Ten European Websites for Discount Shopping

It’s human nature to enjoy a good bargain. Even society’s elite loves exclusive deals and is always on the lookout for discounts. Nowadays, we go out of our way to find the top discount shopping sites.

The deeper the discounts, the bigger are the shopping sprees. One would think that European summers are all about exploring the medieval castles. And we hate to break it to you, but summertime is also great for chasing the European fashion bargains. 

Find Your Match from this List of the Top 10 European Discount Shops

We took the liberty of compiling the best and the most secluded sale shopping sites so whenever you’re in Europe, spend your time visiting the ancient ruins and not the stores. Take a look at the following ten European websites for private discount shopping:

  1. BuyVIP, Europe

Making it right at the top of our list is none other than BuyVIP. This online store has physical locations in Germany, Italy, Austria, Portugal, and Spain. Launched in 2006, BuyVIP has become one of Europe’s top brands. It also caught the eye of the retail giant Amazon, who purchased the brand in 2010. Nowadays, Amazon BuyVIP is clearly one of the favorite discount retailers and with a good reason; its services are from the top shelves and without a doubt meant for the smart, classy and selective shoppers who enjoy discounted prices.

Shop BuyVIP online.

  1. Achica, UK

Achica is one of the top online brands, offering a variety of products and premium designs from UK-based couturiers. The store has a huge display on its website including homeware, kitchenware, children’s items, travel accessories, and more. The company was formed in 2009 by two seasoned retail executives: William Cooper, CEO of TradeDoubler and Quentin Griffiths, Asos’ co-founder. Achica applies technology and long-serving retail traditions and is worth exploring in international shipping

Visit Achica online.

  1. EspaceMax, France

Originally founded and based in the capital of France, EspaceMax has grown tremendously since 1993 to become one of the top European brands. The store features exclusive sales that deserve the effort that might go into securing an affordable and reliable international parcel forwarder in Europe to deliver your purchases to your country. EspaceMax is currently one of the leading online department stores that offer shoppers from all walks of life a plethora of goods and services. If you don’t catch a sale, don’t worry, there is always another one tomorrow! 

Visit EspaceMax online.

  1. Fashion Friends, Switzerland

Fashion Friends is Switzerland’s first-ever online shopping club that has become the top international brand. Its founder, Peter Schüpbach, is a serial online entrepreneur and everything he touches turns into gold. Whenever you visit the site, you will be met with impressive discounts to save you money that can be applied to a parcel forwarding fees. Just search well and buy as much as you can to enjoy private discounts.

Visit Fashion Friends online.

  1. Cocosa, UK

Cocosa is one of the top websites to come out of the UK offering online shoppers the best deals. As a members-only site, you can expect to enjoy high-end items at up to 80% off retail. The site offers home goods, office accessories, sports equipment, beauty products, fashion statements and more. You can save around the clock by becoming Cocosa’s member from the comfort of your home. You can order international shipping from the UK at Parcl.

Visit Cocosa UK online.

  1. KupiVIP, Russia

The Russian word “kupi” means “buy.” Thus, it would be “shopically” correct to conclude that KupiVIP in Russia is the equivalent of BuyVIP in other countries. But, don’t worry, this store is an exclusive experience that’s totally independent and so are its deals and offers. It is owned and operated by Privat Trade Ltd, a Russian enterprise. KupiVIP is one of the top Russian online shopping clubs. And the company’s founder, Oskar Hartmann has brought a certain level of exotics to the brand, due to his own German-Russian heritage. Check out the online deals to enjoy all offers. And if the items are not shipped internationally from Russia, consider using a Russian package forwarding service to get an international delivery to your country.

Shop KupiVIP online.

  1. Secret Sales, UK

Just as the name suggests, Secret Sales is a website that packs the best secret sales. Based in the UK, this multi-million-pound empire has major sales on high-end brands including Versace, Gucci, Emporio Armani, and Paul Costelloe and more. It’s also fortunate that you can arrange to get package forwarding from Europe to a non-European country, otherwise you would have been missing out on such greatness. 

Visit Secret Sales online

  1. Vente Privée, France

The Vente Privée store has been praised as the leader and founder of online flash sales for luxury brands, and with a good reason. With close to two decades in existence, this store continues charming France and the entire world. Anyone who is looking for luxurious buys should experience the exquisiteness that is Vente Privée. If you are the person who appreciates classical, timeless pieces, the Vente Privée past season clearance should excite you the most.

Shop at Vente Privée online.

  1. Privalia, Spain

You cannot say that you have experienced a full spectrum of emotions if you haven’t purchased anything from Spain. And Privalia is the best place for it. Established in 2006 in Barcelona, the company now offers goods to residents of Mexico, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. And if you reside outside those countries, there is always a community-based shipping forwarding company that will help you facilitate your shipping in any part of the world. 

Visit Privalia online.

  1. Snapstore by Cameleon, Belgium

Those who often buy from Europe should be familiar with the Cameleon Group. Snapstore is part of this fashion conglomerate that specializes in providing the best online shopping experiences. Since its inception by Jean-Cedric Van der Belen, the Cameleon Group has grown to present European shoppers with some of the best sales. Every summer, the store operates its biggest clearance making your shopping experience a fulfilling one.

Shop at Cameleon online.

Enhance your European Shopping Experience with Parcl

There is nothing as easy as online shopping if you have your route properly mapped out from the point of selecting to acquiring your buys. Parcl makes it all possible by arranging international delivery of your purchases using a parcel forwarder. 

Here are the easy steps to use Parcl and have your discounted goods overseas:

  1. Visit and click on Create a Request.

  2. Fill out the form that comes out. Remember to be as accurate as possible to receive a service that matches your needs.

  3. Then a list of verified forwarders will come up. Select the one with whom you’d like to work.

  4. Process your payment via Paypal and get started with your European shopping escapades as soon as possible.

  5. Get as many products as possible in order to combine shipping costs.

  6. You will receive a tracking number once the items are shipped from your favorite European store

The number of discounted online stores keeps growing and with the help of a trusted package forwarder in Europe, you too can enjoy a good European bargain that was once reserved only for a selected few. Build a relationship with your forwarder and it won’t feel like a business transaction anymore. 

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