The Best Celebrity Fashion Lines – Male’s Top 5

Male celebs up their style and make it a point to highlight their tastes and personalities in the dynamic world of fashion. Though there is quite a massive list of the best celebrity fashion lines, here are several great celebrity clothing lines to fit any man’s style.

1.David Beckham for H&M

David Beckham in collaboration with H&M launched the brand in October’17. It mirrors Beckham’s laid-back iconic elegance. For those men who like casual, unique jeans, undies, cool t-shirts and warm jackets, the David Beckham collection is just perfect. The selection is comfortable and lets you wear the items day in and day out.

2.October’s Very Own (OVO) by Drake

Drake’s clothing line was founded by Drake and his tour manager Oliver El-Khatib in the year 2011. October’s Very Own do collaborate for their low-key tees with the cool Japanese guys’ shop Nepenthes, with the quintessential Canadian retailer Roots and, more recently, with the Jordan brand. For any man interested in decent joggers, sweaters, tees and track jackets, the OVO hip-hop brand collection is yours.

3.William Rast, by Justin Timberlake

The William Rast clothing line was started in 2005 by Justin Timberlake and his all-time best associate Trace Ayala. Justin Timberlake’s collection is known for its excellent tailoring, footwear, accessories and premium denim. The William Rast brand is grounded with American denim heritage best for men who don’t mind paying good money for a quality pair of denim. They also produce other great clothing, such as tops and jackets.

4.Yeezy, by Kanye West

For men who love clothing made out of sweatshirt material, bombers, and sneakers, the Yeezy collection, which dominated the celebrity fashion world in 2015, while Kanye was named GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, is a great choice. Yeezy also debuted at the New York fashion week in February 2015 with an athletic aesthetic. Kanye had many followers as he was able to define exactly how men wanted to look that year.

5.Hands High by Jimmy Fallon

Hands High by Fallon’s is a lifestyle sports collection brand that rejoices the fun moments in games presenting qualified logos from MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA. The Hands High clothing line is moderately priced as it caters mostly to big sports fans. Jimmy Fallon’s the biggest sports fan, so it’s no wonder that he knew the fan culture very well. He realized that sports fans spend a lot of time at games cheering for their favorite teams and shaking hands with each other. This helped him find the perfect spots on fan clothing to put team logos on. Hands High offers perfect outfits for game outings for the whole family.

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