10 Best Video Game Action Figures of All Times

There is a common feeling that all women share, but few are brave enough to say it - ‘men are babies that have outgrown their mums.’ This feeling might be true, given how gaming works and how men thrive at games. If it’s not FIFA, EPS, then it definitely is MMORPG and action figures. One way or the other, gaming and the male species go hand in hand.

While those who are football/soccer fans have the pleasure of following their stars and having the CR7 vs Messi debate, those who love their video games bond differently. Video gaming is not fully satisfying when only played on the console. To get the entire thrill, the full package also includes purchasing any form of merchandise that celebrates the game. There are various items to select from including:

  • Branded or marked clothing items.

  • Game-dedicated art books (some come with comics books!).

  • Action figures and toys that are well packaged and ready for shelf display known as video game collectable figures.

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive figures that are ready for the picking. Gamers can select their favourite figures because, apparently, some are made better than others.

Review of Hand-Picked 10 Best Video Game Action Figures of All Times


3A DOOM Marine

Hands down, this is one of the most realistic looking action figures. It gives that accentuated look as if it leapt straight out of the video game. The 3A DOOM Marine figure is perfectly jointed. Also, the aesthetics are on point as the coating on the figure gives the toy a glorious grimy sheen that makes it look like a polished soldier straight out of a battlefield.



Revoltech Rathalos

This is one of Kaiyodo’s best action figures to date. Made and put together using revolver joints, this action figure is packed up for action, joint movement is swift and easy. It comes with extra pieces that just magically form a believable broken monster look. This video game action figure is perfect not just for lovers of Monster Hunter’s hunters but any lover of mythology and war-themed video games.



Charizard by S.H. Figuarts Lizardon

Ever since Pokemon came back into the spotlight and the fan base increased, it was only a matter of time before someone created an action figure of note. This figure is a significant improvement from the first version that had a stiff tail due to the joints used. It’s one of the best video game toys, as its safe for people of all ages.



Nendoroid Kirby

Based on most of the cartoon characters, this Nendoroid video game figure is something worth looking into. The best aspect is that it can be gender neutral. And since not all lovers of video games are male, and definitely not all collectors are female, this action figure covers that gap and provides an excellent item for the display cabinet.



Figma Pyramid Head/Bubblehead Nurse

This bubblehead nurse action figure is far from the aesthetics. Whereas most designers depend on colour and other features to achieve the perfect look, Max Factory only focused their attention on getting the standalone feature. The Figma video game figures are usually similar in that they focus on recreating iconic scenes from their games and this nurse bubblehead figure manages to achieve that.



Play Arts Kai Master Chief

This Master Chief of the Play Arts Kai shows a clear face, which is a significant improvement from the usual Play Arts Kai figures. This figure is unlike the other halo video game figures, comes with a majestic armour and is designed to pass as a real figure from the game. The best part is that it comes with the much enjoyed Play Arts Kai articulation that stands as a signature for all their creations. The Master Chief is available for purchase from individual sellers on Amazon, eBay and other online stores. You can arrange with Parcl to have it shipped to your final destination.



NECA Friday the 13th Jason Video Game Appearance

Honestly, a pool of video game collectibles is not complete without this Friday the 13th inspired figure. Although not as articulated as other collectibles, these NECA figures are not as common as others. NECA builds figures based on their standards, without conforming to industry specifications. Therefore, getting this item means having a Friday the 13th inspired figure that is super colourful and different from the rest of them.



Figma Link: Twilight Princess ver. DX Edition

As part of the Figma signature line, this edition of video game action figures comes with extra parts such as faces and hands. The DX edition comes with a truckload of accessories and comes with an Ordon Sword, a Ball Chain, bow and arrow as well as an extra posing stand. It’s a valuable addition to any collection of the best video game action figures since it’s the updated version of the two created. This figure comes as an antagonist of the Pyramid Head and the Bubblehead Nurse Figmas. This figure stands as a one-to-one copy of the actual in-game model. Coming with a simple and neat finish, all the details are straightforward, and the joints move fluidly.



3A Metal Gear REX/RAY

This robotic toy is by far the most superior creation to come out of 3A. Based on this REX/RAY robot, it’s safe to conclude their humanoid figures are not as appealing as their robots. The Metal Gear REX and RAY versions are large, and in a way, imposing. Getting one of these action figures is enough to fill your display cabinet. Lined up with fancy LED lights, these figures are an absolute must-have for Kojima fans.


Lightseekers Figures

These figures are as colourful and lively as it gets. Although these figures are not easily poseable like other video game action figures, they manage to get their point noted. With each character, Playfusion includes lights and sound effects that are expressive and manage to improve the way these figures are perceived.

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