10 Korean Online Stores You Haven't Heard of

There is no need to argue with the obvious. Korean fashion trends make loud statements. It’s not easy to point out the exact thing that makes Koreans stand out and be the trendsetters we all love to emulate. However, one thing remains clear: Korean online shopping sites are quickly gaining traction as the number one stop for overseas shoppers.

Even though that is the case, only the best Korean shopping sites are popular. The rest remain hidden in the shadows as if they don’t even exist. The online sites that are not patronised as often as the popular ones are the best-hidden treasures. Chances of finding the latest trends at affordable prices are higher than we dare hope for.

Why Korean Trends are the it-thing

So here is the thing, K-Dramas are why we’re here. Well, not fully, but mostly. The swag that the leading K-Pop Oppas always throw in our faces in their dramas is more than enough to entice shoppers. Korean clothing stores use these dramas and lead characters to throw bait and create an interest in new fashion trends. Take for example the character Ha Jae-Yi played by actress Seo Ye-Ji, in the 2018 romantic drama Lawless Attorney, who started a strong female trend of being suited up.

Almost overnight, almost all Korean clothing online shopping sites, and others not just in Asia but on a global scale, took up the power of a suited-up female. It would be an understatement to declare that 2018 female fashion has been more about suits and being corporate. Thankfully, the rest of the fashionistas and lovers of fashion can afford and manage to be clad in these interesting suits. They are available for sale from Korean websites. Although some of the online stores don’t offer international shipping, international buyers can still find a way to bring their shopping haul home with the help of a professional package forwarder in Korea.

The influence of K-Dramas, and the 2015 movement to make Korean websites automatically translate and become available in English, makes it easier to shop Korean online stores. Let's take a look at the 10 authentic Korean websites that you most probably have never heard of, but they will surely change the way you scout the net for those slim fit cuts.

Top 10 Korean Online Stores You Have Been Sleeping On


  1. Cherry Spoon

Cherry Spoon is a romantic website with beautiful romantic products. In a long list of Korean clothing online shopping sites, this web store has pretty and elegant pieces meant for the trendy young shoppers. When buying from Cherry Spoon, expect to be the hottest person in the room. Even in the winter, since they have a truly stylish winter collection.


  1. Style Nanda

Style Nanda is the home for cosmetics and beautiful looks. There are pretty accessories and affordable earrings, like the twin earing with the ‘Holy Bible’ inscription. Their accessories are carrying inspirational messages for the wearer. Style Nanda is a feel-good type of online webstore.


  1. Mixxmix

Everything cool can be found in this Korean clothing store. It is the home for cool couples’ clothes. This website has a Happy section for those who are brave enough to rock the full Korean look without holding back. It offers multiple languages including the US English. You have the option of enquiring about your order, and there is also an online community.


  1. Ooey Dewy

Ooey Dewy is a pretty cool site. Super cute with even more aesthetically pleasing cosmetics. They have a long list of brands to be obsessed about and make your selection from. Signing up for ‘First Dibs’ gets you a 10% discount on your next order.


  1. Kuchimachi

This site promotes self-love. There is a section for personal gifts, and they also throw in suggestions for what you can buy. It’s easy to use.


  1. Banharu

Banharu focuses mostly on the seasoned shopper who is interested in achieving the modest look. The website has high-quality products and mostly headlines office wear.


  1. Someday, if

The store focuses on ladies’ fashion trends. This online store is very light and has quite a few pages to navigate through. ‘Someday, if’ has the potential of making it on the best Korean shopping sites shortlist.


  1. Slow And :)

It’s a very simple and easy to navigate website that focuses on everything fashionable. At the beginning of each season, there is a section for sale, for example, they currently have a Trench Coat Discount section. The site is just aimed at making shoppers smile through and through with their ‘sale + ships same day’ page.


  1. Hip Hoper

Focusing mostly on urban trends, this online store sure knows how to hook in the young shopper. Fall is a great time to visit them as their annual sale takes place between September 28 and October 8. The shop has everything for the trendy male and female shopper.


  1. Chuu

The list of Korean online shopping sites is incomplete without mentioning Chuu. This online store is perfect for those that love to live outside the box. The collections are a result of joint efforts. The Chuu Season 6 collection just came out. The site is a multilingual hub.

Buy from Korea via Parcl

It’s not a secret that Seoul is a hub for fun activities and the mix of music, art, culture, and fashion makes everything about Seoul and Korea all the more desirable. You can now stop desiring and admiring from a distance. Korean online shopping sites are now more accessible than you think. Visit the official Parcl website to discover how shopping the best Korean online stores can become easier.

As a package forwarding service provider, Parcl works to ensure that your online shopping experience is smooth from start to finish. Here is how it works:

  1. Visit the official Parcl website and register for an account free of charge

  2. Go back to the Korean clothing store(s) you have selected, copy the product URLs and insert them when creating a request with Parcl

  3. You will be provided with an estimate for the Parcl handling and shipping fees.

  4. A free local address will be provided so that you can use it when checking out on the site you are shopping from. You can even opt to buy from multiple Korean clothing online shopping sites, and all your purchases will get sent to the one local address

  5. Upon receipt, the local handler will repackage everything into one parcel and ship it to the final destination. It’s also possible to get images of what you purchased alongside the tracking code.

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1 year ago
Hi Ivan, Thanks for reaching out. How Parcl might be of service? Thank you.
1 year ago
Can you make a review on gmarket for international buyers? I was skeptical about the site since it has low ratings but heard good things about it too..
9 months ago
Jihyun, will check it out and consider doing so. Thanks.
9 months ago
Are these store provide international shipping?
9 months ago
Chiiiieeeexxxx, you can order from any store by using Parcl. A lot of them have limited shipping options.
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