The Best Streetwear Brands in the World in 2021

If you are wondering, “What are the most popular brands to buy and sell on Grailed in the USA?”, or if you are just looking to spice up your wardrobe with some streetwear must-haves, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, we talk streetwear.  

From household names in fashion to niche companies making alternative clothing, these are the streetwear labels you need to know. 

So, what streetwear brands are hype right now? 

Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2021 

Streetwear is slowly but surely taking over the fashion world. It’s new, it’s comfortable, and it’s edgy. And as streetwear is flying off the shelves and high fashion is taking notice, it’s a good time to look into some of the biggest names in streetwear today.  


Today, Stussy is a household name in streetwear. However, its humble beginnings take it all the way back to a small collection of graphic T-shirts made by Californian surfer Shawn Stussy in the 1980s.  

But it all started even simpler. One day, Stussy started drawing the letters of his surname with a marker pen on the surfboards he had handcrafted. Quickly, this became the company’s logo, which then made its way into T-shirts, hoodies and more.  

These days, the company has a wide range of clothing and accessories, and you can find the famous logo on anything, from jackets to travel tumblers. 

Supreme NYC 

Supreme is probably a brand name that would come to most minds when thinking about streetwear. When New York’s famous skateboard label Supreme expanded into clothing, they revolutionized the scene with “drops”, releasing new items in highly limited numbers. This created a sense of urgency and helped build up enough hype for eager shoppers to queue up for days to snatch a piece of clothing or an accessory, as long as the coveted Supreme logo was on it.  

Today, the brand continues to make clothing and accessories, with new releases dropped weekly. 


Palace is the embodiment of London’s skateboarding scene. However, it’s also way more than that. In the short ten years since its creation, the label has gone from making underground T-shirts for skaters to one of the biggest names in UK men’s fashion.  

If you head to the brand’s web store, you will find a wide choice of options — way beyond streetwear. There are skater hoodies, five-panel caps, velour bombers, velvet jackets, loafers, and more.


If you are looking to go beyond the colorful American streetwear and posh UK skate jackets, there is Neighborhood. 

Neighborhood is one of Japan’s most notable streetwear brands and the perfect choice for those who want to go dark and moody. The brand frequently collaborates with industry heavyweights like Adidas, Converse and Dr. Martens. 

The brand’s clothing is mostly in subdued blacks, greys and khakis with occasional color drops of deep blue, purple and grunge pink.  


Off-White is Virgil Abloh’s unique take on streetwear. After working at Fendi alongside Kanye West, he founded the brand, which has quickly  become one of the most prominent players on the fashion market. 

According to Off-White’s brand statement, the company “has been redefining the grey area between black and white since 2013”, and there is probably no better way to put it.  

Off-White is a brand with a large social media presence and a huge following. The brand also frequently collaborates with other industry giants, creating remarkable hype. As an example, the Nike Air Prestos designed by Abloh were so “impossible” to purchase that they can now only be found on resale apps at a 450% markup. 

Carhartt WIP 

Carhartt started out as a brand for the working man. The company made high-quality clothing that could take a beating in a rough working environment, and overalls were a big part of its first collections. But soon, the brand’s simple and sturdy clothing started gaining momentum among streetwear fans looking for alternative styles.  

And so, the brand expanded into Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress), which focuses on ultra-cool designs on top of the trademark rugged quality. 


Patta is a Dutch streetwear brand that started out the way a lot of streetwear companies do – with a creative line of graphic T-shirts. At first, Patta clothing was an occasional guest at multi-brand boutiques. But the demand grew, and over time, the company has morphed into a full-on streetwear label. 

Today, the brand has a number of high-profile collaborations, including the ones with Carhartt and Nike, under its belt and has established a name for itself in the industry.  

BAPE (A Bathing Ape) 

We are once again turning to Japanese streetwear. And it’s impossible to talk about Japanese street fashion without mentioning BAPE. 

The label was created by DJ and fashion designer Nigo and is easily recognizable by its colorful items and quirky take on street apparel. The label’s ape print has become iconic, and its bizarre design motifs are in the league of their own. 

Today, BAPE remains true to its quirky origins and is one the most popular and respected names in alternative fashion. 


WTAPS is where military influence meets workwear styling and hangs out for a bit with utilitarian design. There is nothing obvious about WTAPS: its style is almost impossible to pin down, and even its name needs an explanation. WTAPS is pronounced as “double taps”, and the label enjoys an almost cult following thanks to its complex but recognizable aesthetic. Here, you will find boxy cuts, baggy cargos and loose-fitting hoodies with an odd Ivy-League nod.  


Brandon Babenzien, the founder of Noah, had worked as a creative director for Supreme before he ventured out to start his own label. 

Noah is all about curiosity and bringing together the unexpected. The brand’s clothing is a delightful mix of Supreme and Polo Ralph Lauren styling. Here, you will find preppy jackets, rugby T-shirts, loafers, hoodies, and a lot more. The brand has a strong focus on sustainability and turns making a purchase into a “feel good” act. 

The North Face 

Okay, so what is a mountaineering brand doing in streetwear? The thing is, the North Face seems to have a gift for nurturing perfect brand collaborations, and they have propelled the brand right into streetwear fame.  

The label often works together with popular streetwear makers, like Supreme, and has also teamed up with iconic designer Kazuki Kuraishi to create its Black Series.  


The Japanese streetwear brand may be best known for its collaborations with Nike and the  

Gyakusou sportswear line. However, its roots go way further than this. Back in the 1990s, the label was a big part of the Tokyo streetwear scene and was also one of the first companies to initiate a crossover from street clothing to higher fashion.  

The brand’s founder Jun Takahashi was strongly influenced by the UK punk scene, and you can still see that influence in the label’s latest collections.  

The Hundreds 

If you are looking for some old-school no-frills streetwear, The Hundreds is a label that’s got your back.  

The label was founded in Los Angeles in 2003, back when streetwear was all about graphic tees and oversized hoodies. And today, amidst collaborations between street labels and high fashion, The Hundreds continues to “keep it real”. 

The label still draws its inspiration from surf and skate culture and also serves as a media platform emphasizing the people-over-product approach. 


First and foremost, KITH is a retail space. However, the store’s in-house label has made waves in streetwear all on its own. The label is known for its successful streak of high-profile collaborations — as well as a few odd ones. KITH has cooperated with a lot of popular sports brands, like New Balance and Nike, as well as with some less obvious choices, like Bugaboo and Disney.  

KITH has a very popular footwear line and a successful apparel collection featuring hoodies and other coveted streetwear items.  


We complete our list with yet another Japanese fashion house. Needles is a label with a strong lean into streetwear and a love for all things Americana. 

In the brand’s collections, you will find a blend of American multiparty and old western styles, new takes on classic designs in Japanese textiles, and lots of sportswear elements.  

Velour tracksuits are Needles’ signature items, and these have become hugely popular among the fashion-savvy — as well as a number of celebrities. 

We know that this list is far from being exhaustive. Streetwear is all the rage now, and in addition to the well-established clothing brands we’ve mentioned today, there are also lots of new companies creating remarkable designs. And even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in streetwear, we hope that you find lots of inspiration in the exciting colors, innovative cuts and creative approaches that these labels demonstrate.  



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