10 Ridiculously Cool Deadpool Toys

The premier of Deadpool 3 has been confirmed following the success of Deadpool 2. And if the hype and buzz around the latest installation is anything to go by, it will be an even bigger hit than the previous two. The lead actor, Ryan Reynolds had to cancel some much-needed arm surgery to tour China promoting Deadpool 2 after it was unexpectedly announced that it would start showing in Chinese cinemas in January 2019.

Fox decided to suit the Asian audience by recutting the movie to PG-13. This way, Deadpool 2 doesn’t have as much gruesome blood splattered and foul-mouthed scenes for the audience. And of course, this bold move has created an opportunity for the movie series. Their popularity has shot out like a star and the originally R-Rated series can look forward to successful ventures in the near future.


Three Times the Charm – Three Times a Deadpool: New Installation and Series Success

Following the flabbergasting success of the original Deadpool in 2016, the series has continually surprised viewers, critiques and cinemas. And they continue breaking records and creating anomalies. The modestly budgeted X-Men spin-off broke an impressive list of records including:

  • Deadpool was the most successful R-Rated movie of all time across the global cinematic charts.

  • It was a modestly budgeted spin-off that made way more money than most ‘regular’ movies in the franchise.

  • The second installation of the series also took the world over by storm, being just as much of a hit. Such a feat is not common for most huge franchises. Two times being a charm worked for Deadpool and now a third is on the way.

  • In January 2019, it was announced that Deadpool 2 had been re-cut to suit the Chinese audience and will be playing in cinemas country-wide – a massive stat for a country with such strong censorship rules.

  • The first two movies were equally hugely successful, even though they were each directed by two different directors. Thanks to the success, a lot of fans bought Deadpool merch and had it shipped via international package forwarders from the USA.

In related news, there is a lot of Deadpool merch available to purchase. The Deadpool figure means a lot to different people. For some, they view the character as a hero, hope that there is still life after being ruled out of the game, proof that one can be anything in life. The list is endless.

Thus, owning a Deadpool figurine is not confined to a certain audience or age group. We will look at the top 10 cool Deadpool toys you should consider buying for your collection or as gifts.

10 Best Deadpool Toys: The Ultimate 2019 List

  1. Diamond Select Toys Deadpool Action Figure

Drawing inspiration from the comic actions of Deadpool and the franchise’s action-packed theme, the toy comes with 16 points of articulation on a deluxe base. The action figure is sculpted by Gabriel Marquez and stands proudly at a 7-inch height. It comes in a classic red and black outfit that we are used to seeing Deadpool adorning all the time.

Buy Deadpool Select Toy from Amazon.


  1. Kotobukiya Deadpool Marvel Now ArtFX Statue (X-Force Version)

This cool-looking Deadpool action figure is an iteration of the character’s X-Force version. Instead of the normal black and red outfit, the character looks buffer in a silver and black suit. By coming up with this outfit, Kotobukiya climbed up the ladder of companies creating figurines. The Deadpool figure is part of their high-quality ArtFX+ line of statues. The Japanese import can be shipped globally, inquire with Parcl for a handling and forwarding quote.

Buy Deadpool ArtFX Statue from Amazon.


  1. Rubie’s Classic Muscle Deadpool Costume

This particular item celebrates the ripped version of the hero. It displays Deadpool in a muscular and revealing costume. The Rubie’s Muscle Chest Deadpool costume is a complete package. It’s perfect for anyone who is into cosplay and for the price, you might find yourself buying more than two at a time.

Get your Deadpool Costume from Amazon.


  1. Pirate Deadpool

This figure is a pick from an impressive selection of Deadpool Pop Vinyl figures. The Pirate Deadpool version is the most popular from the list. Dressed as a pirate, the toy is multi-purpose. You can use it as inspiration to start a new collection or add it to your already existing set. If you would like a variety, then buy from US and have it delivered to your home address. There is a limited release of the particular figure, so it will do you good to get it while stocks last.

Get Pirate Deadpool Kuno Pop from Amazon.


  1. Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates Deadpool Assemble Box Set

This is the ultimate set for all fans looking for Deadpool in various versions. The Diamond Select Toys box sets have miniature Deadpool figurines. He comes as Deadpool Thor-Pool, Captain Ameri-Pool, Cable-Pool or Iron Deadpool. There are weapons for each character so you’re fully set.

Get the box set from Amazon.


  1. Marvel Infinite Series Deadpool

The infinite pieces come with six accessories and stand at a height of four inches. There is an alternate head which has half of Wade’s face. It’s the figure for those who love creating adventure and scenes from the Marvel Universe. You’re not only buying Deadpool movie toys, but opening endless adventures in the Marvel world.

Get it from Amazon.


  1. Hsanhe Nanoblocks LEGO Figure

Just like Funko, Hsanhe is also creating a figure for just about anything that could tickle your fancy. This is quite the buy. The Hsanhe LEGO figure comes with 230 tiny LEGO pieces for you to create details and build just like any LEGO toy. You can register with a parcel forwarding company and get a verified US shipping address.

Check availability at Amazon.


  1. Funko Pop Rides: Deadpool’s Chimichanga Truck

Our list of Deadpool action figures would be incomplete without including the hero’s favourite takeaway. In fact, the series has made it blatantly clear that Deadpool would die for a Chimichanga. The truck action figure comes with a Deadpool POP! It brings dignity to an otherwise bland collection.

Get this Deadpool figurine from Amazon.


  1. X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series 3 3/4 Inch Action Figure

This X-Men origins wolverine comic series action figure of Deadpool comes with weapon accessories. There is blister card packaging, you don’t have to worry about easy wear and tear during use. When you buy the figurine by X-Men Wolverine, your collection is automatically completed and additionally, increased in value.

Buy your Deadpool X-Men on Amazon.


  1. Deadpool Mr Potato Head Pop Taters

The theme Potato head is am amazing figurine. It’s lovable and one can find Mr Potato head to purchase online. The figure stands at 10 inches tall and comes in a variety of mix and match pieces. Out of all the Deadpool collectibles, the figure is the number one choice for those who love customising. They get to mix and match pieces to come up with interesting figures.

Get your Potato-head Deadpool from Amazon.


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