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Collectibles are the perfect way of keeping a memory of a much-loved show, series or book alive. This is common knowledge not only among fans, but also the producers of these entertaining programs. As such, there are brands and in-house companies well-known for developing action figures. Collectors spend a lot of time searching action figure sites for their favourites. It’s usually all fun and games until you find the action figure of your dreams only to discover that it’s impossible to get it delivered to you.

The Hustle of Online Shopping

For over a decade now, internet shopping has allowed many shoppers to get special items from international webstores. What used to be a costly and straining trip overseas marked with filling in visa and travel document applications has been swiftly replaced by laptops and quick Wi-Fi. Since online stores are open to buyers from almost any location, it’s not difficult to quickly search for what you need using keywords; and at times, even images are now used when searching.

The challenge comes when you find the action figure you have been searching for only to discover that there is no international shipping. At times, sellers might be offering international shipping. It’s the price tag that comes with this shipping that will make you rethink your decision.

  • Some sellers will list shipping methods that are priced over 200% the price of what is being sold.

  • Most listed products do not come with the option of international shipping.

  • Other sellers have limited payment methods that are not convenient or not present in your region making it impossible to pay for your purchase.

  • Some unknown action figure websites might be offering affordable shipping, but there is no proof that they actually deliver once paid.

Get Your Action Figures via Parcl

As a way of resolving all challenges brought about by these action figure sites and the way they operate, it’s imperative to look for the best in the industry. Fortunately, offers a universal solution. The company operates like a well-oiled machine with good reviews and high customer retention. Their services encompass parcel handling, shipping, purchase assistance and even customs.

When put in the same basket with other package forwarders, Parcl is very popular with collectors. Site visitors know that they can get their action figures, rare toys, or other collectibles through Parcl. The Parcl site is popular among collectors, because very often, the limited-edition items are only available locally, i. e. most sellers do not ship abroad. For example, when the new Funko Pop Dragon Ball Z Vegeta figurine was released in France, it was only available within France. Following its release, collectors from all over the world started ordering Vegeta Funko from French stores via Parcl.

Another example is Limited Edition Sony PS4, that was sold in Italy. International buyers used Parcl for delivery from Italy. All purchases were safely delivered to shoppers without the hustle of dealing with customs.

Browse these 10 Best Websites for Action Figure Collectors in 2018

Using the trial and error approach is not an option when it comes to valuable purchases such as action figures. We have taken the liberty of narrowing down your search and present to you the top 10 list of websites for collectors with exclusive action figure news and reviews:

  1. Action Figure Insider

Headlined by extremely active and vibrant forums, Action Figure Insider has some of the most interesting and well-written editorial pieces. While buying action figures, there is also room for some intellectual stimulation. They have conceivable pieces of action figure news.


Instead of only having the ordinary list of novelty action figures, TOMOPOP also has a larger collectible and art toy culture. Their selection includes vinyl figures, foreign releases and other rare but highly-sought after action figures.


The webstore rose to popularity with the rise of He-Man and Masters of the Universe. They sell everything that is designed, created and related to He-Man. There are also discussion forums, figure archives, news and features, a plethora of photo galleries as well as an encyclopedia here. Fans of He-man can easily get lost in this store.


The site started by providing video reviews of action figures. Unlike others that have closed shop after a couple of days on air or continued to produce bad quality content, makes collectors’ time on their site all the more worthwhile. They also have editorials, news, and other features.

  1. The Toyark

This internet site stands out for its active discussion forums. Under The Toyark, there are several other stores such as TransformerWorld2005 and HissTank that specifically sell collector items. Visiting these sites will lead collectors to a lot of exclusive galleries, action figures, and other items.


This site stands out as a reliable and expansive home to action figures. Specifically, they have action figures that have been reviewed by Michael Crawford, the industry expert. In addition to crazy graphics, their user interface is something for the books. Their variety stands unbeaten, and the site can easily be accessed from any location.


This site takes its work mantra to a whole new level. Carry every latest piece of news in and around the world of action figures. Collectors can visit this site to get news and learn of the latest and best developments in the industry. They also have active discussion forums.

  1. Online Action Figure Entertainment (OAFE)

OAFE is home to a plethora of interesting collections. Over the years, they have had active discussion panels, comics, and editorials. Their constantly updated news feed is what makes them all the more popular among collectors. Offering honest, in-depth reviews, their services easily stand out.


This list of collectible sites cannot be complete without Seibertron. They have some of the most interesting expert opinions. Their selection is anything and everything to do with Transformers. The site is for all those who love Transformers.

  1. Toy News International (TNI)

TNI makes it to the list of action figure websites as an all-inclusive and extensive site that has news and any vital piece of information on anything to do with the action figure industry. They also offer a plethora of galleries and features. Like some of the other sites on this list, TNI has a robust and active forum that has active collectors discussing a wide range of action figures, various lines as well as brand developers.

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