10 Online Stores to Shop for Home Decor in the UK

Arguably, very few people still experience the thrill of walking into a physical establishment and hand-picking items. What’s more, with package forwarding to complement online shopping, physically shopping brick-and-mortar stores has lost its charm. Having your shopping delivered to your doorstep almost always feels like a present. After all, you get to kill several birds with one stone when shopping online.

  • Online shopping saves you the physical energy needed to battle it out against throngs of shoppers in department stores.

  • You also get to save valuable time that can get channelled towards other activities. Moreover, you can buy your home décor in the UK from the comfort of your bed, office, and just about anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

  • Shopping becomes more targeted and specific. Instead of nosing around boutiques nitpicking, you get to buy specifically what you need for your home.

  • Most importantly, online shopping exposes you to the small independent retailers as well as the mind-blowing pieces they have; physically they might be limited by a shady location.


Online, there is a series of creative designers and craft makers bustling with fresh, unique ideas waiting to decorate your home. The homeware shops in the UK have stood the test of time for their classy and timeless pieces. Keep reading to discover some of the timeless favourites.

Top 10 UK Home Decor Online Shops

  1. Room 365

Recommended for: lighting and minimalist ceramics

The mother-daughter duo who directs this store, which is based in Bolton, is doing an amazing job in the ever-dynamic home accessories UK industry. Room 365 has your bowls, crafted vases, lighting options and other well sought-after décor items. As the name suggests, they are your go-to 365 days a year. A complimentary item, they also stock jewellery.


  1. Houzz

Recommended for: full home makeover haul

When checking homeware stores UK, Houzz easily makes it to the top. Although the shop seems to be not as famous as its magnanimous existence, they are undeniably good at what they do. Houzz is mostly a community built on offering tips, ideas and tricks for how to build, centre and design your home décor. They also have a generous section with select home decor UK items for sale in multiple brands. There is also a price point to accommodate a wide scale of shoppers.


  1. Jolt

Recommended for: Exquisitely printed cushions and tea towels

This brand is a part of the successful home accessories UK group Designs in Mind popular for grouping designers and creatives referred by the mental health services. Usually, their pieces are fascinating, alluring and unconventional. Since focusing on designing home goods helps some team members cope with their mental health while fighting the stigma; these designs are worth checking out.


  1. Smug

Recommended for: A little bit of this and that

Whereas most homeware stores UK focus their attention on the main decoration pieces and certain items, Smug breaks the status quo by providing a bit of everything. In the UK, they have a small physical outlet based in London, but their online store is always open for business. Their home accessories range from plants, potting units, to blankets and prints. Smug will leave you feeling smug with your purchase.


  1. White Mint

Recommended for: A fun twist to grown-up home accessories

Not all home decor stores UK are for the standard grown-up homeowner. Take White Mint, for example; their accessories take the fun and young jab at otherwise serious and would-have-been boring accessories. Lined with the likes of cacti-themed products and flamingo pieces, there is something relatable for most shoppers. White Mint is where adults with the spirit of fun and childhood shop for their home décor units.


  1. MIZU

Recommended for: Deco gurus with a flair for being extra

Not all UK décor shops are about the English home. In this integrated existence, there are the likes of MIZU, a brand started by a Hungarian couple. Their handcrafted products are a perfect merge of both the Hungarian and English feel. Their most successful department yet is ceramics. If you want vases that stand out and at the same time pull a room together, then quickly discover how to ship from the UK and stalk MIZU.


  1. Culture Label

Recommended for: Art crafts and gifts

Are you a lover of dynamic, standalone pieces that take your home to a whole new dimension? Then Culture Label is the first webstore to visit. In case you’re afraid of finding museum quality pieces that you must definitely buy, first find trusted package forwarding from the UK, ensure you can work with them to purchase from Culture Label, then go ahead and browse through. They offer a curation of the best gallery and museum shops in just a few clicks. Keeping up with culture has never been this easy.


  1. Umbra

Recommended for: Super budget-friendly trendy home pieces

The store takes direction by checking out the trends of the moment and running with that momentum. Everything displayed at Umbra is a representation of what is happening ‘now.’ Staying updated makes their pieces perfect as both contemporary statements and a celebration of human achievements as part of history. Use a trusted UK parcel forwarding service to check out of Umbra with any one of their million and one super fun ways of jazzing up the home. It’s always best to buy Umbra with space for hanging as they are famous for wall-mounted planters, copper wire words, mirrors and more!


  1. HEMA

Recommended for: Home décor on a tight budget

HEMA easily fits in with other affordable home decor stores from the UK. Their prices are fit for the super-budget buys. Bring the Scandi-esque designs on homeware home with this Dutch living store. Their website is packed with affordable and unique home designs. There is a certain feel of authentic Nordic vibes with what you will find in this webstore. Visit HEMA to archive a sweet Scandi-esque living room that maintains the cozy English country house style.


  1. Mia Fleur

Recommended for: Bold, luxurious furniture and accessories

When searching for homeware shops UK that refuse to let you live a simple, minimalist life, call Mia Fleur first. Their colours are the bold, unapologetic kind that is bound to stand out and outshine all other pieces when assembled. The store is an answer to those looking for a colourful life. If you’re talking about shiny golds, strings of pink, shades of lavender and ranges or deep blues, Mia Fleur has all that and more. Buy the most exciting, colourful pieces for any room in your house, as their pieces easily fit in all settings.


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The English home has some sort of influence globally. Instead of being limited to what your local Ikea and other home décor stores are selling you, resort to online shopping. Selecting pieces from any of our 10 favourite online stores is the easiest part. The challenge comes with the need for a verified package handler from the UK to your country.


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