10 Beauty Products from Israel You Need in Your Life

Israel has the Dead Sea. Ding, ding! Does that ring any bells? Do I need to repeat that? Read it out loud, ‘Israel has the Dead Sea!’ Well, if you still don’t get it, most of the internationally acclaimed skin care products are made with main ingredients drawn from the Dead Sea. And people swear by these products. Mention anything with Dead Sea mud, seaweed or sea salt, and the skin literally jumps for joy.

It’s no wonder that beauty brands from Israel are put on a pedestal and well respected globally. In fact, they are well deserving. Be that may be, it still doesn’t give Israel the 100% clear sign to walk away as the best of the best when it comes to skincare, without taking an inside look at the products on offer.

Most of the times, we tend to overlook Israeli skin care products because they look very affordable, if not cheap. And yet they are available from shelves in our stores without us having to travel to Israel. Other brands decide to keep their secrets within the country, only stocking up within the walls of Israel. Such brands house products that might just be what your skin has been longing for but travel barriers have denied it the relief.

First, let’s take a look at the top Israel cosmetics that deserve international shipping from Israel to your country.

Top Israeli Skincare Products Found in Israel

  1. Sea of Spa Dead Sea Hand Cream (Avocado Aloe Vera)

Israeli skin care products are notoriously popular for their moisturising properties. This hand cream is no different. Available from Amazon, it is packed full of natural oils that nourish dry hands. The skin is left improved and you’re left with a wonderful fragrance from just one application.


  1. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream

The mineral hand cream is packed with witch hazel extracts to smoothen the skin and provides the glistening revitalized and moisturized effect. It comes in a container that’s small enough to fit inside a handbag for use on the move. It’s part of the internationally loved AHAVA body care products line and available from Amazon.


  1. AHAVA Men's Dead Sea Mineral Shaving Line

AHAVA men’s shaving line is 100% based on minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. This particular shaving cream is easy to get online and you can buy it from Amazon at an affordable price. And if it works great on your skin, then you can get the other products under the AHAVA brand for men’s grooming. It works wonders as a moisturising balm that calms the skin and promotes post-shave rejuvenation.


  1. LALINE World of Scents Best Body Scrubs Ocean Treats Dry Skin Natural Oils and Minerals

This exfoliating body scrub has ingredients from the ocean and is perfect for treating one to a fragranced and exfoliated body. The skin’s natural shine comes back from continued use of the scrub, which is also infused with grapeseed oil and other essential oils. Available from Amazon under the body scrubs section.


  1. LALINE World of Scents Body Cream Cherry Blossom Fragrance Smooth Skin

One of the strongest body creams with the best scent. If you love nature and how cherry blossoms smell, then get yourself the fragranced skin moisturiser from Amazon. In addition to spoiling yourself and always smelling nice, this lotion will help you restore your skin to its natural moisture and shine.


  1. Moroccanoil Treatment Light

The name throws you off your search for beauty products that come with shipping from Israel. However, celeb-favourite hair oil treatment is straight from Israel. The treatment has a light fragrance and is alcohol-free, an excellent feat for hair to blossom and glow naturally. It leaves the hair soft and smooth with improved manageability. Get your light treatment from Amazon.


  1. Lavido Hyaluronic Acid Alert Eye Cream

Your eyes will love and thank you for this cream. Perfect for relieving puffiness around the eye area, the hydrosol water-based cream if formulated from cold-pressed avocado oil and citrus extracts. When using it, you can apply to fingertips and gently pat on the skin around the eyes. Nothing complicated. Available from Amazon.


  1. Dr. Fischer Hypoallergenic Soap-Free Baby Wash Oil

The best product for the youngest members of your family. The Dr. Fischer Hypoallergenic soap-free baby wash is also free from alcohol and parabens. Your baby’s skin will love it, as it comes enriched with Vitamins A & E. It’s what you need to moisturise, cleanse and care for dry and delicate skin. If your skin has failed to respond to other washes, you too can get the Dry Skin Care from Amazon for yourself.


  1. SABON Moisturizing Gloves

Straight from the labs of this gigantic global empire, these gloves are designed to seal and lock in the moisture. Sabon also sells body creams, lotions and scrubs. You can buy the hand lotion together with this pair of gloves. Apply your lotion, pop on the cotton gloves and watch as your dry hands become soft and silky. Available from Amazon.


  1. Neca 7 Solid Soap Aroma Purple 4pk

The smell of lavender has been loved and trusted for centuries, and this soap brings you that trusted scent. It is PH neutral and in addition to moisturising the skin, it has a long-lasting scent that’s good for your senses. Get it from Amazon and wash clean with a relaxing fresh smell that lingers like a light perfume.


Exposed: Get your Dead Sea Infused Israeli Skin Care Products Via Parcl

We’ve already discovered that the Israeli brands stacked up at the local convenience store are either overpriced or suspiciously affordable. There is little to nothing in the middle. In any case, it is always better to get the best quality from the sauce. And this means you must shop for your Sabon Moisturizing Gloves and other Israel skincare items from the country of manufacture.

Online shopping opens that door, but the trick remains in finding a trusted parcel forwarder who will help you transport your skin care purchases to your home country. Israeli local shops will only offer local delivery, but for international shoppers this option does not apply.

  • Before you can check out of the Israeli store with the product of your choice, first get yourself an international logistics company to provide you with an Israel shopping address.

  • When you check out of the store, use the Israeli shopping address to have your skincare items shipped locally where your handler will receive them and sign on your behalf.

  • The handler will take the skincare products to a global carrier of your choice. This way, you will receive your products as soon as possible and in great condition.

  • You can save when you buy your Israeli beauty products in bulk and also save on shipping by sending a significant weight at the same time.

 If you’re to buy your products from Israel, be sure to include the cost of shipping from Israel to your country into your original budget. You can calculate the estimated handling and shipping fees online before committing to a purchase. There are always forwarders waiting to help you complete the purchase without breaking your bank balance.

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