10 Authentic Cosmetic Brands from Russia

With all the latest cosmetics products being launched on a weekly basis thanks to the evolution of technology and market demand, one would think that traditional cosmetics no longer have any effect. If you are among those who think traditional remedies are outdated, then you haven’t been introduced to natural Russian cosmetics

Top Ten Russian Makeup Brands Specializing in Authentic Cosmetology

  1. Planeta Organica

The Planeta Organica eco cosmetics are made with ingredients that are organically grown and collected from natural sources. They ensure that only the best quality is harvested from around the globe. Their natural areas include the Dead Sea where natural organic sea salts, herbs and mud are collected, Morocco where Argan grows naturally, and Ecuador for the juiciest Cacao Butter. If natural is your vibe, then Planeta Organica is your connection.

Shop from Planeta Organica online.


  1. Natura Siberica

This Russian brand delivers cosmetics made from authentic Russian ingredients. After all, the Natura Siberica farm is the biggest certified farm in Europe with multiple awards recognizing their authentic practices. The cosmetics are grounded from Siberian herbs, hence presenting a natural feel. This is witnessed in their cream products that even feature extracts from black caviar.

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  1. Organic Shop

The multi-certified all-natural brand has products that are 98.93% of natural origin. Beauty bloggers love that, unlike most brands which let consumers assume they are wholly natural, the Organic Shop gives a specification. To accept its wide international community, the online store has an active WhatsApp number that can be reached Monday through Friday between 10:00AM and 6:00PM. Get yourself a local forwarder based in Russia to get a verified Russian shopping address.

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  1. Splat

Splat is one of Russia’s most popular high-end toothpaste brands. They are most popular around Middle and Eastern Europe where households love the wide range including the black toothpaste made from Karelian coal. This toothpaste also comes with extracts of colloidal gold and diamond. Splat’s other products are yet to be as popular as the toothpaste. They include organic and natural shampoos and conditioners in the HEYA series, as well as the LALLUM Baby line of natural cosmetics for mothers and their babies. There is also the BioMio Ecological line of household products.

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  1. 2211

Let’s not go into the details behind the brand name, but appreciate that following its debut in 2016, 2211 has remained a pioneer in producing trendy natural cosmetics. If you want to purchase items that deserve shipping from Russia, then consider purchasing anything with the 2211 brand. The products were founded by Tigran Gelitzyan, a biochemist who focuses on hipster beauty.  Their products have a wide range including detox serums, balms and creams for everything beauty.

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  1. Spivak

Spivak is the safest soap you can buy online. This brand of oil soap from Russia uses natural essential oils to make soap. And they have quite a variety. Get flavors such as coconut oil, shea butter, beldi berry and essential oil bay. They also have traditional Russian coal-tar soap for hair and many other organic products.

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  1. Kora

This brand is famous for its use of Phytobiotechnology. Their anti-aging intensive care products are self-selling and they work wonders. Under the Kora Phytocosmetics brand, there is Kora, New Line and Sante. If you want the original high-quality anti-aging line, buy from Phyto. Your Russian package forwarder will help you by handling the purchasing and forwarding of cosmetics once they get to them in any Russian city. Now, you can enjoy multi-cleaning agents with highest possible herbal ingredients.

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  1. EcoCraft

The brand offers consumers a natural cosmetic range that has selective flavors. Each fragrance under Ecocraft tells a story. They have a myriad of scents that come from all over the globe, and with each purchase you open yourself up to being a part of something beautiful. The EcoCraft masters are based in Grasse, the world capital of French perfumery, it goes without saying that these scents are heavenly. This Russian cosmetic brand has the likes of One Day in Barcelona, Black Currant & Tar, Mandarin & Pink Pepper. Truly, one of a kind.

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  1. Cosmavera

Established in 2014 and previously known as Makosh (from the Slavic goddess who guarded women’s and children’s destiny), Cosmavera rebranded in the Fall of 2018. The brand’s name pays respect to the secrets of cosmetology. This first-class cosmetics brand focuses on natural and rich formulas. Continuous use brings the desired skincare effects. They have a series of awards under their belt. With their effective, natural, fragrant and safe products, Cosmavera is a leader of natural cosmetic brands from Russia.

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  1. Babushka Agafya’s recipes

In Russian, Babushka means grandmother. This brand is literally dishing out grandma Agafya’s weapons of beauty. This natural brand creates all types of toothpaste, soap shavings, natural dishwashing detergents, tooth powders and other practical treatments for the body. If you suffer from sensitive gums or need to strengthen tooth enamel, get the toothpaste made with ultra-fine-grained abrasive components. Nothing removes plaque as gently and effectively as Babushka Agafya’s toothpaste.

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Russian Makeup and Influence

If you admire how Russians look in their element when you watch movies, you can taste a piece of it when you choose to buy from Russia. There are excellent Russian parcel forwarders who will help you get your Russian cosmetics and makeup purchases delivered to any address in the world. And it only helps your cause because:

  • There are a lot of international carriers with base in Russia, your forwarder will easily select one that works best for your budget and timeframe.

  • You can buy in bulk and avoid running out of cosmetics in the middle of the month.

  • Bulk purchases also help you reduce the cost of shipping. You can take advantage of deals and packages offered by the online stores while saving on international shipping fees.


Most of these natural cosmetics products are more affordable if bought in bulk or on sale. That shouldn’t be an issue if you live abroad and have an account with a trusted package forwarder

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