The Brand Behind Barbie Presented Its Gender-Neutral Dolls

Let’s have a real conversation on this one. Yes, we mean it, not all these so-called ‘appropriate topics’ that are only focused on certain aspects and don’t carry any real meaning. We’re talking about topics geared toward currently popular phrase – representation matters. What exactly does it mean? How is representation relates or affects retail and shopping?

Well, you’re about to find out. Keep on reading to discover how the brand behind Barbie has introduced its first set of gender-neutral toys that are a true image of the representation of all types of people. You’ll also meet a section that highlights representation for those interested in shopping online but discover that their nominated purchases cannot be shipped overseas. With the one solution from a trusted provider with a traceable record, purchasing and shipping have become an easy pastime. You can continue reading to learn more about the Mattel genderless doll line or alternatively, skip to the section about Parcl to solve all your online shopping issues.

Mattel Introduces Gender Neutral Dolls

For decades, Barbie has remained a steadfast name in households. Most kids have experienced or still get the unmatched excitement for playing with Barbie dolls. Even expanding the production to include other doll lines, Mattel has remained predictable. 

The company made big waves in recent years by introducing new doll lines that are imitations of other races and ethnicities including Blacks, Asians, and Latinos. This was met with great enthusiasm as the market was ready and waiting. And yet, with most races represented, there was still something missing.

Mattel has always understood the huge impact its toys play in shaping the next generations. The role is almost as big as that of assigned gender that the community tends to easily hand over to every newborn. Assigned gender determines a lot about a person. It’s what will impact the clothes a person will wear, the games that one plays, career paths and most importantly, one’s self-identity. Thus, without thinking much about it, society has always found it acceptable to assign gender to everyone and ultimately assigning one’s self-identity.

The realization has been a long way coming and the 2019 Mattel dolls couldn’t have come at a better time. With the changing of times, expectations and human interactions, it has become necessary to refrain from being gender restrictive. The genderless movement is a slow revolution that is not being given the full platform it deserves. But through the small actions by companies such as Target, Abercrombie, Tiny Bangs and Primary, we are able to meet and be introduced to genderless clothing items.

Now that there are genderless clothes, then toys must also become genderless. We have seen the likes of pink toy cars and white baby showers. And now, Mattel is introducing Creatable World, a Barbie doll that prides itself in being genderless. With the introduction of Creatable World, Mattel’s message it to ‘let toys be toys, so kids can just be kids.’ This is a simple slogan but a strong and meaningful one that fully recognizes the burden that comes with assigned genders.

Keeping Labels Outside the Playground

A package of Creatable World means the ability to mix and match coming up with a unique doll or set of dolls. Kids of different ages can mix and match all the different elements that come with the doll such as changing hair color, mixing limbs and of course the clothes that can be shared or mixed to create a unique style.

If you are one of the new age families who believe in keeping the labels and genders out of the playground, then the new doll line will be perfect as Christmas presents. If anything, this line comes as a welcomed, long overdue addition to the LGBTQ community who have been making moves for years trying to advocate for the removal of labels.

As of today, if you visit the Mattel shop, you’ll be met with a great selection of dolls that are welcoming for all kids. While Mattel has always offered to ship within the US, shoppers from overseas love and want to get their hands-on Mattel dolls.

The introduction of Creatable World comes at a good time as overseas shoppers will learn how to get their dolls delivered to any address. Before you start shopping for your next doll, you can start by learning more about Parcl and how the service is there to make your shopping and shipping experience easier.

Easily Shop from Mattel and Get a US Address for Shopping

Parcl is an online-based shipping and forwarding service provider. It offers services far and wide including the likes of Japan, Italy, the USA, UK, Australia and Germany. Shoppers and forwarders are based just about anywhere. This makes Parcl ideal even for someone looking for means of making an extra income. By becoming a Parcl forwarder and completing purchases on behalf of international shoppers, one gets compensated.

Although Mattel has launched Creatable World in the US, enthusiasts and fans around the globe can still get their own copies of favorite dolls from the collection and get them shipped from the US via Parcl. Getting started is easy. The most challenging part about this entire experience is perhaps selecting one doll.

Once you have your doll, go to and create an international delivery request to have the doll delivered. Since these dolls are meant to remove segregation and give everyone something, all kids and families across the globe can have enjoyable moments creating their own versions of the dolls. Here are some of the obvious reasons why you should work with Parcl on your next shipping order:

  • The site uses SSL-protocol to secure all personal data on-site.

  • This is a trusted online community that is made up of verified shoppers and forwarders who are all ready to follow a work ethic.

  • Easily complete secure payments using PayPal. This method of payment makes Parcl all the more accessible by shoppers and forwarders across the globe.

  • All you need to do to kickstart your Parcl experience is provide full details about any of the goods and you purchased as well as additional services that you require from Parcl.

On this platform, there are no monthly fees. No need to pay for annual usage or subscription. Basically, with Parcl, you pay-as-you-use making it easier for international shoppers who buy in bulk once in a while and need their purchases delivered by a trusted service provider.

In addition to your Creatable World Mattel doll, you can throw in a couple more purchases into your shopping cart. Nothing that beats a good shopping experience whereby you can select and purchase multiple products in one shopping haul. As a Parcl shopper, this feat is possible and even more.

This is one of those sensitive topics that remain necessary at all times. There is no time like the present to discuss what really matters in our communities. You never know, just by gifting every other child in your community, you might make a huge difference. It starts with you. Use the tools in this article to spread humanity and love.

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