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It’s deep into the second half of 2018. We’re well into the 21-st century. And many of us have had the privilege of glancing into the future. The future is online. The future is technology, and the future is most definitely robotics. Human robots have had a successful unveiling and proven that they have a place in the future.

The more tech giants Sony seem to have successes, the better their latest releases. And finally, the Sony Aibo robot dog is going to have the pleasure of being released in the US. When the robot was first released in Japan, approximately 20,000 units were sold, which was way more than what Sony had in mind. Since phasing out their robot dogs in 2006, Sony came back into the market to experiment with the Aibo robot and were pleasantly surprised. Now that the company has consolidated its position in the consoles field (having recently sold over 500 million PlayStation consoles), they are ready to expand on their other projects and the Aibo is at the top of the list.

As a result, the robot dog is coming to the US. However, consumers have to bear in mind that the robot dog comes with a steep price of $2,899. As these robot dogs are coming to the market, they are expected to be made in their thousands for eager consumers to be able to purchase without restrictions.

The Aibo Robot is a design and creation of the future. It comes after Sony has had time to mature and nature their creative tech side. With the advancements in the technology industry, it is about time that consumers started having robotic pets at their disposal. And what better premium design than the Aibo Robot Dog from Sony.

What Makes the Sony Aibo Dog Appealing

Okay, first things first, let’s discuss the close to $3k price tag that the Aibo Dog proudly displays. For a robotic dog, this is quite steep, way more expensive compared to other robotic pets that have been successfully released into the market and bought. So, what exactly makes this Sony Aibo dog deserving of its $2899 price?

  • Number one, Sony emphasizes that no two Aibo dogs are the same. Yes, that’s right, according to an official statement released by Sony, “No two Aibo companion robots are the same”. This is hard to achieve and actually gives each robotic pet an individual identity that will enable the owner to feel close to their pet on a personal level.

  • Secondly, the new Sony Aibo Robot Dog is more compact and petite compared to its boxy ancestor. This means that it will fit more naturally in your home including in studio apartments and homes with small hallways. This new robotic dog can also be bought as a pet for children, as it is easy to carry.

  • The Aibo companion robot comes with the latest and most desired features. These include the ability to play fetch and other games that you can play with your animal pet. It also has the ability to ‘go to sleep’ and ‘wake up.’

  • Unlike other robotic dogs that are sold by untrusted stores online, this one can be bought directly from the official Sony store. You can have your new Sony Aibo Dog sent to a local verified address and then forwarded to your address.

The Sony Aibo Robot Dog comes with more amazing features than any other robotic dog to date. It is one that can be bought for owners of all ages and will not be going out of fashion any time soon. The best part about the Sony Aibo Dog is that it will be available in the US for the public to view before it starts being sold in September. Starting from Friday August 31 until October 14, this dog is on display at the Sony Square in Manhattan. Thus, the public can use this exhibit to learn more about the robotic dog and make up their mind about buying it.

How to Buy Aibo Robot Dog and Get it Delivered

A significant number of consumers agree that the Aibo Dog has a somewhat crazy steep price. However, this will be worth it for those that would have bought a purebred puppy, plus the food, vet shots etc., over a lifespan of years. After doing some calculations, the Sony Aibo Robot Dog might actually prove to be somewhat more affordable.

The presales in the US of the Sony Aibo premium robotic dog start in September. The first deliveries are expected to be made just in time for the holidays. Buyers from all over the globe can start making their purchases and have their dog safely delivered to their specified addresses. For a seamless buying experience, get in touch with a trusted freight forwarder such as Parcl. Here is how you will buy and have your Aibo Dog safely delivered;

  1. Visit a trusted online Sony seller in the US to select your desired Aibo dog and place it in your cart ready to check out.

  2. Go to the official Parcl website and register for free.

  3. Input your details in the form provided on the site to indicate what you need help with and have a customised quotation.

  4. Parcl will send you a verified local address to use at checkout when you pay for your dog.

  5. In case your payment method is not accepted by the store, you can select from the Parcl assistance options and have your forwarder pay for your purchase.

  6. Once the store sends your dog to the local forwarder, you can receive images before the package is sent to you.

  7. Get a tracking code to see the progress of your dog as it is shipped from location to location until it finally arrives at your address.

Getting this sleeker and more personal version of the Sony new Aibo robot dog can be a seamless and easy process. All you need is a trusted freight forwarder. You already have that by enlisting with Parcl. Get yourself a furry-less furry friend and save on costs in the long run.
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Celjohn Sundo
2 years ago
what is the procedure of sony aibo robot dogs?
2 years ago
Hi Celjohn, thank you for reaching out. Do you mean the procedure of ordering Sony Aibo robor dog? To order this robot dog you only need to create a delivery request at Parcl. The forwarder will help you purchase the toy in their country and ship it to you. Hope this helps. Thank you.
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