The Best British Menswear Brands To Buy in 2021

The UK is well known for high-quality clothing and footwear. From the fabulous knitwear of Scotland to the world-famous shirts in London’s Jermyn Street, it is home to some of the most in-demand menswear products in the world.

If you are not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve brought together some of the best UK-made menswear brands. So, what are the top UK-made menswear brands? Let’s get started.


If you like the British countryside, you will like Barbour. This North East outerwear brand is known across the world for making some of the most durable weatherproof jackets on the market. The clothing follows the tradition of British men’s fashion and is characterized by practical features and lots of waxed cotton. So if you are looking for something to wear to brave Britain’s weather, Barbour may be the best place to start.


Once a niche Mancunian brand, Baracuta was propelled into the international spotlight by none other than “the King” himself. When Elvis Presley put on his G9 Harrington jacket in 1958’s King Creole, Baracuta finally got the recognition it deserved. The brand is iconically British, and even the most demanding customer is sure to find something to his liking in Baracuta’s latest collection, which features everything, from jackets to knitwear and accessories.

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is in a class by itself. The brand’s pieces are simple, elegant and, like a luxury watch, timeless. Established all the way back in 1970, the Margaret Howell brand has built its impeccable reputation in menswear, one stunning collection at a time. Look no further if you are searching for casual everyday wear that will instantly give away your flawless sense of style.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry may have started with a simple polo shirt design, but his brand has since evolved well beyond its classic beginnings. A frequent favor of many subcultures from mod to indie, Fred Perry’s designs seem to inspire both rule-breakers and clothing conservatives. Today, the brand is just as much a token of countercultures as a symbol of classic Britain.


That elusive sweet spot between quality and affordability belongs to Reiss. The brand started out with a single store in London back in 1971 and has since conquered the hearts of fashion connoisseurs across the globe. Reiss is known for its well-balanced mix of classic and modern elements, and it gives wearers a chance to discover their own unique style beyond the limits of tradition.

Henry Poole

Henry Poole is one of the most respected brands in England. Founded all the way back in 1806, the label boasts a long-standing relationship with the British Royal Family. The brand is most known for its modern dinner suits and is the number-one stop in London for a bespoke tailoring Service.

John Smedley

Britain is known for its knitwear. And John Smedley may be the reason why. The brand produces high-quality knitted clothing that has been appreciated by some of the country’s most iconic names, like The Beatles.

Johnstons of Elgin

Johnstons of Elgin is another fine knitwear brand. It has been in business since 1979. Based in Moray, the company creates knitted garments from scratch, making every element of the fabric and clothing on-site, and has the only vertical mill in all of Scotland. The label has recently shown off its impeccable knitted pieces at London Fashion Week, making a successful haute couture debut.


Sunspel offers quality basics, from classic plain white T-shirts to sleepwear, loungewear and polo shirts. Sunspel creates basics like no other brand and has become the go-to label for every stylish gentleman eager to underpin their wardrobe with elegant fundamentals. True, Sunspel isn’t about budget prices — but the quality of its items speaks for itself.


Palace may only have been around for a decade, but the brand’s journey from a streetwear startup to a high-fashion heavyweight is nothing short of impressive. Palace has fans in all corners of the fashion world: from known pop culture figures to teenagers and fashionistas. Its collections feature sports jackets, track pants, hoodies and more — all adorned with the brand’s iconic graphics.


Blackhorse Lane Ateliers

You may not immediately think of Britain when it comes to denim, but Blackhorse Lane Ateliers is a London brand on the verge of changing that. It’s a fully fledged jeans factory making the country’s finest denim goods from the highest quality fabrics. Previously, the company even organized workshops letting denim fans see how the clothing was actually made and even gavethem a chance to create a pair of jeans under the guidance of denim masters.


Before quite recently, England wasn’t exactly known as a streetwear mecca. However, the success of newcomers like Palace would have never been possible without the Maharishi label. It emerged in the early 1990s and started with military-inspired, street - friendly clothing, which has now become iconic. If you’ve seen people wearing cargo pants with fanciful embroideries like tigers and dragons, Maharishi is where this idea was born.

Universal Works

Universal Works is a modern workwear brand with an almost cult-like following. The label was founded by David Keyte, who had previously spent 10 years in Paul Smith and 5 years in Maharishi. The brand’s clothing is characterized by a utilitarian style and relaxed cuts. Its most iconic item is the so-called “Baker’s Jacket”, which some people consider the best overshirt available on the market.


