10 Rare Game of Thrones Collectibles

Ever since Season 1 of Game of Thrones (GOT), characters kept on warning us about the winter. Apparently, ‘winter is coming,’ and in the North, it can freeze anything and everything, including the mammoth sized giant, Wun Wun, and his family. To stay on top of our game and avoid freezing while waiting for this winter — which, by the way, finally came in Season 7. And oh my! So much drama, so much action, and so much SNOW!

With just Season 8 remaining, and set to be released 2 years after Season 7 finale airing (what a long wait!), it makes us all the more nostalgic. The official teaser for Series finale hasn’t even been discussed; maybe it will hit the screens at the end of the year or early 2019. To pay homage to George RR Martin’s genius works, or simply hold on to the thread of our favourite show, there are a number of Game of Thrones collectibles that can be bought in the meantime. These are available from quite a number of web stores, including Amazon and eBay. The only challenge is that some sellers do not offer international shipping. Thankfully, in this era, it’s pretty easy to solve just about any problem.

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Now that your shipping equation has been solved, here are 10 of the rare GOT collectibles that you can think of and most probably buy.

10 Rare Game of Thrones Collectibles


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The “I Drink, and I Know Things” Pint Glass

Who doesn’t love the imp and his immeasurable levels of confidence? This pint glass is for those who dare challenge the booze monger of Westeros. This glass is just as alluring as Tyrion Lannister himself, and if anything, it also reminds the owner of the queen we all love to hate-Cersei Lannister. After all, she can also drink like a fish.



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Night King and Viserion Funko Pop

The Night King has always been scary, and we have been waiting for him for a long time. When he finally almost took John Snow in Season 5 episode 8 we understood just how lethal he was. This Funko POP is far ahead of the rest by leaps and bounds. The structure is however based on one of the most outstanding scenes in Season 7 after Daenerys lost her Viserion and the Night King turned him into an ice dragon. This is an iconic pop figure all series fans would love to have.



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Needle Cosplay

If you’re a fan of Arya Stark’s Needle, then this sword is the perfect homage for that. Using Needle who is made out of pure Valyrian steel, the youngest of the Stark daughters has managed to fend for herself in a cruel, unforgiving Westeros. If you consider yourself a fan of all things powerful, strong and modest, then the Arya Stark Needle is one of the most suitable Game of Thrones items to buy and have it forwarded by Parcl.



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Night King Mask

Okay, so yes, we all agree the Night King is scary and needlessly dangerous. For those who like living on the edge, go ahead and get yourself this mask. It will be for Halloween and most importantly keep it at home anywhere on display to scare those you don’t really care about—just kidding. But you get the idea.



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Wight Viserion Titan SDCC Exclusive

So, Dany lost one of her three kids, and for most of us die-hard fans, it was heart-wrenching. But at least we did get to see her child resurrected as a Wight. For those who still want to remember the good old days, start creating your own Dragon’s Dungeon with Viserion.



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Grey Wind Plushie

What better way to let loose and just let everything be about fun than to have a soft and cuddly bear. Well, not exactly a bear but a dire wolf. Grey Wind, Robb Stark’s most loyal companion, one of the Stark family wolves is available as a cute stuffed toy. It’s so warm and cuddly. A must-have!



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Hodor Door Stop

Let’s be perfectly honest. The end of Hodor was one of the most fierce tearjerkers in this series. Especially when we got to learn how he came about to be called Hodor from ‘Hold the Door’ and that is exactly how he met his end. Hodor holds the door for Bran Stark to escape and although he dies a painful death, he actually does Hold the Door as his fate would have it. An intriguing door stop for all fans.



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Drogon Purse

The biggest of Dany's kids, Drogon, fierce, stubborn and yet warm under all that dragon scale. The Drogon themed purse is perfect for any lady who wants to perfect their inner Drogon.



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Hand of the King Bottle Opener

The irony and hidden meanings packed into this Game of Thrones collectible! Of course, the hand of the King does such trivia for the King. But, oh well, real fans will understand the symbolism behind this Jamie Lannister inspiration. Bottom line, it’s a cool bottle opener.



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King’s Landing Cityscape Puzzle

This 4D cityscape of King’s landing is one beautiful product to represent GOT. This puzzle summarises the series and is a timeless representation that allows the owner to build up King’s Landing one piece at a time. Out of all the Game of Thrones products, this puzzle is the most engaging. More than one person will find it useful and want to try it.


Buy your Game of Thrones goodies via Parcl

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