10 Luxury Scented Candles That Will Make Perfect Gifts

A house that smells insanely divine becomes home to everyone who walks in through the doors. When people grow up, they often get asked the question: “What does your childhood smell like?” Half always promptly respond about the smell of delicious home-cooked meals, while for others it’s the unmistaken warmth and coziness of a good smell. Nothing beats a warm home smell. It's more than enough to make anyone feel welcome.

For this reason, candles with luxurious scents become the epicenter of desirable home smells. Luxurious candles are loved for their aromatherapy and the all-around feel-good sensation they bring once lit. High-end candles are fast becoming the best gifts. Instead of worrying about what one prefers, the color of bags, shoe style or perfume scent, luxurious candles eliminate all that. Of course, there are those candles that cost an arm and a leg, but most of them are pretty affordable and come packaged ready to pass as gifts.

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Most online stores have a variety when it comes to shopping. The same applies to high-end candles. The best high-end candles are found in webstores, where they are stacked according to prices, flavor/scents, etc. To reduce the time spent looking aimlessly online, you can opt to buy gifts from the US and use the services of a trusted package forwarding from the US to your country. Parcl comes as a solution for all international shipping troubles. They work with screened and verified forwarders based in the USA who are ready to assist you with the buying process.

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Now that you know how to ship from the US to your home country take a look at these ten interesting handpicked luxury scented candles to make the perfect gift.

  1. Tom Ford Fabulous Candle

If you’re looking for expensive candles that are well worth the price tag, then this Fucking Fabulous luxury candle is your answer. The bold combination of tonka bean, clary sage, blonde woods, vanilla, bitter almond, leather, orris root, and lavender make for a pleasantly confusing spicy, warm and inviting scent. It’s too easy to fall in love with your home when this is the scent. Gorgeous, pleasant and inviting, the scent is perfect for all seasons.

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  1. Le Labo Santal 26 Scented Candle

This Le Labo candle manages to play with candles in the big leagues and fits in rather well. Santal 26 is one of the best-scented candles money can buy. The combination of vanilla notes, amber and sandalwood brings out that unmistakably Insta-friendly youth café in the heart of NYC. The candle has a strong smell that can be held in the room for way longer than weeks. It’s the candle you buy to set your home apart from others.

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  1. Byredo Bibliothéque Candle

Byredo extracted their luxury candles from the most beautiful places. The Bibliothéque luxury candle is no different. The name means Library in ancient Greek, and this is a perfect correspondence to the scent the candle carries. If you’re into musky, papery scents, the ones that resemble an old library book, then the Bibliothéque is the candle to take care of that preference.

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  1. Fornasetti Ortensia Flora Large Candle

This large floral candle is one of the most expensive candles ever manufactured. And it’s the most expensive scented candle on our list. Of course, this comes with the advantage of being a powerhouse that can burn for up to 240 hours. That’s 10-days straight, no breaks. When burnt out, what remains is a beautiful collectible piece of art making the candle worth the price. It’ll leave your home oozing with grace smelling like a fresh bouquet from the world’s most expensive florist.

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  1. Burnin' For You Mojave Daydream

Burnin’ for you is the best thing ever if you’re looking to buy gifts from the US for your partner or a young couple that lives for romance. The scents are a combination of sandalwood, vanilla, and wild jasmine. A perfect, minimalist scent.

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  1. NEST Fragrances Grapefruit Classic Candle

If you’re to buy candles for gifts from the US, then, you might as well buy a wide range. This candle in particular smells like clean, fresh grapefruit. The ultimate citrus flavor for your nostrils any day, any time, regardless of location. It’s the one item that resounds to those who like a good smell, but aren’t fans of a perfume-like scents.

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  1. Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Ever wondered what sea salt would smell like confined in a house? This Jo Malone candle is part of the perfect high-end candles that bring together wood sage and sea salt into your home. It’s the number one recommendation for those who want the good smell without having to bear the overwhelming sweet, floral or fruity scents of most candles.

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  1. Cire Trudon Byron Classic Candle

Not all high-end candles smell like the brightest and wildest things in nature. This Cire Trudon candle, for instance, will make you fall in love with the smell of the dark. Its trademark smell is that of belonging in a dark, wood-paneled library. Best for winter burns, the candle is a perfect mixture of cognac, black cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and saffron.

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  1. Nest Fragrances Holiday Classic Candle

You can afford to buy candles as gifts from the US, just add these Nest fragrances to your cart. It’s the perfect scent that smells and screams everything about the holidays. Be prepared to melt at the smell of Mandarin orange, pomegranate, cinnamon, amber, cloves and pine infused into one.

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  1. Diptyque Baies Candle

Arguably the best-scented candles are those that smell like flowers and fruit. This candle, an infusion of warm berries and roses is perhaps the most famous scented candle ever made. Perfect for a light, comforting scent in a matter of minutes. It suits the definition of home for every individual.

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