Ten Christmas Gift Sets for Perfume Aficionados

Someone once said: ‘A woman is not fully dressed without a killer scent.’ We couldn’t agree more with that statement. In as much as accessories accentuate the look, highlight the best features and boost a lady’s confidence, perfume seems to add that aura of ‘I’m boss, and I know it’ to her step. Thus, it’s usually a turnoff for women to realize that their favorite scent is not just theirs. We all want to be unique, and a statement perfume is an effortless way of being a signature somebody.

It’s gifting fundamentals to pick the best perfume gift sets based on the recipient’s preferred type of scents. The most popular women’s perfumes always come with teasers, and those small testers to help shoppers identify the exact item to buy. Read through this article to:

  • Discover scents that will be the saving grace this holiday season as you gift all the special ladies in your life.

  • Find out how you can buy a safe scent that will be loved by the recipient even if you don’t know their preference.

  • Understand how you can import your gifts using international package forwarding services.

Sephora Beauty – Home to All-Occasion Gifts

There’s yet to be a beauty and accessory establishment that will give Sephora Beauty a run for its money. This departmental establishment is popular in the US, Canada and across Europe. Internationally, Sephora is available – of course via the internet. You can shop for your perfume gift sets from Sephora and get them delivered using a US parcel forwarder. Or visit other stores such as Amazon and Nordstrom.


Here are some of the best gift sets of perfumes that you can purchase from the Sephora webstore or other sites.

10 Christmas Perfume Gift sets

  1. Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler 2018 Launches

Undoubtedly, this mini compact set of perfume samples is the number one favorite. It’s an excellent Christmas gift for the love of your life, if she is that type that loves smelling expensive, but easily gets tired of one scent. The mixed sampler has variations of all the perfumes launched by Sephora in 2018. It’s a current gift, for a current lady who happens to love spicing things up in her everyday outfits. This set is also the number one match for those buying festive and birthday presents for their ladies without knowing the recipient’s favorite scent. Safe, economical and thoughtful on all fronts.

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  1. Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum Set

If you’re to buy from the US, do it right. The Tom Ford dream perfume set available from has two fragrances and oozes elegance, opulence and feel-good vibes. The Black Orchid scent is composed of an intoxicating blend of bergamot, black orchid, and spice. Resulting in a fusion of rich scent that takes the user back in time. Classic, timeless and unique.

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  1. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Set

Don’t let the name fool you. Once one is adorned in this oh-so-sensual scent, the level of confidence is unmatched. The scent harbors light notes of Jasmine, dark notes of cocoa and pleasant complexity. Its shoe-shaped bottle container seems to also add on to the madness that is the confidence. Get ready for a genuinely happy special lady if you purchase this set from

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  1. Le Labo The Discovery Set

Also available from, this set is the perfect perfume gift set to last beyond the 2018 festive season. There are 16 individual half-ounce (15ml) bottles in this limited-edition deluxe set. Le Labo came up with the ideal way of getting your giftee to explore their entire range without splurging unnecessarily.

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  1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Twist & Spray Set

This Coco Chanel set is one of the perfect perfume gifts suitable for ladies of all ages. Ladies, not girls or young women, but ladies. Since its release, Coco Mademoiselle has left heads spinning; this gift will help continue the trend well into 2019. There are notes of orange, jasmine, and patchouli that accentuate and give the twist and spray set unrivaled magnificence. The set is available from

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  1. Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb Travel Duo

This set has a killer duo and is for a classy traveler who loves smelling chic all-day-long. There is a mini version of the traditional eau de parfum spray and handy rollerball to help with touch-ups. Guaranteed to maintain the sweet, alluring scent all day long. Interested in this duo-combo of killing them softly? Then buy it from US

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  1. Marc Jacobs 4-Piece Daisy Variety Perfume Mini Set

Is the woman you’re gifting a lover of nature, flowers and outdoors? Then they will truly appreciate this set with four different Daisy variations. The assortment also fuses well when blended in the wardrobe. It’s available from

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  1. Maison Margiela Replica Discovery Perfume Gift Set

The one thing that makes these Maison Margiela’s fragrances stand in their own league is the selection of their flamboyant names. Imagine if you’re walking with your lady friend, and someone stops you to ask the name of the scent she’s wearing, and her answer is something like; Jazz Club, Beach walk or Lazy Sunday Morning (dramatically faints!).  The set is designed to help make traveling easier, and the one wearing it remains chic and classy. All scents are poignant and soothing. Buy it from and get it via an international package forwarding company.


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  1. Chloe Perfume Gift Set for Women

This gift set is available from Designed for the sophisticated modern woman, the Chloe set matches different moods and day to day functionality. The fragrance features traits of peony, amber, lily of the valley, honey, as well as cedarwood. There is also the unmistakably Chloe feminine confection of a fragrance that leaves heads turning in its wake. The fact that these perfumes are packaged in cute pink bottles doesn’t help tone down the femininity.

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  1. Tory Burch Mini Duo Perfume Gift Set

Another dual set on our list of the best Christmas gift sets for perfume aficionados. This set is the most affordable of all 10. It’s the perfect introduction to Tory Burch, as it has the designer’s signature scent and one new scent. What makes the set perfect is that it can be gifted to a Tory Burch fragrance lover or as an introductory scent to one who’s never used the brand. It’s available from

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Sign up With Parcl for Package Forwarding from the US

Going into any of the listed webstores is easy. And selecting the gift set that will match your budget and gift requirements is not that stressful. However, these webstores don’t offer international shipping. You can still shop from your preferred online store and use Parcl international shipping from Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, and others to get your gift.

Select your best gift set from our list and head over to Parcl. Create a request to have your perfume gift set of choice delivered. Buying through Parcl is straightforward, time-saving and convenient. Additionally, there are no hidden costs: you approve the quote before paying.

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