10 Online Shopping Websites Alternative to Amazon

Learn more about enhanced online shopping, with better deals, more shipping methods, regular sales plus discounts and more! In this article, you’ll find the top 10 competitors of Amazon.

In North America, arguably, Amazon is the largest, most-popular and first choice e-commerce website. In other parts of the world, the giant webstore has tight competition from other brands that are equally huge and have some of the craziest deals on offer. The success enjoyed by Amazon comes from sheer dedication, strategic planning and the zeal to always outperform themselves. All these combined have helped the brand become a household name and treasure trove for collectors.

However, not everything to do with Amazon is roses and honey. The pricing can be way out of reach. Adding the shipping cost Amazon charges, shopping from the e-commerce webstore can prove more expensive than it’s worth the effort. Your solution to such a challenge would be to find an Amazon alternative. Another webstore that operates with the same fluidity as Amazon, has ‘to-die-for’ offers and deals that are simply unrealistic.

Although operating like Amazon, similar sites tend to be competitors of the commercial webstore because of the better deals they offer.

The Best Sites like Amazon to Look for Divine Deals

Websites like Amazon have been around for quite a while, some of them even longer than Amazon. If you’ve never heard of them, then maybe you can learn about them through the short description. Click on the store name to go directly to their home page. While at it, start thinking of arranging for an international package forwarding service provider to help you ship from the warehouse or store to your home overseas. With parcel forwarding you can:

  • Buy all the latest trends as soon as they hit the market and get your local handler to forward them to your country.

  • Take advantage of the full benefits US buyers always seem to enjoy such as extended warranty and guarantee. Your parcel forwarder will help you with the back and forth movement of your purchase.

  • Select package forwarding services for an enhanced online shopping experience.

  • Get help with customs, as logistics companies work with customs daily and know how to handle the situation quite professionally. This will also help take care of the calculation of other charges such as import duty.

Now that everything is out of the way, here is what you came here for. If you’re searching for more items on the marketplace, there are more stores that are worth the time and effort.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is similar to Amazon in the way it operates but differs in that most of the items listed are handmade vintage, clothing, furniture and jewellery pieces. If you’re looking for unique, then Etsy is the place.


  1. eBay

One of Amazon’s biggest competitors in North America, eBay has made a name for itself in the e-commerce circles. Internationally, eBay is just as popular, or maybe even more popular than Amazon. This web market offers an open environment where buyers can bid for products. There is an option to outright buy the listed product, but most of them are put up for auction. Let’s face it, no one outgrows the thrill of bidding at an auction. Additionally, there are impressive discounts on goods listed on eBay. The store’s “Best offers” has some of the most amazing bargain deals one can find online.


  1. Rakuten

Previously known as, Rakuten rebranded and still remains as popular and similar to Amazon. The e-commerce website offers new members a chance to sign up and get a $10 bonus in either Rakuten Cash Bonus or Walmart Gift Card. If you’re a big saver, then visit Rakuten for a chance to get cash back for buying via links they provide.


  1. AliExpress

One of the biggest competitors to Amazon globally. AliExpress operates just like Amazon but more than anything, they cut out the middlemen meaning more savings and less money paid on any item. If any store deserves immaculate planning for package forwarding services for online shopping its AliExpress deals. You can get high-grade items as and when you please and get them delivered in no time by your package forwarder, since AliExpress’ ‘free shipping’ is notorious for taking forever. Either way, you still get to save.


  1. Zappos

The Zappos modus operandi is ‘great customer service.’ As such, the brand is popular for its unbeaten customer service. So, here is what will fascinate and thrill international shoppers the most. When you shop at Zappos, you can take advantage of the services Parcl offers and test your product without having to rush the process. After all, you have an entire year! Stocking everything, Zappos is the best place to shop avoiding credit card fraud. With Zappos Rewards, you also get expedited shipping plus points in every order which can be redeemed to purchase more items.


  1. Barnes & Noble

This store is the Amazon equal for books. Over the years, they have expanded and not only sell books but other items as well, just like Amazon. You can buy and download anything from their 4.5 million eBooks on offer. The sale of books is in the online marketplace and this cuts down on overhead costs and helps you save some money. No need to ship downloadable eBooks, right?


  1. BestBuy

BestBuy is the best place to buy your home electronics, smart gadgets and more when you don’t feel like dealing with Amazon. Your online shopping experience can be seamless if you select free shipping to a local handler who will use a verified international carrier to send to your country.


  1. Overstock

Here is a little secret, if you visit Overstock now, you’ll benefit from their ‘Semi-annual sale’ which is the biggest sale of the season. Every category goes on sale with discounts of up to 70%. Show us a better deal, we’ll wait! Their affiliations with groups such as Animal rights make Overstock more than just an online store. Operating just like Amazon, Overstock offers both new and surplus goods from failed e-commerce websites. Also interesting, there is the Worldstock section of the store that sells handmade crafts from artisans from all walks of life. As the name suggests, they overstock!


  1. Walmart

Featured in trusted publications including Business Insider, Walmart has some of the legitimately best deals any online shop can offer. Since Walmart has a huge network of chain supermarkets spread across the US, you can get a local handler who will help you buy from the physical stores what you cannot find online. Their low prices make them famous and the first choice for most buyers, especially Americans.


  1. Newegg

Operating just like Amazon, Newegg specialises in tech and electronics only. Buyers are usually hooked into and mesmerised by the Daily Deals. When you visit the Daily Deals section, you can use filters to find exactly what peaks your interest, such as components, gaming, computer systems, networking, and more! Rapid delivery is what Newegg offers its customers who would like to pick it over any other store, such as Amazon. Get their ‘3 Days or faster’ local shipping promise and international parcel forwarding will not take too long to have your product delivered to you. 

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