The Best Swimsuit Brands for Every Body Type

Finding a swimsuit that you will love and that will love you back can be quite a challenge. The internet is full of searches like “how to choose one-piece swimsuits for my body type” or “what is the most flattering swimsuit style”. The thing is, these questions need very personalized answers — and you usually get the right ones after a period of trial and error. 

The aim of this article is not to tell you what swimsuit to wear or how to wear it. All we want to do is introduce you to some of the best brands in swimsuit fashion so that you can make a smart and informed decision. 

Let’s get started.  

What Are the Best Swimsuit Brands for Women in 2021? 

So, what swimsuits are in style in 2021? We know one thing for certain — there are lots of options to consider.  

Tempt Me 

A few clicks on Amazon, and you will find yourself in a swimsuit mecca with Tempt Me. The brand offers fashionable, flattering and affordable swimwear in lots of styles and colors. One of the most popular Tempt Me swimsuit styles is a high-neck one-piece. The brand makes great swimsuits for great value, and you will not be paying over $30 for most items. 


Summersalt may be that one brand that makes swimsuits that look good on everyone. The company crafted a variety of different styles and cuts in sizes from 0- to 24. The brand even has swimsuit options for long torsos and maternity pieces. When it comes to color, you will find a good range of neutrals, as well as brighter hues. 

Swimsuits by Summersalt are not cheap — you will need at least $90 for most of their one-piece suits.  

However, the brand’s popularity speaks for itself, suggesting that most buyers find this to be a worthy investment. 


Miraclesuit swimwear doubles as shapewear, with lost pieces aiming to minimize tummies, waists, and hips. The swimsuits are made with exceptionally high-quality fabrics and do really well in durability tests. Most pieces come in sizes from 8 to 18.  

Miraclesuit swimsuits are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to price. Most styles come with a $100+ price tag — but the quality and design are well worth it. 


If you are the type of person who often has trouble finding the perfect fit, Panache may be just what you are looking for. The company makes suits designed for a larger cup size: D-cups and higher. Plus, the suits are sold by bra size and not clothing size. 

Panache is most famous for its bras, which are known to have great quality and impressive durability. This comfort, however, doesn’t come cheap — but you will also be able to find lots of pieces under $100.


If you have a smaller bust, L*Space can help you out. The brand makes minimalist pieces for those who don’t need extra support in the form of padding and underwires. 

L*Space is a luxury brand — and its pieces can cost over $150. With that, all of the label’s styles are very fashion-forward and delightfully timeless at once. 

Swimsuits For All 

Just as the brand’s name suggests, it manufactures swimsuits for all body types, sizes and styles. Swimsuits For All is also a very budget-friendly brand where you can easily find pieces for under $50.  

Sizes go all the way up to 26, and you can choose from both one- and two-piece options. There are also lots of different styles available: from simple to extravagant and all the way to sporty.  


Speedo is one of the oldest and most well-known swimwear brands out there. And if you are looking for a swimsuit that is functional and won’t distract you from the workout at hand, Speedo is the place to look. 

Speedo is a favorite of many athletes, and the brand’s pieces are crafted for performance so that you can glide through the water with the least possible resistance. Most items range from $60 to $80. 


Athleta makes clothes for performance. This includes not only swimsuits but also anything from workout leggings to sports bras. With quality fabrics and remarkable comfort levels, the company’s pieces are the right tools for the perfect workout — whether it is on land or in the water.  

You can mix and match different styles and colors as sets are sold separately at about $50 to $90 a piece. You can also go for swim shorts or even swim leggings if this is what you prefer. 

Lands' End 

If you are looking for a swimsuit that will last through it all, Lands' End has got you covered. The brand consistently makes swimsuits that are of exceptional quality and durability — and in a rather affordable price range. Based on your style preference, the prices may cost anywhere from $50 to $150.  

All swimsuits are known for being colorfast, and abrasion-resistant and tend to stand up very well to repeated launderings. What’s more, they also come with slimming features for those who want a bit of shaping in their swimwear. 

So, what is the best swimsuit brand in 2021? This is up to you to decide. We all have our favorites, and we are all looking for that very special suit that will make every day at the beach both comfortable and stylish. We hope that you’ve been able to find some interesting ideas in this guide. In case you haven’t, here are a few more honorable mentions: 

  • J. Crew: best for mixing and matching 
  • L.L.Bean: best swim clothing (beyond swimsuits) 
  • Mott50: best sun protection  
  • Hermoza: best “modest” swimwear  
  • Andie: best basics for swimming  
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