These French Online Stores Offer Unique Vintage Clothing

The French hold a certain mystery in their demeanor. For outsiders longing to be part of the French culture, this might be due to the je ne sais quoi or traditional chivalry. Whatever tickles your fancy as far as the French are concerned, there is the undeniable pull towards their culture and style.

If you can afford the high-end boutiques of rue Saint-Germain or Saint-Honorè, then you can easily bear witness to the flair of French style. Otherwise, you might want to feast your eyes on the vintage stores with their unparalleled quality. We have taken the liberty of compiling a comprehensive list of the finest vintage stores spread across the French Capital – Paris.

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Eight Best Paris Stores


The Kilo Shop does exactly as the name spells, they sell by the kilo! You select your favourite vintage looks in the store, weigh them and buy. As simple as that. To make shopping easier and more straightforward, the store is customised and everything on display is sorted according to the colour, and value. When you’re ready to check out, the receipt value is determined by the weight of the items according to the colour group. If you’re sharp when it comes to calculations and love shopping, then the Kilo Shop can easily become your favourite hangout. Choose to shop the concept, or looks without restrictions. Their physical stores are spread out across Paris, with more available countrywide.

Shop from KiloShop online.



As an online shopper, you will love Chinemachine, but as a physical shopper, this store is the bomb diggity! They understand the simple concept, ‘humans can’t do mornings’. Their trading hours are the coolest thing under the sun. The shop opens Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 20:00 and on Sundays, they operate 13:00 to 20:00. Chinemachine is a concept store where everything is curated to suit their shoppers’ taste for quality. Men’s and women’s racks are stocked up with luxury labels, and local designers have a chance of showing their best works in jeans, leathers and other well-sought-after material. For the top one-of-a-kind set pieces and high street fashion, Chinemachine can be your go-to store. Select any high street outfit and secure it by completing your online shopping process through a parcel forwarder. You can even select to shell out a couple of extra dollars for insurance to cover your purchase during shipping. Monday through Thursday has an in-store trade for either store credit or cash.

Visit the Chinemachine store.



The store is for VIPs by VIPs. They have everything that can be desired by shoppers for a customised shopping experience. For easier street cred and reference, the store can be shortened as TGV. They offer shoppers an exquisite selection of accessories and clothing. The curated store makes selection easier as everything is grouped and arranged according to colour coordination. Owners Amnaye Nhas and Sylvie Chateigner sought to present an incarnation of the Place de la Republique. Thus, everything on display is truly French vintage and in excellent form. Their passion for killer threads and beats makes TGV one of the leading customised shops in and around Europe. Professional parcel forwarders have helped international shoppers complete their online transactions as they purchase. Only visit the store if you’re into real vintage, classy and exquisite style.

Scout for vintage glory from TGV.



There is a lot of buried treasure at Free’P’Star. Both women and men will find something to love in the vintage shop’s Euro Bins. If you are a shopper who relies on inspiration to kick in before checking out, then, this selection is the best on the list.

Shop online at FREE’P’STAR here.



If you’re big on major labels, then this vintage store will have you dancing for joy. Expect to shop for names such as Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith and Isabel Marant. Kiliwatch also has upcoming fashion designers. With a carefully selected collection of new and second-hand items, you’re sure to shop to your heart’s desire.

Shop from the store.



This French vintage shop shot to the top of the best vintage clothing stores not just in France but across the globe when it received celebrity endorsement from Paloma Faith. Not only did it gain popularity amongst the Brits, but also from the entire following of Paloma Faith. Mamie Blue is now one of the top stores if you’re looking for a distinctive vintage style. Go to the store if you’re interested in getting a total makeover and styling worth writing about in the stars. They specialise in hair, makeup as well as restoring and altering one’s style. If this sounds like what you’ve been searching for, then head to Mamie Blue. And here’s a heads up, their distinctive vintage style is mostly specialised in showcasing the 1900 to 1980 styles.  

Check out Mamie Blue.



The store specialises strictly in a selection spanning four decades. You know precisely what look you’ll achieve if you visit Tilt Vintage. Their significantly huge online shopping section is one that makes them the most popular online store on our list. They provide these styles in mint condition at reasonable prices, which makes them worth the purchase. Look for an experienced package forwarder who will provide you with shipping from France. If you would love to select the best as their collections arrive, then be sure to check out the store on Thursdays as that is when new arrivals enter the store. You can even select a local forwarder to go to the physical store and shop according to your instructions.  

Visit the Tint Vintage online Store.


Why French Online Shopping is Ideal

Other than being exposed to the best of vintage stores across Europe, there are a lot of other reasons why online shopping makes sense. These include:

  • Save time by searching several stores in one sitting, all you need is internet access.

  • Online shopping affords you unparalleled convenience and comfort. Instead of going out and facing harsh weather, shop online and save yourself the time and stress.

  • Check out a unique set of collections and dress in what is exclusively yours without bumping into every other person wearing an outfit similar to yours.

Reach international destinations without the stressful process of applying for a visa. If you get a service provider for package forwarding from France, the process is even simpler.

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