10 Swimwear Brands from the Cradle of Sunbathing Culture

Swimwear is not for the faint-hearted. Well, not in a bad way, but as far as swimwear is concerned, Brazilians don’t create for the super conservative. All their swimwear pieces adhere to the concept that less is more! Their skimpy bottom swimwear is the most scandalous and deliciously famous on an international level. Brazilian swimwear brands are making waves, including with their matching accessories. Oh, and how could we forget the Brazilian wax?

Brazilian style is associated with class, sexy scandal and vacations. You want the best for some skin exposure, get yourself something skimpy and Brazilian.

Why Buy Sunbathing Outwear from Brazil

In as much as we love Europeans and their sex appeal. We admit that we also need to get a variety and some little bit of this and that from other brands. If you’re looking for an escape out of European culture, visit the home of sunbathing, the Southern part of America. Let’s take you to Rio and all of Brazil:

  • Brazilian sunbathing items are a wide variety of options. If you’re interested in shopping for more than one look, just visit one Brazilian swimwear online store and you’ll come out with the best of the good in your shopping basket.

  • There are a lot of international logistics companies based in Brazil. You’re bound to get helped by your international parcel forwarder and complete your purchase with little to no hassle.

  • Where there are options, there is a good chance of better and enhanced shopping right from the original store without the inflated prices applied by your local boutique.

Top Brazilian Swimwear Brands

Brazilians overlook how much they are the envy of women across the globe. In movies, they take the sexy roles, always looking stunning and desirable. In storylines, they are badass and confrontational. If you’re wondering how they do it—read on to discover the secret to inner confidence. Let’s take a look at some of the best, popular and international Brazilian swimwear brands. You have to check them out one by one to believe the madness.

  1. Lenny Niemeyer

The clients and shoppers of Lenny Niemeyer are celebrities and A-listers. Specialising in high-quality items, the luxury boutique brand’s price tag is worth the wait and the effort. Almost all their products have eye-watering designs that are the perfect fit and made to suit the wearer in a hand-to-glove sense. You can shop and ship from Brazilian stores online if you’re interested in the Lenny Niemeyer brand.


  1. Havaianas

The Havaianas is a Brazilian brand that is famous for its colourful flip-flops. You’re trying to be all cool and spot a vibrant look, then these flips are the item of choice to desire. Their designs are perfect for that all-time beach look. If you’re interested in being fashionable and trendy, then pay for international shipping from Brazil and get the Havaianas.


  1. Blue Man

Anyone in Rio De Janeiro will tell you that Blue Man is the brand of choice. No two ways about it. Offering sexy bikini wear and classic styles that are yet to be seen by other creators and brands, Blue Man is all about fast-moving items that are for the 21st-century sunbather. Their menswear is full of sungas, Brazilian-style swimming trunks. If you or your man prefers the tight, short and see-through type of swimwear, Blue Man is the place to shop. Style, class and sexy all at once. For the elite sunbathers, Blue Man is home.


  1. Adriana Degreas

A luxury boutique in the heart of Sao Paulo is the signature move by Adriana Degreas. Their swimwear is magnificent. Art at its finest. With the famous hand bandeau bikini tops that were designed to leave a red-nailed pair of hands as the breast cups. The brand skyrocketed to great heights. It’s now the home of popular stars such as Naomi Campbell who are looking for stylish beachwear and outerwear.


  1. Rosa Cha

This is a popular brand among young Brazilian women. Offering shoppers with a long list of bikinis, the Rosa Cha collection also sells bottoms and tops separately. If you’re one of those who prefers the unconventional and stylish long list, then this is the brand of choice. They offer everything from the promiscuously colourful to the classic plain and also the gorgeous detailed patterns. You name it, Rosa Cha has it on their shelves.


  1. Movimento

Movimento is famous for its off-the-shoulder bikini tops. The brand has fun, flirty cuts that are created from a combination of cute, sexy and colour play. Movimento fans are in Brazil and around the globe making it an international and acclaimed name. For quality Brazilian beachwear, this is the brand of choice. You can bathe in the sun and lay on your hammock in confidence when wearing one of these, easy peasy.


  1. Banco de Areia

This is one of the most popular brands even outside of Brazil. They offer reasonable prices, cuts and styles. Their designs feature the bandeau style and classic T-cups. For solid colours, a long list of them, be sure to check Banco de Areia which is a true Carioca brand. For a good time at the beach feeling relaxed, get yourself some items from this Brazilian brand.


  1. Lua Morena

The Lua Morena brand offers shoppers reasonably priced items. Mostly popular for their one-pieces and kaftans, this brand sells well, both in and outside of Brazil. Their colours are to-die-for. If any Brazilian brand has products that deserve international shipping, it’s the Lua Morena.


  1. Corpo Seguro

This brand is one of the oldest on the list. They offer affordable but good quality items that cater to a long list of shoppers. With a wide range of styles, colours and patterns, you can get everything from tankinis to bikinis. The sizes cater to a long list of body shapes, ages and preferences. Get yourself a local buyer in Brazil who will facilitate and help you complete your shopping because Corpo Seguro has stores spread across Brazil, which obviously carry more than the online section.


  1. Salinas

We’ve already established and finalised that Brazilian swimwear brands are all about prints. Give them anything to do with sexy, classy and prestige and Salinas will knock your pants off, literally and figuratively. Offering their buyers a little bit of everything, shoppers are able to buy the Salinas bikinis, sunglasses, shorts and a whole range of fashionable accessories. It’s that easy. As one of the most complete beachwear brands out of Brazil, shoppers will feel happier to get a haul full of products as this significantly reduces the cost of shipping.


From this long list, select the brand or brands that are of interest to you. Once you’ve noted them down, log into your Parcl account, select Brazilian swimwear, buy from Brazil and have it shipped to your country. You’ll be left pleasantly happy by the entire process. 

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