10 Most Popular International Shipping Services

The key to international shopping is international shipping. Finding a trusted and reviewed parcel and package carrier can be a hustle. Fortunately, online shopping comes with the freedom to access online reviews and check the feedback on most international shipping service providers. You can even use tools such as Google Maps to find an international shipping carrier near you and search for info about their services using any web browser.

That way, your options are not limited to just one or two methods, but an entire selection, which you can choose and pick at will depending on what you want to be shipped.

The Key to Selecting the Best International Shipping Company

Before you make up your mind about a particular global shipping company, here are some key pointers to help shorten the long list. If you answer yes to three or more, then the international shipping company makes it on your short list.

  • Do they provide excellent services with reviews, comments or complaints from former customers available as proof? This helps to ascertain the company’s track record and certify them as an actual service provider.

  • Do they offer an estimation calculator on site for you to self-estimate the cost against the time taken to ship your purchase to your country?

  • Has the international shipping company worked with your favourite parcel forwarding company in the past?

  • When searching for the top 10 shipping companies, does your selected shipper appear on the first pages of your search?

  • What is the customer rating and review for your selected company, also, do they offer services such as insurance coverage and recovery of goods if they get lost?

Once you have selected the top shipping companies, you can be sure to have a successful and pleasant online shopping experience.

However, as a Parcl account holder, there is no need to stress over searching for and selecting a top international shipper. With Parcl, you only create a request, and the embedded search template will scour the databases of top international shippers and present you with the best quotation. All of this saves you time and effort.

Top 10 International Shipping Companies

Here is a list of some of the most popular shipping companies that frequently work alongside trusted parcel forwarders to get your package delivered in a timely and cost-saving manner:

  1. DHL

The German-based logistics company Deutsche Post DHL always appears at the top of the lists when you search for the best international shipping companies. Globally, DHL is an internationally acclaimed delivery services company that has expanded since foundation in 1969 to now having bases and physical presence in all major cities. The DHL Express Worldwide can take as little as 9 hours to deliver a package. Parcl and DHL have a seamless work relationship that sees to the timely delivery of all purchases shipped via the carrier.

DHL Logo

  1. FedEx

Following closely is FedEx – short for Federal Express, a trusted international air, water and land shipper based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The international courier was established in 1971 and has since experienced tremendous growth. Currently, FedEx and DHL Express go head-to-head fighting for best provider. No one is complaining since this healthy brawl only helps customers get the best service possible.


  1. United Parcel Service Inc.

UPS, short for United Parcel Service, is one of the best international shipping companies to come out of the US. UPS has been in the industry for over a century. They are the pioneers of civilisation and timely delivery in the 20th century. They remain at the top of the league with the ability to deliver over 15 million packages daily to 6.1 million customers in over 220 countries.


  1. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is famous for providing the best international shipping service across Asia. Blue Dart works in conjunction with DHL to offer swift and quick service all over South Asia. If you’re to shop online, your parcel forwarder is most likely to present you with a quotation that includes international shipping from Blue Dart.


  1. Royal Mail

The UK’s government-owned postal service provider is regarded as one of the safest and most trusted international carriers. Royal Mail currently has over 176,000 employees. The carrier is highly regarded as they strive to provide excellent, transparent service and honour The Consumer’s Right to Choose. The group is the oldest provider to grace this list having been in operation since 1516.

Royal Mail Logo

  1. Schenker AG

Another German-based logistics company based in Berlin, Schenker AG operates globally and offers over 2400 physical offices/warehouses to make operations easier. They provide accurate services and timely delivery. Across Europe, the logistics company is arguably the number one choice by far.


  1. PostNL

Formerly known as TNT N.V, PostNL offers parcel, mail and e-commerce services. The logistics company is another European based giant, this time with operations based in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Italy. If you’re to search for top 10 shipping companies, use both PostNL and TNT N.V to widen your results. If you would like to use an international parcel forwarder to get shopping assistance and shipping across Europe, PostNL quotations will also be provided.


  1. YRC Worldwide

Luckily, some top international shipping companies offer specialised items, not just mail and average-sized packets. If you’re interested in shipping commercial, industrial and retail sized items, then YRC Worldwide is the logistics company to consider before all else. They are highly regarded as a trusted shipper of heavyweight consignments and cargo.


  1. Japan Post Group

The Japan Post Group came as a result of the successful privatisation of Japan Post in 2007. The group promises to provide excellent package and postal delivery services to its customers. Also, Japan Post Group is more popular when it comes to their philanthropic work in aiding victims of Tsunami, earthquakes and nuclear disasters in Japan and other Asian parastatals.


  1. DTDC

DTDC is among the best international courier service providers to come out of India in terms of accessibility and presence. There is a need to improve on their customer service, but other than that, DTDC is trusted across India to deliver mail and packages promptly. If you would like a more accurate quotation or one that also offers insight into other couriers in India, use Parcl to Create a Request.

Move with the Times

Gone are the days when pigeons, runners or men on horseback used to travel for days on end to deliver messages. In this day and age, shipping couriers offer prompt delivery services. These companies are quick and offer technology backed insurance cover and logistics to ensure that your packages are delivered on time and on budget.

Move with the times and create an international shipping request to get your forwarding and shipping logistics calculated at once. At least, this way, you can easily track your order status as well as the package once it gets shipped. Leading couriers have access to most international destinations. Shop online with peace of mind knowing that your international package forwarder will use a trusted courier to send your online purchases.

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Tina L Acevedo
10 months ago
I need to mail a queen size mattress and box spring only with seven boxes weighing 40 lbs each moving to Mexico not taking much need low prices
10 months ago
Tina L Acevedo, we have sent you an email with detailed explanation of what our service offers. Thank you for asking!
Brenda Kirken
6 months ago
My son would like to send his academic books he has three suitcases that weight approximately 30 kg each. He goes to school in saltsburg Austria and wants to ship them back home to Detroit area in Michigan can you please send me a price and also who he needs to contact in Austria. Thank you for your time.
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