13 Spine-Chilling Halloween Decorations

We have to warn you here: if just hearing the name of the movie “Texas chainsaw massacre” makes you cringe or even scream with horror, DO NOT read this article or look at pictures here. Leave now and read something more lighthearted, such as this.

Nowadays it’s hard to scare someone with traditional Halloween decorations. We’ve all seen rubber spiders, ghost sheets, toilet paper mummies and cut fingers made of sausages and ketchup. No, not impressive at all. Thank Goodness Halloween decoration suppliers have some real treats for us this year. Prepare to find the creepiest, darkest and most thrilling Halloween decorations that will make your party guests break out in a sweat and tremble with fear..

Butcher's Meat Hooks

Just like in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, the “Wrong Turn” or “The House of Wax”, this bloodstained meathook is sure to give your guests or trick-o-treaters the willies when hung on your front porch. Although it’s made of plastic material, the piece looks very realistic.



Mr. Bones

This skeleton will look best propped up in a chair on your front porch, hung in the entryway or sitting at your festive dinner table. Just like anything else from Pottery Barn, Mr. Bones is very well made and durable. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and with the amount of detail the manufacturer put into it, one can’t help believing that the 6 ft 6 skeleton is real.




Blood Bath Shower Curtain

With this blood bath shower curtain you can make your bathroom just as creepy-looking as the rest of your house for Halloween. When closed, the curtain looks nice and normal. You just need to find a way to get your guests to open it, or open it ahead of time to give people the creeps upon them entering the bathroom. They are sure to think of all horror movies at once when they see this gory accessory, and their screams will frighten the rest of the company in your living room A double whammy!



Cat Skeleton

Don’t have a black cat to go with your haunted house decor? Here is an even cooler alternative. Put this kitty skeleton on your porch for greeting trick-or-treaters or have it hidden somewhere in the house where your Halloween party guests can discover it and get spooked. The cat’s attack stance will scare the living daylights out of anyone who happens to stumble upon it.



Ghost Face Projector

The projector lets you have ghostly faces appear on your walls as far as 20 feet away to give your house an eerie vibe. The light can be left on for a steady display or you can have it fade out so the ghosts will come and go.  Six spine-chilling faces rotate and morph to make your guests believe they are in a truly haunted house. If you have some old spooky slides of your own, you can use them with this projector too for a custom display.



Skull Chandelier

You can add both some light and spooky atmosphere to a small area in your house this Halloween with the help of this real-size skull and bone chandelier.





Cocoon Corpse

Give everyone a good scare with this 72-inch hanging cocoon that shakes and moves making you think the corpse inside is trying to free itself. Batteries and the sonic sensor are included.





Girl Portrait with Spider Animatronics

Put this terrifying portrait on the wall, a side table or the fireplace mantel for a ghoulish accent. As if the girl in the portrait didn’t look spooky enough, there is a creepy spider that crawls around in circles over the portrait. Perfect for scaring those guests who may be afraid of spiders or other bugs.




Haunted Lamp

This can be a great scary addition to your living room’s Halloween decor. The Haunted Lamp is activated by sound and features both sounds and light in addition to the ghost face you see on the lampshade.




Hooked Head

This will be one of the most startling items in your Halloween display, if you dare get it. The “metal” hook has a cut off human head pinned onto it. Be sure to put it away if you expect small children, pregnant women or other easy-to-scare people in your house, as this item is definitely not for the faint-hearted.




Jar with Face

Put this in a cabinet with a ‘Do not open’ sign on the door and watch your most curious guests get a grim surprise when they open it. They’ll see a real-size and realistic-looking human face in a 1-gallon jar - a truly horrifying sight.





Jar with Heart

And to make absolutely sure the curious guest gets spooked, you can add another jar to your cabinet. This one with a very real-looking human heart that looks as if it were freshly cut out of a body, covered in “blood” and all. The jars have been aged to give them an old lab feel.




Ghostly Apparitions DVD

Grab this Ghostly Apparitions DVD, officially licensed from AtmosFEARfx, and frighten the toughest of your haunted house visitors. You will need a DVD player or DVD drive (any international region works) and a TV screen, computer monitor or a projector. The latter would be perfect, as it would let you project the gory images onto any wall for best effect.


To tell you the truth, researching these dreadful decorations and props resulted in a sleepless night for the author. Hope the effort wasn’t in vain and this info will help you have the most memorable Halloween party this year. And who says that Halloween should be the only time to add some thrill to your life?:) Go ahead, place a jar with the realistic-looking heart on your desk at work and let everyone know how you might treat your foes. Enjoy your Halloween party!


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