10 Most Spectacular Figma Figures

So, here’s the thing, loving and watching Manga is one thing, but exploring and having collectibles is the ultimate display of dedication and loyalty to your favourite show. Most probably, you’ve collected a couple of Figma figures, and you’re interested in getting more for your collectibles table. Or maybe, you’ve looked into collecting but don’t know where to start.

Whatever the case is, it’s great to have background knowledge on where to start looking and how to start looking. We have made the task more comfortable for you by compiling a list with the latest and in-style Figma figures.

Who Should Read This?

You’re here, that must count for something. Most probably, you’ve been scouring the web looking for something to buy, but not knowing what to get and how to get the figure that peaks your interest. Whatever the case, this article is meant for:

  • Die-hard fans of anime Figma figures who need help in finding the right figurines to buy.

  • Collectors looking for unique figures to make their display look more impressive and current.

  • Manga followers who are undecided on which of their favourite anime figures to put up on display.

  • Avid online shoppers who have a talent for spotting collectibles and antiques from a distance, but could do with a couple of pointers.

If you’re not part of any of these groups, but are still interested in purchasing anime Figma figures online, then don’t be offended, carry on reading.

Buy Anime Figma Action Figures

Online shopping presents real deals in real time that save us a lot of time, anguish and having to walk the physical distance. In a situation where one usually walks between retailers comparing Figma figures’ characteristics and prices, online shopping gives the opportunity of opening several webstores as successive tabs and comparing all these.

Introducing international package forwarders such as Parcl has been the life and the full circle of online shopping. With the services of international parcel forwarders, you get to shop online and select the best service that makes the process easier and more straightforward.

Buying anime Figma action figures online opens the doorway to the best possible deals at reasonable prices. You get to pick from a selection of top sellers that are otherwise inaccessible, without the need to apply for a traveller’s visa.

If you buy in conjunction with a parcel forwarder, your best Figma figure will get delivered in record time. A local package forwarder can also help you by physically going to the retail shops to find what you’re failing to find online. For instance, you get the anime action figure of Goku from Dragon Ball Z, but just before checking out, someone else does so, then you discover it’s available in a local shop in the US. With a Parcl account, you could get a local shopper to go to the physical store and buy the figure on your behalf.

With a competent parcel forwarder, you get a lot of advantages with the service that includes;

  • Ability to use a credit or debit card that would have otherwise not been accepted by the online store. If not, you can use PayPal to complete all transactions (including for the purchase).

  • Help with customs and other shipping logistics.

  • Package consolidation in case you want it and personal shopping assistance to the extent of physically going to the store.

  • Receiving your order in record time with the option of returning it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

List of Superb Anime Figma Action Figures

  1. 300 Leonidas Figma Action Figure #270

One of the greatest Kings to rule us into civilisation, hailing from Sparta, Leonidas deserves this action figure more than we can explain. The figure is an accurate depiction of the fearless King Leonidas and comes with accessories including the sword, spear, shield, helmet and necklace. Attention to detail is paid to the T, including the sturdy physique making you feel closer to the select heroic army of 300.

Get it here


  1. Figma Link Action Figure #153

The Figma is a popular inspiration of the action character from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. It comes with full accessories including the sword, shield and hangable facial expressions. There are also multiple hands that help with the functionality of the sword dash.

Get it here, currently on sale from $43.99 to $32.99


  1. Kirito Figma Figure #174

This figure is a great depiction and comes with poseable joints that are also fluid in motion, making it possible to articulate your action figure. Kirito Figma is recommended if you’re looking for an action figure with fighting scenes. It comes with two swords – Dark Repulse and Elucidator, and they each have their unique Dash effect.

Get it here


  1. Asuna Figma Action Figure #178

Asuna can be bought alongside the Kirito Figure, and they come at an affordable price unit making it more sensible to purchase as a pair. She comes with her sword with the full Dash effect, matching facial expressions and impressive accessories. These two are the best Figma figures to buy as a pair.

Get it here


  1. Attack on Titan Levi Figma Figure #213

Titan Levi’s captain has the best action possible from the gore anime loved by many for different reasons. The spectacular Figma figure also comes with the captain’s heroic sword and ropes. You get the full actionable package.

Get it here


  1. Attack on Titan Mikasa Figma #203

As you keep checking this list, you have the answer to where to buy Figma figures, but, did you know that you can complete the purchase in a seamless way by using a verified parcel forwarder? The beautiful Mikasa figure comes in an impressive design with excellent performance for different posing. Buy this figure and secure it when you create a request to ship via Parcl.

Get it here


  1. Motoko Kusanagi Figma Action Figure #237

The cyberpunk action figure from Ghost in the Shell can quickly become a fixed item in your collector’s cabinet. She comes with her weapons of choice, both the Seburo C-26A and M-5, that promote various action scenes.

Get it here


  1. Saitama One Punch Man Figure #310

When you’re looking for characters that deserve to get turned into Figma action figures, One Punch Man takes the lead. He comes with minimalist, fitting but straightforward style: only two facial expressions, and a cap.

Get it here


  1. Figma Hatsune Miku 2.0 #200

You can buy your action figures online just as long as you don’t forget to add Hatsune Miku 2.0 into the mix. The Figma has a huge infectious grin that just lights up your day.

Get it here


  1. Sakura Card Captor Figma #244

The figurine is in her girly-girl pretty dress, but ready for any entertainment you might have in store. The playable figure can also be used as a display item without the pressure to play with. The Sakura Card Captor Figma doesn’t come with any special tools or accessories, but you won’t be bored if you own the figure.

Get it here


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