this set doesn’t give much information about the scent either, but you can buy the candles with the expectations of smelling what saving the galaxy feels like. Get the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Candle Set for only US$36.99 from Merchoid and get it shipped internationally through the services of an international freight forwarder.
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  • The Special Edition Version of each set, as the name suggests, these are the special editions of the existing collections. The only tweaks are a couple of different candles added to the original set. You can also get the Star Wars Special Edition versions online from Merchoid.

Advantages of buying your Star Wars Candle Set online

If you’re to get the Star Wars collectibles online, you get to select from a wide variety. There is no settling, unlike when you go to one physical store, and you’re only limited to buying what they have on display. With international online shopping, you can access shops in the US and buy your Star Wars merch from several different stores.

Use a local parcel forwarder to shop for various candle sets from different stores. Your purchases all get shipped to the local forwarder’s verified shipping address, where everything will be repackaged and sent your way as one parcel.

Finding unique Star Wars merchandise online is just a hobby. Unlike offline shopping, where you might end up just buying because you are tired of walking around, with online shopping, you get to buy after comparing various offers put forward by different sellers. The Parcl package forwarding from the US service is a top-notch service that helps with shopping for Star Wars Universe candles to get the ultimate experience. For example, if you’re to purchase The Return of the Jedi Candle Set from Merchoid, they offer a 100-day return of purchase policy. The expedited shipping and forwarding service provided by Parcl will ensure that you receive your candles way ahead of time. This way, you get the time to check the candle set in detail and only accept it if it meets your standards. If you would like to return the candles for a refund, your Parcl forwarder can do this for you, provided the candles are still in excellent shape and form.


So yes, you most definitely can shop the US and ship internationally with as many rights as local shoppers—provided you use the services of a US package forwarder who knows what they are doing. In other words, you are free to buy from the US and expect to receive your package in record time. If you shop now, you can get all three Star Wars Candle Sets for a cool US$106.99 instead of US$134.97. The same goes for the Special Edition sets that are currently going for US$142.99 instead of US$188.97.

Should you be interested in buying more Star Wars merchandise to go with your candles, visit the Parcl webstore and search for the Star Wars merch already in store. The collection is just as amazing as the Star Wars Universe.

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