10 Top Notch Nendoroid Figures

If you’re into anime, then you’ve most probably searched for the merchandise whenever you have a chance to do window shopping or browse the net. The high-quality anime merch you come across when browsing most probably meets and satisfies your needs. BUT, we have compiled a list of ultra-cool figures that will increase your excitement levels better than anything else.

Most of the Figma items are high-quality poseable action figures or cute chibi-like Nendoroid figures that are furnished with large heads on tiny bodies. Both these types of official anime are manufactured by the Good Smile Company, located in Japan. The figurines come with poseable arms, have different faces as well as mind-blowing accessories to display on the shelf.


In more ways than we can explain, these anime figures provide a lot more than the typical statue. With these, there is room for fun and customisation. While it's easy to mistake them for Funko POPS, these Nendoroid and Figma are better quality, have more detail and come with the flexibility to redesign and decorate. Buy from top webstores and have it delivered via the services of an international package forwarder.

Availability, Pricing and Packaging

  • The Nendoroid figures were made available as of mid-2016, and they get sold in beautiful packaging. They are now found online in various webstores including the ever-trusted Amazon and Entertainment Earth. Figmas are sold for US$40-50 and up. If you’re only interested in Nendoroid figures, then you get to save about 5 bucks, as these retail for around US$35 and above.

  • Each Nendoroid figure is packaged according to the manufacturer's measurements and depending on its shape. Most brand new Nendoroids come in sealed packaging. You can choose to remove the packaging or keep it to preserve the rare Nendoroid and later resell it as a collectible for excellent value.

  • Those who bought the Nendoroids when they first came to the market were only confined to a couple of choices. Since the rare or marked Nendoroids only come in limited marked productions, buying usually proves challenging. But, you’re in luck as we have scouted for where to buy Nendoroid figures and can now provide you with an extensive list.

Buy Select Nendoroid Online and Ship Internationally

  1. Izaya and Shizuo (Durarara!!)

This duo is everyone’s favourite from the popular anime series DRRR!! (Durarara!!). Yes, Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima might be rivals, but they complement each other so well it would be a sin not to buy this duo. Of course, they are sold separately, but when they are placed back-to-back, they make one beautiful figure that depicts what and who they represent in Ikebukuro. They were released months apart, but both of them are still readily available to buy online.

Buy it here and here

  1. Zelda Nendoroid and Link: A Link Between Worlds DX Edition

Zelda is another desirable force to be reckoned with. The Japanese anime Nendoroid action figure of Princess Zelda is the feminine power you’ve been looking for all this while to complete your collection. Of course, in true princess heroic formation, Zelda comes with her Light Arrow and bow. It’s a totally adorable set.

Buy it here

  1. Nendoroid Saitama (One Punch Man)

Since hitting the shelves big in 2015, One Punch Man has remained a forever favourite to this moment. The hero Saitama uses just one punch to defeat his enemies. Who wouldn’t love such a Nendoroid? There are enough to go around. Buy yours online and get it delivered in a couple of weeks when you purchase using a Parcl forwarder.

Buy it here

  1. Osomatsu-san Brothers Figma

The sextuplets in the pleasant anime comedy Osomatsu-san are the life and direction of the story. Getting these brothers illuminates the Figma glory in all its entirety. All the figures come with a few faces to change up expressions or poses so you’re not only stuck with a few options and easily get bored. If you’re more into the cuter, chibi-like figurines, then purchase two of the sextuplets released in Nendoroid form.

Buy all 6 here or individual units here

  1. Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red and Green

The Nendoroid set of Pokemon Trainer Red and Green featuring Mew is a gift to fans from the developers in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. The toys are from the classic Nintendo game, and it makes these more desirable to note that they come with Pokeballs and backpack. They are flexible and thereby provide you numerous posing options. Whether you buy in the US or buy in Japan, your Nendoroid figures will get shipped by a competent package forwarder.

Buy it here

  1. Figma Art Series The Thinker

There is no telling how far back The Thinker goes in time. But what remains certain is the love and acceptance the figure always garners whenever manufactured. The Thinker is a classic, a silent tale that had been beautifully displayed in major cities and malls, and now, he finally gets to grace your home.

Buy it here

  1. Nendoroid Marth and Sheeda (Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem)

Get your very own Marth and Sheeda in Nendoroid form. Marth has his signature classic shield and sword. In case you want to try more cool tricks, there is an extra sword in the packet. Sheeda rides on her Pegasus, and the Figma stand firmly supports it. Both come with a few additional facial expressions to make playtime more interesting. These figurines are leading in sales from the Fire Emblem branch of Nintendo.

Buy him here and her here

  1. Figma Iron Man Mark 42 (Iron Man 3)

The Iron Man 3 Figma depiction of Tony Stark is one of the most beautiful works on the market. The mind controlling gold and red suit that is clad by the figure is more real than fictitious. You get the complete package as Iron Man’s Mark 42 outfit comes with both different hands and other effect parts for the dynamic epic pose we all love.

Buy it here

  1. Nendoroid Stormtrooper (Star Wars)

The tremendous growth and success of the Star Wars franchise call for more and more merch. The Stormtrooper can be perfectly poised for intense battle scenes with all its weapons. The Nendoroid figure is nothing short of adorable. It’s available to purchase online by anyone, And, may the force be with you as you complete your online purchase via Parcl – a trusted international package forwarder. Buy it here

  1. Virtua Fighter Figma

From the classic Sega video game, this figurine helps recreate the look of the original Virtua Fighter game. She comes with smooth, poseable joints. Your figurine has an articulated Figma stand. Each Figma is a long deserved and awaited recognition of the release of the game in 1993. You can decide to buy the entire collection, as they are soon bound to become rare collectibles.

Buy it here

Now that you know where to buy Nendoroids, all you have to do is select your favourite Figma or Nendoroid figure and have a trusted package forwarder deliver it to you. There is no need to stress about your package getting lost if you work with Parcl from the onset.

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