The Mandalorian Series Baby Yoda Funko Pop Is Here

The Baby Yoda Journey – Previous Merch and Reception

The Baby Yoda merchandise has had a somewhat bumpy journey, accompanied by challenges, inspirational moments, and some celebrations. The first-ever Baby Yoda merch was met with a lot of criticism as most consumers thought that it stunk and had no right to exist. Funko tried again with a Funko x Disney creation, which was, again, heavily criticized.

Then finally, in 2019, Funko, the father of all popular figurines, decided to have a try again. The brand-new Funko Baby Yoda, released on Thursday, December 12, 2019, is a creation that’s set to give the Baby Yoda merch a place in the sun.


Meet Funko’s Baby Yoda Figurines

The success of Funko’s Baby Yoda was written in the stars as major retailers started taking pre-orders way before the release. The Child was the most popular order. Here’s a quick review of some of the Baby Yoda toys available for purchase right away:

  • The Bounty Collection set of figurines consists of six different versions that are $8 each.
  • The Standout 6.5-inch figure, which is such a great item to own, is priced at $20.
  • Talking Plush is priced at $25 and is a mesmerizing piece of art that no doubt will be a hit among grown children.

Black Series, which is priced at $10, is our favorite and might just be your cup of tea as well. Black Series comes with a “bone broth bowl, toy knob, and Sorgan frog.” In this collection, it’s the ultimate set and it pairs perfectly alongside the Mandalorian Black Series.


The Mandalorian Black Series

The black halls of Funko fame finally get a befitting addition. You can easily add more blackness to your black T-shirts from the Mandalorian collection.

The Best Star Wars Baby and Mandalorian’s real star has finally been released to the public. The grimly looking black-eyed Funko baby doll is just adorable. Known as The Child, this latest addition to the official Funko collection comes at the right time for collectors.

The Child sports his signature bobble-head style and stubby body, which are well known and unmistakably belong to Funko creations. The first of its kind, it’s not inside the egg-like floating crib like its predecessors - rather, it’s standing upright. Of course, it’s not as tall as most would expect. Keep in mind that this is, after all, a Funko Pop baby.

The Child stands tall, with one arm lifted, calling upon the power of the Force. Others think that the extended arm is reaching out towards the knob on the Razorcrest’s dashboard. This makes this Funko toy collectible one of the most amazing dolls to play with - it provides exactly what your home or office needs to look cool.

This Child Pop figurine is already on the market and available as either a 3.75-inch figurine in stores and online or a taller, 10-inch figurine only available for pre-order and from select distributors.

If you’re just interested in owning the Funko Pop figurine of Baby Yoda, then the 3.75-inch figurine is your first choice. However, if you want the best there is, then get the second version. For now, you will have to be satisfied with the 10-inch version as it is the closest you can get to a life-sized Baby Yoda. So, as you’re looking for the best Parcl forwarder to send you your precious item, you should also be looking for the best place in your house to be home to your Baby Yoda Funko.

Other Baby Yoda Figurines Coming Up

According to the latest reports from Disney, 2020 is going to be a busy and interesting year. As early as spring, stores should expect their toy aisles to be packed with toys and other licensed Baby Yoda merchandise.

The most interesting items include the following:

  • During any of the last days of December 2019, you could get yourself the newly released 500-piece Buffalo Games puzzle. The puzzle shows the concept art of The Child and the Mandalorian. It’s easy to obtain as it’s sold on Amazon. 
  • Mattel's life-sized 11-inch-tall Baby Yoda plush toy looks and feels almost real. It’s released on April 1, 2020.

There are a lot of other interesting toys and dolls that will be thrown into the mix. Hasbro has decided to release an exclusive range of Vintage and Black Series collections. Throughout 2020, you should expect more surprises from Hasbro, so you best start preparing right away.


Prepare for Your Hasbro Limited Editions and New Toys in 2020

Instead of waiting until the last moment before getting Hasbro toys sent or delivered to you, take action right away. With a Parcl shopping account, you can have the Baby Yoda Funko pop and other figurines as soon as possible. How? There are a lot of manufacturers, such as ShopDisney, Amazon, and Lego, that are already stocking the most popular figurines.

Unfortunately, not all US retailers offer international shipping. The good news is, you can resolve this problem by having your shipping account ready. As more Baby Yoda merch is released, you have more options to choose from. If you already know how to use the services of a parcel forwarder, you will enjoy getting the first choice on the new Baby Yoda merch.

You will get your Yoda Pop figurine if you buy from Amazon. However, Amazon USA doesn't ship internationally all the time. The next solution is to get a service provider that will ship internationally from to your home. Your American parcel forwarder is that solution. With your account, you’re able to access anything you want without having to worry about the logistics and other issues, such as the figurine you crave being out of stock.


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