10 Makeup Brands from Germany

Anything made in Germany is generally regarded as top-quality. The range is wide, but, starting from German cars to their beer, stainless steel crockery and pot sets as well as Bratwurst, Germans have it all on lock-down. Now, imagine completing your quest for the best products by throwing in a couple of German popular skincare brands. You can buy these in bulk and use an internationally available German parcel forwarder to buy and ship from Germany.


With international package delivery facilitated by forwarders, the window to German skin care products is as wide as you choose to open it. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of German brands in your home, then you’ll appreciate the meticulous finish and sturdy build. That quality is unwavering even when it comes to common commodities such as makeup and beauty products. With online shopping using a verified European shopping address:

  • There are no restrictions on what can be shipped your way (only state cross-border limitations apply).

  • You get exposed to a wider range of products as soon as they are released.

  • Shop just like the locals without the restrictions usually introduced together with shipping limitations.

  • Buying presents and not having to worry about the recipients seeing them beforehand is possible. International forwarders can get it all delivered to the giftee’s address.

Top 10 German Makeup Brands

You too can achieve the effortless fresh face spotted on many Germans who take the time to care for their skin. Here are some cosmetic brands that are worth your time and effort in your next search:

  1. Zoeva

When considering German makeup brands of note, Zoeva is one of the leaders. The brand doesn’t conduct cruel animal testing, their vegan-friendly products are made completely from natural ingredients. Zoeva has sizes to suit all needs. If you’re a frequent traveller and would like compatible brushes and creams, then this brand will work just fine.

Shop Zoeva


  1. A4

The A4 Health and Beauty brand come as an answer to serious flawless skin prayers. The holistic program focuses on both body and soul. For your personal happiness, consider this brand. Divided into two, there is the A4 cosmetics (luxurious skin care) and A4 Nutricosmetics (Innovative Beauty Drinks), when used simultaneously, these two focuse on the natural stimulation and renewal of skin both internally and externally.

Shop A4 Products.


  1. Art Deco

Art Deco joins our list as a favourite amongst German cosmetic brands. They are the most affordable and popular among middle-age ladies who love their skin, but don’t have the fortunes to shell out on more expensive brands. The brand has a clever ‘fill in the box’ type of shopping where buyers get an empty beauty box and select the shadow or blush of their choice. If you’re looking for affordable high-quality waterproof makeup, then this brand is your answer.

Shop Art Deco products online.


  1. Lavera

Made for those who want to perfect and protect their skin, Lavera is a brand trusted by many. They use natural products for preparation, something we’ve come to expect from top German beauty products. Their new hydro effect skin care products leave one with fresh, radiant and crisp complexion. Shop Lavera for products with high-tech ingredients, a German forwarder will have it delivered to your preferred address.

Shop Lavera Online.


  1. Sans Soucis

If you’re looking for beauty brands that are strong on hydration, then Sans Soucis is the perfect purchase. Particularly, their Moisture Deep Moist Depot Wake Up and Glow cream and the face masks are filled with antioxidants and hydration. The products are perfectly sized to carry in any bag or even wallet for a quick skin wake-up call.

Shop Sans Soucis.


  1. Und Gretel

The brand has some of the best German skin care products. Good news, any purchases totalling €50.00 and above get free delivery within Germany. You can have your forwarder keep the receipts in case you want to return or exchange some of the purchases. Buy high-quality products for the complete facial that you’ve always desired.  With Und Gretel, the facial wear you buy comes with Und Gretel cotton bags and irresistible gifts.

Shop Und Gretel.


  1. Weleda

If you’d like to take solace under nature’s pharmacy, then Weleda will be the perfect platform. They have a Beauty, Health, and Family Section. Purchase your oral care Weleda range for yourself and the entire family and never have to worry about carcinogens. All products are classified under different sections for men, women and children to easily find what they need. Visit the site, add to cart and sign up with a forwarder to help handle and ship from Germany to your home.

Shop Weleda Online.


  1. Dr Hauschka

Has your skin recently faced harsh weather and breakouts? If the answer is yes and you would love to give your skin a new lifeline, then the Dr. med. Hauschka 28-day cure is the product you’ve been looking for. With package forwarding from Germany, you get to purchase the day and night cure that will strengthen and rejuvenate your skin in no time. Other products from this brand are for personal hygiene, makeup, medical care and cosmetics.

Shop Dr Hauschka.


  1. MawiLove

Made to be a designer skincare range, the MawiLove serum products understand that there is no skin like yours. As a top-notch product, your skin will love the Eye Serum, CEO Serum, Amino Lifting BH3 Serum, 24 Hour Anti-Aging Cream and other products. You basically apply nutrition and care on your skin to last around the clock. If you have super sensitive skin, then this product is perfect for you.

Buy your products online.


  1. Farina 1709

Not everything on our list of German skincare brands is strictly available to buy from Germany. For example, Farina 1709 is also available to easily purchase on Amazon. Farina is most popular for their Cologne and you too can smell just as exotic. The brand has perfected and changed the scent over the years, but Farina’s main product remains widely popular and loved as the cologne from Cologne.

Shop Farina 1709 from Germany.


Makeup for Skincare

If you’re to use any of these products and you really like the results, then you should consider getting more German branded makeup products. There is nothing more important than self-care and investing in self. Get yourself full ranges and arrange with a German package forwarder to get your buys delivered to your home country. If the quality works miracles for your face, then don’t compromise, start budgeting for the makeup skincare brands and shipping fees. Your skin will thank you later!


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miswar mahran
1 year ago
hello Do you have statistical data on the most important German cosmetic companies or factories that produce a final product and not just raw materials or packaging
1 year ago
Hello there, Thanks for the message. No, we do not possess this kind of statistic and can hardly help you here. Thank you.
miswar mahran
1 year ago
hello Do you have statistical data on the most important German cosmetic companies or factories that produce a final product and not just raw materials or packaging
Erika Stewart
8 months ago
I am looking for a German skin care brand which I used in the mid 1980's while I was living in Munich. I believe these products were all natural. I remember a couple of the facial cleansers came in tubes. Some had Chamomile. I had (still have) very sensitive and acne prone skin I think the brand could only be bought in a pharmacy. I remember the products had the letters "ABC" and that might be the name, but I'm unsure. I have searched online, but to no avail. Maybe, the company is no longer. I live in California and I would really like to try the products again. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Susanne Haslund
5 months ago
Hello, Do you know if the makeup line -Betrix - is still around . They had amazing brush on transparent lip gloss. Faint translucent colour of pink and an orange. Thank you .
5 months ago
There are also essence, catrice, trend it up, alterra, adverde, labello, Nivea,isana,balea, rival loves me and many many more
5 months ago
D.Adler, thank you for sharing
4 months ago
Is there a German based cosmetic company that makes skin whitener?
Cathy Anderson
3 months ago
Why do you have to have a forwarder? Americans can not get shipped to USA or is it due to products being lower priced ? I love European skin care and cosmetics
3 months ago
Cathy Anderson, this article is about German makeup brands. Many stores ship to only a limited number of countries or only within Germany, so if you live outside you may not be able to place an order with a store. A person living in Germany can become a forwarder on Parcl and provide a local delivery address for the order, which he can then ship to any country a shopper is located.
Asha Singh
3 weeks ago
I want to purchase KRYOLAN products.... Plss send me the details... M from india
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