10 Modern Jewelry Brands from America

Picking out excellent accessories helps to complement and complete one’s look. Monotonous style can be boring, predictable and unworthy. Fortunately, you can shop and ship from the US to avoid looking like every second person you meet. There is a long, impressive list of jewelers that have limited edition pieces. The only downside, many US stores don't ship internationally.

How to Ship from the US using a Package Forwarder

Your solution for international package forwarding dilemmas is Parcl. Parcl is a leading freight forwarder with over 900 package centers on a global scale. Their site is self-explanatory and using it is simple. Here are a few basics:

  • Visit the official Parcl website and create a free account.

  • Fill out a form to create a request, include the URL of the webstore you’re buying from.

  • Forwarders based in the US will send you quotes. Select the one you like best.

  • Go ahead and check out from the store. The parcel will be sent locally.

  • Your forwarder will receive it and use an international parcel carrier to ship the jewelry from the United States to your country.

Now, when you know how to shop in the US and ship internationally, check out these stores for unique American-made jewelry.

Top 10 American Handcrafted Jewelry Designers

  1. Moorea Seal [IG: @mooreaseal Price: $22-224]

The brains behind this brand are not just gifted in being the ultimate Pinterest account. The founder Moorea Seal is a 31-year old Seattle-based author and designer. When checking the list of jewelry stores in the USA, Moorea Seal stands out because of her inspirational 52 Lists Project. Her heartfelt gesture of working closely with nonprofit organizations that deal with mental health is indicated by giving back 7% of her profits. The jewelry from this designer is funky, celestial-inspired with all-around feel-good vibes. Both her retail and web stores are doing impeccably well. To make your shopping experience even better, her stores also stock home décor, eccentric office collections and women’s and men’s fashion items. The gold plating for her jewelry is done in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  1. Agatha Vaz Jewelry [IG: @AgathaVazJewelry Price Range: $58-$308]

This brand is an unconventional standout from our list of jewelry sites in the US. Founder and designer Agatha Waszczyk is a 21-year old college student who took her passion to greater heights and started her jewelry brand. Her father, Waldemar Waszczyk, helps his daughter to create the signature chunky gold and sterling silver rings. These rings are meant for the bold, confident and dynamic woman who isn’t afraid of standing out in a crowd. Such accessories are a complete confidence booster.


  1. Sofia Ramsay [IG: @SofiaRamsay Price Range: $36-$356]

When searching for American jewelry stores with heart and soul, Sofia Ramsay is a brand that represents all that and more. The founder and creator behind the brand started out working as a designer in the costume jewelry industry in NYC. Her company was started after 4 years of learning from the industry’s best. The brand is most popular for their bright thread wrapped bangles, laser cut earrings, chain link necklaces, and wrapped bangles. Their collections always seem to ‘overlap’ because any leftover jewelry gets used in the next batch. Popular amongst the young, trendy lovers of jewelry.


  1. Tarin Thomas [IG: @Tarin_Thomas Price Range: $34-$428]

Of all the jewelry stores in the USA, this one brings together the community, in the literal sense. Designer Kylie Nakao collaborates with several local family-owned factories and creates modern fine jewelry. A wide range of metals is used, including yellow gold, rose white and silver. The designs also come with gemstone accents. To top it all, the pieces are custom made in small batches to help control the quality process.


  1. Preston & Linnie [IG: @Preston_And_Linnie Price Range: $695-$785]

When looking for fashionable, wearable art, look no further than this brand. The designer behind Preston & Linnie, Kim Devall prides herself in creating wearable art. The brand’s designs combine the traditional jewelry making tools including sterling silver, pearls and mixes them with modern stylistic items. Unconventional material including the likes of rubber, Lucite, cement, clothing, etc. All her materials are sourced from the US. So, if you are to buy any accessory from the US, what better brand than the All-American Preston & Linnie. Most of her pieces are limited-edition. You want unique? Preston & Linnie is the brand.


  1. Vrai & Oro [IG: @vraiandoro Price Range: $50-$1,000+]

Don’t let the name full you, Vrai & Oro is a one-woman wonder established by Vanessa Stofenmacher to help brides-to-be easily find sustainable fine jewelry. This line has been a work in progress for months. After spending 2 years working, Stofenmacher released a collection of diamond engagement rings. These were well-received in LA where they were first released. International shoppers can also enjoy the collection by using package forwarding from the US. These rings carry a personalized style, and the designer chooses quality over quantity. To keep them reasonably priced, she cuts out the middlemen and uses ethical business practices. The diamonds and gold in use are verified, recycled in a Diamond Foundry lab.


  1. J Hannah [IG: @J.Hannah Price: $300-1500]

The brand’s founder and hands-on designer is 26-year old Jess Hannah from LA. This brand is chique, but their pieces are all about the classic, timeless style. Hannah picked up interest after inheriting a few vintage pieces from her grandmother. She checked other jewelry sites in the US and realized her line of timeless baubles would be unique. Thus, her company went live in 2014 and captured the young and middle-aged classy, feminine shopper. At J Hannah, jewelry is crafted from minimalistic silver and gold that stand out. To accentuate her designs, she came up with simple, clean hues of neutral nail polish.


  1. Upper Metal Class [IG: @UpperMetalClass Price: $28 - $150 for sterling silver or bronze jewelry; about $160 - $2200 for 14k gold jewelry]

Although the price range is mostly on the high-end, founder and creative designer for the brand T Ngu brings the heat with this jewelry brand. Her jewelry pieces are always iconic and symbolic such that buying them is a definite investment for the future. Her popular ring, the Girls x FEM ring crafted from 10k gold that resembles a bosom and studded with a pink sapphire diamond has been such a major success even garnering attention from the LGBTQ community as well as spinoffs. The other loved pieces from Upper Metal Class include lips, skulls, and winks.


  1. Hikaru Furuhashi [IG: @HikaruFuruhashi Price Range: $50 (semi-fine jewelry) to $3000+ (custom and intricate pieces made with diamonds and Platinum, etc.)]

Customized jewelry is more than enough to give one a sense of uniqueness and importance. Inspired by the founder and designer’s Japanese upbringing, this brand specializes in a unique experience for every one of their customers. Furuhashi’s eponymous jewelry pieces have some resemblance to nature and traditional folk art. The brand is most popular in the US and abroad for being environmentally friendly. All pieces used are intricately selected, recycled and conflict-free stones. Quality check on the stones is ensured as all stones come from the Kimberly Process which ensures there are no conflict diamonds in each order.


  1. Bario Neal [IG: @BarioNeal Price: $100-$15,000+]

The most expensive collections from our list are from Bario Neal. The brand, which is a collective effort between college friends Anna Bario and Page Neal. When tallied against other American jewelry stores, Bario & Neal stand out uniquely mostly due to their perfect unification in sculpture and psychology (degrees they studied in college). The heirloom jewelry line prides itself in using ethical materials and practices. The company was founded in 2008 and uses reclaimed metal, fair-minded gold, as well as traceable non-conflict gemstones such as Wyoming Black Jade and Montana Sapphires. Above all, their labor practices are fair and ethical. The brand works with the Jewelers Row in Philadelphia (the oldest diamond district in the US) and Catawba paper Company (CPC) in North Carolina (responsible for sustainable packaging).


Buy Exquisite Jewelry from the States Using a Trusted Parcel Concierge Service

The new range of American jewelry stores focuses on creating quality over quantity. Most pieces are hand selected and unique. When you buy from the US, you need to use a trusted forwarder to take care of your fragile and prized ‘investment.’ Don’t be in a rush to buy, take your time and understand the Parcl package forwarding from the US service, then buy your jewelry from the States.

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