The Best Costumes for Halloween 2018

We are already well into October, and oh what a mixed state of affairs. For some, it’s all joy and happiness about the coming festive season, starting with Halloween right on the 31st of October all the way through just after January 2, when businesses reopen their doors marking the beginning of the new year. Others are panicking, as October, Halloween in particular, indicates the beginning of the end of the year and unfinished or unachieved goals.

Fans of Halloween are already excited and doing what they call ‘last-minute preparations’ for the annual tradition. For the young participants of Halloween celebrations, the 31st of October is all about trick or treating. For the grown-ups with kids, nephews and nieces, it's about taking them to trick or treat. Young adults, especially those in college, find Halloween night to be the perfect time to dress up. Whichever age range one falls under, eventually, they will find themselves in cosplay and other costumes for Halloween. Meaning you have to find a costume that allows movement to take part in your chosen Halloween activities.

Find the best Halloween costumes 2018

So, it’s true that at times waiting until the last minute pays off. Early shoppers already have their costumes. But, it doesn’t rule them out from buying new costumes especially if the new ones are way better than what is already in the closet. Given that there is only so much that can be kept in a physical store, online shopping opens the opportunity of finding a lot more variety.

The best Halloween costumes 2018 are undoubtedly in webstores. Webstores don’t have to worry about storage and can stock up costumes in different styles, makes, and colours. Shoppers only need to visit the stores and select their best costume from a long list. Here are some of the advantages of shopping for your Halloween online:

  • The best costumes are found in webstores such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay where individual sellers put their items for sale.

  • Online shops offer a lot of unique costumes, from Korea, USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, and other countries. You get to choose whose culture you want to try out for Halloween.

  • Webstores can also offer to readjust or customise your costume from the moment you place an order for it, meaning no extra costs once it ships to you.

  • Buying your costume online increases the chances of being unique on Halloween Day given that most of the people on your block would have bought the same or similar costumes from local stores.

There is a long list of why online Halloween costume shopping is a lifesaver. The challenge that comes with scouting for costumes online is that some sellers don’t offer international shipping. Those that do, only offer to ship without handling and customs. At times, you will find yourself paying an arm and a leg when your package arrives at customs.

To avoid disappointment, register with a trusted US package forwarder when buying your costume online.

Order Your Best Halloween Costume 2018 and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Parcl is a trusted, long-standing package forwarder offering to handle and ship your overseas purchases at affordable prices. They have over 220 shipping methods in over 80 countries. Once you choose to work with Parcl, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Parcl website and open a free account that comes with no subscription fees.

  2. Fill out the online form with details about your location and the webstore you would like to purchase from.

  3. You will receive a verified free local address to use when checking out.

  4. Parcl offers secure payments with PayPal: easily pay for your costume(s) and the Parcl fee.

  5. You receive personal shopping assistance that comes with package consolidation, images, and a tracking number.

  6. Once your parcel arrives in your country, Parcl offers customs compliance support. The process is only complete when you receive your Halloween costume and sign for it.

Note that you have the power to choose when and how you would like to use your Parcl account. Even when left idle, there are no penalties or subscription fees. Only pay when you use their services.

Best 2018 Halloween Costumes

Now that your online shopping and shipping puzzle has been solved, let’s take a look at some of the best Halloween costumes 2018:

  • Princess Shuri

It only makes sense to pay respect to one of the highest grossing movies of all time by opening our list with a costume based on one of its outstanding characters. Princess Shuri’s vibranium outfit has been designed to become a Halloween costume. This is an excellent buy for any fan of Halloween who would like to channel the same power that the character of Shuri has in the movie Black Panther.


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  • Mr. Incredible

As the official favourite dad of basically everyone, Mr. Incredible remains cool, poised and stout. This costume allows room for movement, and not just shuffles, but the wearer can break into a sprint without breaking a sweat—almost. The costume looks even more vibrant after the release of the film Incredibles 2 in June.


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  • NASA Spacesuit

What other better way of channeling that inner power, agility, and strength than the unisex NASA costume. This is a killer value as it can even be reused on career day and other events without appearing corny. The costume celebrates that the U.S will soon have a Space Force and the movie First Man set to be released on October 11.


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  • Tina Belcher

This costume is simple and yet evokes a lot of happy emotions in those who are fans of the Tina Belcher character in Bob’s Burgers. This skirt and t-shirt are very simple, and yet 100% accurate as that is what Bob’s quirky daughter is always clad in. The costume allows for free movement while staying comfortable.


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  • Archie Andrews

To date, most of us still love the hit teen soap Riverdale. And, what better way to celebrate Halloween 2018 than to channel your inner Archie. At the moment, the character is in jail (spoiler alert), all the more reason for fans to multiply and celebrate Archie by wearing his unmistakable football jersey.


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  • Riverdale Vixen

The official cheerleading squad at Riverdale High School is full of sass, vibe, and life. This Halloween day, become either Veronica, Cheryl, Betty or any other member you like by wearing their simple Vixens outfit. It's super easy to put on and allows free movement to help you easily take part in any of the festivities.


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  • Dark Voyager

Video gamers are not left out of the mix. The 2017 Fortnite inspired costume will keep people talking about you and your costume long after Halloween. If you intend on being vigorously active on Halloween night, this is hands down the most fitting costume you can wear on the night. It is black with lines of brown and yellow just like in the game. The costume perfectly blends in with everyone and the lines help you to be visible to oncoming traffic. An all-around winner.


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