Sneaker Trends to Wait for in 2019

For most of us, sneakers are an integral part of the wardrobe. They are simple in nature, comfortable to wear and stable to walk in. Actually, there is a strong belief that one is either a sneaker girl or a heels lady. Then there are those in between who also throw in a little bit of ballet flats, winter boots, wedges, sandals and what-have-you for when the mood permits.

Turns out we’re only concerned about sneakers, the most trusted pair of shoes when looking for reliable comfort to help out during Pilates, going for a long walk or just kicking it in a chilled-out-style on Sunday. Even for activities after work, one can always look trendy while upgrading to a level of comfort all ladies in heels silently envy – just by putting on a pair of sneakers.

As the trends change, it’s also necessary to evolve and metamorphize with the styles. In 2018, the dad sneaker took all attention just like the Velcro kicks. These are still available from the best websites for limited-edition sneakers. And now, there are new designs and brands in the pipelines that brands are fighting to have released asap.

We have seen the pre-fall 2019 collections and they are worth taking a look into. Here is a list of the top ten sneakers worth your time and attention this year.

Top 2019 Sneaker Trends

  1. Exaggerated Soles—Alexander McQueen Leather Sneakers

Of course, our catchy opener must be top quality. Unparalleled and like none other. The exaggerated soles and solid leather top sneaker is from Italy. This Alexander McQueen leather sneaker fits true to size and there’s no need to worry about fitting, which is usually the case when purchasing online. The sneaker can fit with anything and is what you need for easy access to your outfits all throughout the year. Lovers of quality will dig their hands deep into their pockets for this pair but, it’s worth all the pennies.

Get Alexander McQueen sneakers from for $575.


  1. Buckle Details—Zadig & Voltaire High Buckle Sneakers

The thousand and one buckles and attention to detail make it worth all the stares you get when wearing a pair. Drawing inspiration from the buckles all over the runways at the Sies Marjan, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton boots and heels fashion show, these buckle sneakers are high cut and exude boss vibes. The Zadig & Voltaire pair is everything and more. They tend to be less chunky, edgy, but maintaining the zest of ultra-cool and fashionable. They are an excellent buy for stylish winter wear instead of the traditional snow boots. But, only consider making them your mains for winter if you have a car and won’t track the whole day.

Available for $219 from


  1. Tie Dye – Pharrell x Adidas NHM Hu Trail

We all admire Pharrell Williams’ vampire blood vibes. The guy is over 40 but passes for a cool 25-year-old. And who better to bring us the tie-dye trend than the guy with the secret to youth? The tie-dye sneaker is a collaboration brought to us by Adidas with their ever-reliable comfort pads and Pharrell with his stylish mystery. The upper part of the sneaker draws inspiration from the Holi Festival’s traditional colors and the bottom is a solid white and purple. With the sneaker, you get to bring color to an otherwise blend look. Let summer be colorful. Buy your sneakers and get them delivered to your doorstep when you sign up for a US re-shipping service.

Buy Pharrell x Adidas NHM Hu Trail sneakers from for $349


  1. Snakeskin Print — Veronica Beard Sami Lace-Up Leather Sneakers

Straight out of the 2019 pre-fall collection, this snakeskin print sneaker is literally hot-off-the-shelf. The best part is that you will be trending the entire 2019 and maybe the first part of 2020. These sneakers are a combination of crafty, comfort and practical. There is a fair amount of sprinkling on the shoelaces that adds a certain level of pop and makes them an even more desirable purchase.

Check availability at


  1. Hiker Elements — Balenciaga Off-White & Orange Track Runners Sneakers

If you thought that you had had enough of the Off-white brand, then think again. This time around, you will not hesitate to order the extra service of a package forwarder to deliver these Balenciaga babes. They are the perfect marriage between tech detailing and hiker elements. You might consider them as the classier version of your ordinary hiking shoe. They are all that and more!

Get Balenciaga sneakers from


  1. Return to Minimalism — Dr. Scholl's Scout Slip-On Sneaker

This design from Dr. Scholls is more of a slip-on shoe than it is a sneaker. But still, this is as far as minimalism will go this year. They are quite affordable, especially given that the insoles are made from memory fit foam and there is a flexible rubber outsole. They are quite sturdy without the overbearing strength to make walking uncomfortable. Excellent if you’re commuting and need to go lightweight, comfortable and sturdy.

Get the sneaker from for $61.60


  1. Living Coral Colorways — Adidas Primeknit Sneakers

Most sneaker trends 2019 tend to be highly visible and are suitable for those looking to stand out in a crowd. If you’d like to maintain a classy, low-profile while rocking quality, then these Adidas coral sneakers are exactly what you need. Plus, Coral is the 2019 trending color, you’re right up the fashionable ally!

Available for $170 from


  1. The Espadrille Hybrid — Dolce Vita Maddox Lace-up Espadrilles

The Espadrille is clearly making its way back into our wardrobes. Only this time, it’s a high-quality and fashionable hybrid. Get it as a cool vacation shoe unlike others in the market. It houses the woven texture we have all grown to love and comes in colors that are easy to pair.

Get these espadrilles for $120 from


  1. Sneaker-Boots — MSGM Chunky Running Lace Up Mid Sneakers

Another hybrid that will make you feel all right with the world. These chunky running lace up mid sneakers are MSGM’s baby for the year. The colorful blast of white and neon green makes them unique and stand out in a crowd. You will love the flat profile, high top with a lace-up profile at the top. Made from calfskin leather, they are going to be your new ride or die footwear.

Buy sneakers-boots from for $336.


  1. Springtime Prints — Schutz Jackye Dad Sneakers

Closing off our list of best sneakers 2019 that can be purchased online and shipped via an international shipping company are these florals by Schutz. Bringing floral back into fashion, these springtime favorites are the best dad sneakers you could possibly buy. If you’ve been thinking twice about getting the dad sneakers because you prefer something that has feminine feels to it, then these florals with high soles are the right companion for spring/summer looks.

Get from for $143.68

Top Brands for the Sneaker Trends 2019

If you’re not just only concerned about being trendy but also appreciate quality, then it will do you some good to focus your attention on checking out the brands that always put their best foot forward. These include:

  • Gucci

  • Stella McCartney

  • Alexander McQueen

  • Schutz

  • Isabel Marant

  • Balenciaga


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