10 Advent Calendars Your Kids Will Love

In as much as the holiday season is a favourite for everyone, it is more so for the kids. Festivities are more about the kids than they are about the family. After all, these ‘little people’ are the walking heart of the family. Most importantly, children can never be still for long. The festive season gets them more hyper than sugar on an ordinary day!

From metal toys to wooden crafts and plastic makes, for a child anything that spikes their interest can be a calming factor. Have you reached a point where you don’t know what to get your children this Christmas? Children’s advent calendars can truly be a lifesaver. Find yourself lost looking at delectable chocolate calendars, fascinating toy calendars or Learning Moments wooden calendars. There’s so much inspiration around to come up with advent calendar ideas for kids. You can take it a notch higher by getting or creating a calendar that will last beyond Christmas 2018. Whatever reason or preference, it is possible to meet your match and even personalise your children’s 2018 advent calendar gift according to their likes or even medical conditions.

To make the selection process somewhat easier, take a look at this interesting collection that is here to save the 24 days of Christmas and make them more interesting.

10 Children’s Advent Calendars to Consider for the 2018 24 Days of Christmas

  1. LEGO Friends 4135 Advent Calendar

This kids’ advent calendar is suitable for your young ones ages 6 and above. It comes with 24 buildable gifts from the 500 pieces that make up this set. Over the years, LEGO has carefully built up their reputation as the ‘go-to’ brand for children’s entertainment. With this advent calendar, they have just proven that their place at the top is well deserved. Since the LEGO calendars are always first to sell out, you better hurry and pre-order or create a request while there’s still time – well, kind of since we’re already at the start of the Holiday season.

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  1. VTech Baby Toot-Toot Advent Calendar

For a gift set with a wide range of toys, this calendar is the number one choice. It comes with such an impressive and highly rated range of toys that are for edutainment purposes. The toy pieces can be reassembled to build a detached mini-city that is a standalone feature. It is perfect for the 24 days of Christmas as it will keep the children entertained and happy.

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  1. LOL Surprise OOTD! Outfit of the Day Advent Calendar

Who said that a toddler advent calendar has to be boring? With the Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) limited edition collection, the fun never ends. The kit comes with 1 full-size doll, 24 accessories and a full sticker sheet. Also, there are over 25 surprises to help you unbox looks for all the days of Christmas. The limited edition has super limited stock. Order from the likes of Smyths Toys as early as now to avoid any disappointments.

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  1. Swizzles Advent Calendar

For the 2018 festive season, kids toy advent calendar is not the only thing on the list. Spice up, or rather, sweeten up the holiday season by purchasing this Swizzles favourite collection. Instead of chocolate, this calendar has a selection of the original Swizzles sweets. Find your favourite drumstick squashies, banana sticks, refreshers, love hearts and a whole lot more.

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  1. Lakeland Bethlehem Advent Calendar

What better way to share the story of Christmas than to be as engaging and entertaining as possible? With this Lakeland Bethlehem Advent Calendar, it's possible to share the story of Christmas nativity while keeping the young ones entertained all the way through. It is an investment worth your time and effort. Unlike most calendars, the Christian household can reuse this one for several more seasons without the need to repurchase.

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  1. Hobbycraft Wooden Tree Advent Calendar

When going over advent calendar ideas for kids, never miss the chance to include a DIY item. With this wooden tree advent calendar, the young ones will be hooked throughout the days of Christmas. It’s composed of wooden pieces that can be assembled up to form a beautiful Christmas tree. Best of all, the tree can be kept to serve as a memoir in years to come. If the family wants to, it can also be reassembled and played with the following Christmas season.

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  1. Wooden Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

The gingerbread house adds another wooden item to the collection. This wooden gingerbread house is not the edible type, but rather the decorative type offering the option of serving as a long-term investment. For that perfect personalised finish, you can put your own treats in the windows. It is currently available for order from Ella James and can be forwarded to wherever you want it to go.

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  1. Holland & Barrett Chock Alternative Advent Calendar

Another edible treat for the whole family. This is an environmental and human-friendly item that contains gluten-, nut-, and dairy-free ingredients. These are the right kind of sweet, without added sugar. For years, Holland & Barrett have become famous for catering to the needs of various groups and this year is no different.

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  1. Up to Snow Good Kids’ Advent Calendar

This children’s advent calendar is more for the entire family than it is for the kids. There are 24 penguin, Santa and snowman chocolate treats, all neatly hidden behind classic cardboard windows. Christmas will be unique and exciting this year!

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  1. Eat your Greens Chocolate Sprout Advent Calendar

How can the list of children's advent calendars be complete without something to help teach the young ones to eat a balanced diet! Of course, kids hate their vegetables more than anything else. This calendar offers deceptive chocolate sprout versions to help parents trick their young ones into eating their greens.

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Bonus kids advent calendar

In case you have more than one child at home this 2018 festive season. Or perhaps you have purchased everything else on the list, here is a bonus advent calendar to consider. The Personalised Train Advent Calendar by BLOOM BOUTIQUE is the choo-choo of the year. Your children and their friends or cousins can have the pleasure of setting up and playing with this personalised train set. It’s valued at USD$32.8/€28.4/£25 from Not on the High Street.

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