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Robotic bartenders isn’t really a new idea, but technology hasn’t been at the right level to make it a reality until just a couple of years ago. Finally, we have the tech knowledge and experience to satisfy our alcohol consumption needs in hi-tech style.

Love a good cocktail? The innovative Somabar is a countertop device that can mix you one of over 300 adult beverages right as you watch. It holds liquids in airtight pods, uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone and is even able to add bitters to your drinks!

Co-creator Dylan Purcell-Lowe states: "It makes tailor-made menus based on the ingredients you have in there".

How Somabar Works



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The Device

Even for a non-techie the process is quite simple. Just put your robot on the counter, download the special companion app for it to your iOS or Android device, and connect the app to your Somabar via Wi-Fi. Now add six of your favorite cocktail ingredients to individual pods, choose the beverage you want and the device will start working on it: it will pour precise amounts and mix your drink thoroughly before dispensing it. Be sure to flush the system with water between drinks to ensure perfect flavor for each cocktail you make. The price tag on this smart device is pretty smart too - just $430, which is close to what you pay for an average kitchen appliance.

Somabar’s dimensions (19" L x 11" W x 15") and weight (15 lbs) make it an appliance you can’t simply tuck away somewhere in your kitchen. When it’s fully loaded with ingredients in the six 750-ml Soma pods and 1.5 liters of water in its container, it weighs about 30-40 lbs. The great news is that you can use the device with both 110v and 220v electrical outlets, so it doesn’t really matter what country you live in.

The Pods

Somabar’s versatility is ensured by their 6 food-safe, BPA-free pods that have airtight seals for keeping ingredients fresh in the refrigerator or freezer. The pods are leak-free and portable so you can share them with friends if you want to.

You can remove and wash the soma pods in the dishwasher for super-easy cleanup. The insides of the device can be flushed with water so no cleanup issues there either.

The App

The companion app comes for both Android and iOS smartphones and lets you order drinks depending on the ingredients you have in the soma pods. It will also alert you when you are running low on some ingredient.

The app offers about 300 various drink recipes at the moment and lets you add your own recipes that other users may borrow. That means you can make drinks based on recipes from around the globe and discover new favorites. You browse through the list of drink recipes, pick one that sounds good, customize alcohol content and ingredients if needed and place your order. As easy as that!



Drinks on Somabar’s List

Just to give you a glimpse of the great cocktails you can get from your Somabar, here is a brief list of the most popular recipes:

·         Americano

·         Manhattan

·         Whiskey Sour

·         John Collins

·         Old Fashioned

·         Moscow Mule

·         Cosmopolitan

·         Screwdriver

·         Lemon Drop

·         Margarita

·         Classic Martini

·         Red Russian

·         Mimosa

·         Gin Tonic

·         Mai Tai


The list is sure to expand as users start adding their own favorite drinks to it through the Somabar app.

How Does Somabar Compare to Others?

When you think of automatic bartenders connected via Wi-Fi and using a special app, there really are no others. Somabar is basically it. The price tag of about $430 seems to be pretty fair for such a high-tech device too. When you think of it, with Somabar you don’t have to do any measuring, pouring or shaking whenever you want to enjoy a cocktail or serve some to your friends. You can use popular recipes, customize them or create your own. It can be quite an adventure.



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