The Velvet Pumpkins Are a Must-Have this Fall

Anyone who has been on Instagram lately knows who rules the Insta-streets these days; no other than the coolest shady baby, Kaavia James Union Wade (@kaaviajames). She was born by a surrogate to celebrity parents after years of IVF procedures, Kaavia is indeed a miracle and a charming one. The toddler, who is about to reach her cool one million followers, is adored by her family, friends, and fans.

This year, she has been everything and anything Halloween. But the look that tops it all is Kaavia dressed as a little velvety pumpkin; her October 10th post is still one of the cutest.  

Even before little Kaavia put on some dope poses for the ‘gram, velvet pumpkins were still a favorite look. Most of us have been lowkey fans by ‘following’ velvet pumpkins for a while. And this Fall, they’ve become even more popular, taking over the streets and making everyone crave for these plushy items. 

How Velvet Pumpkins Have Grown in Popularity

Naturally, pumpkins come in different shades and colors: from any hues of greens to burnt oranges and reds. And one would expect to see those colors predominantly in home decor. However when it comes to velvety stuffed centerpieces, any color goes; from pink to leopard-print, making plushy pillows an instant hit. 

Thus, the velvet pillows are on Amazon’s “must-have” list for many reasons:

  • No carving and painting are required.

  • The velvet is naturally soft to the touch and is considered a “holiday” fabric. 

  • Variety of colors to choose from, complementing any home design.

In the age of digital technology and fast platforms, we all want our life to be simpler, easier and faster. Thus, if there is a pumpkin that won’t get spoiled or result in a carving injury, then that’s the pumpkin of choice.

Meet the Michelle Rutta Pumpkins on Amazon Handmade

The Amazon Handmade section was designed as an opportunity for artisans to feature their handmade creations. This Fall, the top product to grace is none other than the velvet pumpkin pillows. Originally, these were sold under Michelle’s shop, Your Heart’s Content but now are available on Amazon for a wider reach. 

Michelle’s shop, located in Wisconsin, USA, offers pumpkins in two sizes and tons of colors, including olive, rose-gold, ashy brown, taupe, ivory, grey, blue and pink, just to name a few. The small-sized pumpkins are priced at $9 each, perfect for those on the budget. Alternatively, you can select sets of four and save, as the price per set varies between $25 to $32.

Why Should You Purchase and Ship these Pumpkins?

If you have to ask why you should ship velvet pumpkin pillows internationally from Amazon, think again. These flush ornaments could become an integral part of your home decor for the upcoming holidays and they make great gifts too! The variety of colors and sizes allows a buyer to pick and choose any pumpkin, making it a custom set. 

Start arranging for your international shipping from Amazon USA to your final destination ASAP as these pumpkins are growing in popularity by the minute as this year’s “it” Fall decoration. 

Arrange to have Package Forwarding from the USA

But before you buy from the USA, you’ll need to get your house in order. If you don’t have your very own little Kaavia to dress up as the most adorable pumpkin, then you’ll need these velvet pillows. They are the hands-down, the next best thing. But, how do you shop the Your Heart’s Content velvet pillows and get them delivered to your doorstep without paying ridiculously expensive fees?

The question of whether it's plausible to shop in the USA and ship internationally without paying a fortune depends on who you ask and what they offer. After doing intense research, we have come up with a solution that will make it possible for you to ship those velvet pumpkin pillows, as well as anything else around the globe. 

You can use Parcl as a parcel forwarding platform, allowing shoppers from different countries to connect. The platform makes it possible to buy anything from the USA and have it delivered to any address globally. After selecting your favorite velvet pumpkins from Your Heart’s Content studio, you can use a Parcl verified forwarder to have your purchase delivered to your country.

There are no limits to the options of delivery; select from freight to courier depending on your budget. The best part is that you can shop for anything and combine the shipping, as the more you buy, the lower your combined shipping. So, go for it! Those pillows should be yours by all means possible!

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