10 Best Interactive Toys for Dogs of All Ages

As the saying goes: ‘a man’s best friend is his dog.’ If this is as true as it is easily said, then shouldn’t dog owners be interested in what makes their dogs happy? A certain percentage of us actually consider these adorable, protective furry four-legged creatures ‘our babies.’ Whatever kind of relationship you have with your dog, the long and short of it is that you have to know it well enough to buy it toys it will love.

Usually, finding the best toy for your dog proves more challenging than initially made out to be. While supermarkets focus mostly on stocking various types of dog food, pet shops focus mostly on the accessories. There is never the right balance. Actually, the pet supply isles at the supermarket tend to carry some ‘lame toys,’so dog owners rarely find interactive puppy toys laying around.

Finding the best interactive dog toys for your furry friends

The best interactive dog toys are those that your dog will relate to. But how can you tell whether an interactive toy is going to be a hit with your pet? There are several publications and studies that focus on helping dog owners better understand their furry family members. However, at the end of the day, the dogs used for the studies and other observations are not the same as your dog. As much as humans differ in personality, preference, and taste, the same can be said for dogs.

In order to identify the best interactive toys for your puppy, you first need to become friends with him. And here’s how you can do that:

  • Buy your puppy as young as possible. This way, the puppy grows up under your care and observative eye. You and your puppy can form a stronger bond compared to a puppy that is almost fully grown or an adult dog by the time it becomes yours

  • Expose your puppy to the outdoors. Just like humans, dogs thrive and become most creative when in an open space. Watch how your puppy interacts with others at the dog park.

  • Discard the generalised articles and publications. Those are just a guideline. But, if you want a happier, healthier and more interactive dog, take the time to get to know and become friends with your unique puppy.

The best interactive toys for dogs can be likened to shoes. You might like a shoe so much only to try it on and be disappointed with the way it sits on your foot. When looking to buy the best interactive toys for puppies, don’t pick up anything just because it looks cute or you like it. It’s all about your dog; will your puppy interact with the toy?

Here are some challenges to watch out for when shopping for dog toys;

  • Is the toy strong and durable? Dogs play mostly with their teeth, so of course, the material must be soft enough not to damage your pet’s teeth but strong enough to take all the chewing.

  • Toy size in relation to your dog size and age. Usually, toys that have small parts can become a hazard. Find toys that are small enough to be lifted, but big enough not to be swallowed. Bigger dogs require bigger toys.

Find toys that are age appropriate. Funny enough, a significant portion of dog owners don’t understand that their furry friends are intelligent. If you want a wider range of age-appropriate toys, consider buying online and having them shipped to you.

Highly Recommended Interactive Dog Treat Toys

Before buying your puppy any toy, you might first want a direction to help as a guide. Here are some of the best interactive toys that actually help keep your furry friend entertained.

  1. Kong Classic — this toy has been around for over 3 decades. Most puppies grew up as intelligent creatures while playing with the Kong. Other than the fact that it is super affordable, this bouncy rubber toy can be used as a snack or treat container. Dog peanut butter can be quite fun to eat while playing around.


    Buy Kong Classisc Online

  2. Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido — with this toy, your puppy can have the best of both worlds! Made from the strong chewable material, the Interactive Dog Ball can be chewed on as well as played with. In case your local shop doesn’t have it, you can find it from online sellers and get a trusted package forwarding company to send it to your home.


    Buy Interactive Dog Ball by FurryFido online

  3. Squeak Toy by FurryFido makes it to this list as the most mentally interactive toy. Can stimulate your dog both physically and mentally, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


    Buy Squeak Toy by FurryFido Online

  4. Hide-A-Squirrel toy can be stashed with tiny squirrels for your puppy to sniff out.


    Buy Hide-A-Squirrel toy online

  5. IQ Treat Ball — doubles as both an interactive toy and a treat bowl. This treat ball can be filled with treats and closed at a certain angle to set the level of difficulty. The closing effect is what brings in the fun and interactive moment between puppy and toy.


    Buy IQ Treat Ball Online

  6. Interactive Outward Hound Hide N’ Slide Dog Toy is one of the safest as there are no removable parts.


     Buy Interactive Outward Hound Hide N’ Slide Dog Toy Online

  7. Zoo Friends Burrow — other than the simple fact that this toy is super affordable, it makes the list because it is more than enough to keep your puppy occupied and interested for hours on end. Its key features include being a 4 in 1 toy, harboring a hide and seek design, coming with multiple high-quality noisemakers as well as availability in many different designs and sizes.


    Buy Zoo Friends Burrow online

  8. SunGrow Unique Shuffle Puzzle Smart Toy — this toy is made specifically for puppies and serves as an introduction to puzzles.


    Buy SunGrow Unique Shuffle Puzzle Smart Toy online

  9. Trixie Poker Box — this is one of the most fun dog puzzle toys that rates among the top interactive toys for puppies. This puzzle can be adjusted to get a simple level of difficulty. Made from durable plastic, it is safe and can last for years. Something to get passed down to each generation of your ‘doggo family.’


    Buy Trixie Poker Box online

  10. Tug-A-Jug — just the right toy to bring happiness and excitement into your dog’s life. Acts as a dog fast food dispenser and actually holds a full meal!


    Buy Tug-A-Jug online

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