Britain doesn’t have an abundance of outerwear brands - probably due to the country’s infamous weather or not having an outdoorsy culture.  You won’t be spoilt for choice when looking for a mountain jacket. That said, do you really need lots of options, when there is one label that is simply the right choice? Rab is a Sheffield-born label that specializes in jackets, sleeping bags, casualwear, accessories and other outdoor gear. In short, it’s your one-stop fashion destination when heading out for a hike.


Belstaff is also an outwear brand — but mainly for those who ride. Britain’s famous motorcycle label started out by making waterproof motorcycle jackets from waxed cotton. Since then, the company’s signature jackets have been worn by lots of celebrities, from Steve McQueen to Pope Benedict XVI. These days, the label also makes leatherwear — however, its original belted Trialmaster jacket is still one of its most popular items.

Paul Smith

Sir Paul Smith received a knighthood for his work in the industry, and this pretty much says it all. The brand’s designs are known for bringing together classic tailoring traits with unique quirky elements, like colourful stripes and eye-catching motifs. When you are wearing Paul Smith, the brand’s personality will come through every single stitch.


Probably one of the most mainstream British brands, Burberry has made a name for itself in the highly selective world of haute couture. The historic high-fashion house is best known for its iconic check pattern and its very recognizable beige trench coats but has also expanded its product line to include leather goods, footwear, fashion accessories, eyewear, fragrances and cosmetics.

Orlebar Brown

You may not associate Britain with sunny days at the beach. However, this hasn’t stopped Orlebar Brown from creating truly remarkable bathing suits that promise to seamlessly take you from beach to bar. This British resort wear brand was established just over a decade ago (in 2007) and pioneered the idea of tailored bathing shorts. Here, you can expect clean, flattering cuts and stylish, colourful prints.



Folk is one of those brands that don’t need advertising, clever marketing, or a skillful song and dance to make their designs popular. This label’s pieces speak for themselves and have gained a loyal following among those appreciating quality and elegance. In Folk’s collections, you won’t find wild prints or garish colors. Instead, you will see classic style and high-quality materials, accentuated with a pinch of British charm.

Turnbull & Asser

As we’ve mentioned right at the beginning of this article, London’s Jermyn Street could well be the world’s capital of shirtmaking. However, among the abundant selection of revered, long-established labels presented in Jermyn Street, there is one that manages to stand out. Turnbull & Asser has dressed a lot of legendary public figures but is most known for its “cocktail cuff” element created specially for James Bond. To this day, it remains a feature that you can choose to add to one of the many shirt designs that the brand offers.


Today Reebok is one of the leading forces of the sportswear industry — however, the company started out as a simple small-town sports brand. Since then, Reebok has become a subsidiary of Adidas, moved its headquarters to Massachusetts and made a noticeable shift towards performance with its footwear, yet, the company’s iconic sneaker models like the Classic, the Club and the Workout remain the symbols of vintage British charm.



As can be inferred from above, Britain doesn’t suffer from the shortage of world-renowned shoemakers, yet there are probably few brands out there that can come close to Grenson when it comes to personality. The label is credited with being one of the first-ever footwear makers in the world to use Goodyear welting. Today, with over 150 years in the shoemaking industry, Grenson is known for a truly unique take on traditional shoemaking.


Even someone with absolutely no interest in British fashion has probably heard of Clarks. It’s iconic silhouettes like the Desert Boot and the Wallabee have inspired a myriad of casual and classic looks across the globe. This now world-famous British shoe making institution is a purveyor of comfort and quality. There are probably very few brands out there that have gained a loyal following with such vast groups of shoppers from sneakerheads to fashion insiders.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones is a family-owned shoe making business that has been around ever since 1879 In the years since its foundation, the label has been creating some of the finest footwear in the UK’s shoemaking capital — Northampton. The brand specializes in high-quality shoes and has gained popularity way beyond Britain’s borders.


If you are looking for just the right tie, you will be headed to Drake’s. The brand has made a name for itself by emphasizing the signature British eccentricity in its elegant designs. Here, you will also find upscale casualwear and even streetwear (with the particularly famous collection designed in collaboration with New York’s Aime Leon Dore).

Aspinal of London

Fashion would not be where it is today without accessories. We all know how a single small element like a scarf or a belt can make or break the whole look. And if you are looking for stylish, go-with-everything accessories, you will find them at Aspinal of London. From wallets and bags to briefcases and notebooks, the brand produces almost anything, which makes it an iconic name in leather craftsmanship. While it’s not the oldest leather goods label in the country, it does have its unique style and recognizes the importance of the contemporary-meets-classic approach.

Well, there we go, thank you for reading our article on The Best British Menswear Brands.  Once you have made a decision on which one is right for you, go ahead and create a request with one of our British forwarders!


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