The Best Gift Shops in the US: Part 2

America’s Hidden Retail Gems of the West Coast

We continue our journey throughout the USA to find secluded and one-of-a-kind retail gems. And what better place to start than the state of California, famous for its Gold Rush days? 

Unique Gift Shops of the Golden State

San Francisco: General Store

General Store is a lot more than the name suggests. The shop was erected as a collaboration between two artists who wanted to bring well-imagined works of craftsmanship to the general population. The space is a mix of bohemian-chic and indie alternatives and offers the most unique art pieces when it comes to ceramics, matte metal barrettes, key holders, and tote bags. If you happen to be in the Bay Area, stop by one of the store’s two locations, but if that’s not an option, don’t worry - Parcl will help you deliver any product internationally. 

Shop General Store now.

Los Angeles: Burro

And now we are moving south to where the weather is warmer and things are flashier. The Burro store has several locations scattered throughout Orange County, with the first one originating in early 2000. The store’s founder, Erinn Berkson, envisioned a place where a well-curated collection of unique merchandise would be readily available to locals and visitors of Venice, CA. All five locations carry handcrafted jewelry pieces, Maileg stuffed animals, heart-shaped crayons, avocado soaps, apparel, and even furniture. 

Visit the Burro store today.

Los Angeles: Poketo

This is another find in the L.A. area. It was initially created by a husband-and-wife team as a hobby in 2003. Now, the company operates four locations and is actively growing into a creative hub. To this day, the owners believe in their mission to infuse everyday life with aesthetic pieces. The company is known for carrying bold and playful items. Printed tea towels, bamboo coasters, flower vases, 30-day goal trackers, smartphone cases, baseball caps, and much more can be found online or in the stores. Fun fact: the word Poketo was invented by the owner’s grandma, who mispronounced the word “pocket”. When shopping at Poketo, you don’t need to worry about spending tons of money on international shipping as a trusted forwarder can have your purchases delivered to your home overseas. That means more money in your pocket. 

Explore the Poketo online.

Los Angeles: Yolk

This is a pretty quirky store, even by L.A. standards. As the name suggests, the store itself is like a little chicklet roaming the farm. The company’s site is organized by the recipients, so the visitor knows exactly where to click from the start. The gift ideas section carries Amethyst Crystal candles, Tierra blankets, and Gold Moon stud earrings, to name but a few. There are also kids’ fashion, book, stationery, and toy sections. 

Check out Yolk and see what the “free-range” design is all about. 

Unique Gift Shops in Portland - The Forbidden City of the West

Portland, OR: Craft Wonderland

And now we’re moving from the state of California to the mysterious, woody Portland. The Portland Saturday Market is the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the USA, and Craft Wonderland is its subsidiary. The store is a perennial supply of locally made products, from printed totes to handmade soy candles and dishes. The market is definitely something to see, but if you’re not planning a trip to Portland anytime soon, it’s always a good idea to rely on a trusted forwarder who will provide their US-based address and then reship Portland-made items to you. 

Shop Crafty Wonderland.

Portland, OR: Pendleton

Pendleton is a much smaller venue, but oh, how soft it is! The company specializes in super high-end woolens and has been around since 1863! If you’ve been looking for that cozy, soft blanket to keep you warm during the winter months, Pendleton is the right place. The pieces inspired by the Native American motifs bring mellowness to anyone. 

Visit Pendleton today.

Unique Gift Shops in the Queen City of the Pacific Northwest

Seattle: Venue

Seattle is the cradle of good coffee. With the city’s gloomy skies and changing ocean waves, a hot beverage and friendly neighbors sometimes are exactly what a person needs. Venue is a privately-owned boutique that is all about local art and community. The store is located in the Ballard neighborhood and only sells artisan goods. Here you can find canvas totes, tea towels, T-shirts, playing cards, candles, and everything crafty that is Washington- or Seattle-themed. The space is also used for after-hours needling classes and chocolate confection workshops. 

Visit Venue

Seattle: Capers

Capers has been around since the previous century, priding itself on offering locally sourced, timeless, and quality pieces. The store owners stay busy finding the best items that would make anyone’s home look like a magazine cover. The shop carries a wide selection of home goods, such as tea towels, alpaca throws, locally-made ceramics, and furnishings, and entertainment supplies. If you are an inspiring interior designer or know someone who is, Capers is the best place in town for out-of-the-box, one-of-a-kind pieces. Its merchandise is worth the effort of hiring a US-based forwarder who will get your purchases delivered to you.

Visit Capers now. 

Seattle: Fancy

It was no coincidence that we named our list of the 22 most unique, eclectic, indie-rustic shops in the USA ‘hidden gems’. Last but not least is a sparkling number, as Fancy is a custom design jewelry studio that will take your breath away. Sally Brock, the owner of this incredible Seattle boutique, expresses her creativity through playful yet sturdy masterpieces. The store creates engagement rings, bracelets, cocktail rings, earrings, and pendants - all high-quality, rare, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made out of recycled precious metals and re-purposed gemstones. 

Shop Fancy for timeless jewelry.

How to Deliver Your Rare Finds From the USA Internationally

Don’t wait too long to peruse our list as those hidden gems will not stay hidden long. Start by creating a request on to find a USA-based forwarder. Trained individuals will be able to receive your purchase, document and re-package the item, and ship it anywhere in the world. Make sure you provide a full description of and correct information about the rare masterpieces you’re looking forward to receiving. Also, when creating a request, include details pertaining to other services that your forwarder can help you accomplish, like local pick-up or shipment consolidation. There are no membership fees at Parcl, as the platform only offers help in finding the best USA-based forwarder for the best price. 


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