These Japanese Shoe Brands are Worth Trying in 2019

Asia and trends go hand-in-hand. They are the best synonyms of our time. If you’re interested in keeping up with trends, especially men’s trends, then stay close to the Asians for connection. Today’s focus of attention is on the Japanese. Yeap, the Japanese with their confident fashion and approach to life.


We’ll take a look at some of the popular Japanese shoe brands in trying to fully unravel the love of fashion the Japanese seem to have in their genetic makeup. It only makes sense to be interested in Japanese fashion, because not only are their products eye candy but also the best in terms of quality. The same applies to Japanese sneaker brands. Check out our detailed sneaker guide and you’ll soon be immersed in the world of online shopping particularly for Japanese sneakers.

Top Japanese Sneaker Brands

  1. Shoes Like Pottery

If you intend to shop online in Japan, then the Shoes Like Pottery brand should be top of your list of sneaker stores to rummage through first. Their unique, signature vulcanising process (known as Ka-Ryu) draws in fans by the multitudes. Just as the name suggests, using the vulcanising process, each shoe is baked to perfection inside a kiln. Same as pottery, the process requires attention to detail and is delicate. The end product is vulcanised rubber soles. Do you want the most flexible, soft sneakers? Then trust the Ka-Ryu and pay for package forwarding to get your hand-sewn and expertly crafted sneakers. These are so unique, no two pairs are exactly the same, and this has always been the norm for the brand since inception!

Shop Shoes Like Pottery online.


  1. Onitsuka Tiger

This brand was founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka and can be traced down to 1949 in a small and humble Japanese town of Kobe. As a huge and successful shoe brand, it was known as Onitsuka Co. but has since broken into two factions leaving behind Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS. The Onitsuka Tiger brand of the faction is popular for their second-to-none vintage shoes. Specialising in the recreation of vintage styles from the best of their 1960s through 80s collections, Onitsuka Tiger has gained international favour as the ‘go-to’ brand for new vintage shoes with a twist of the modern trends.

Shop Onitsuka Tiger online in Japan.


  1. ASICS

Of course, ASICS is destined for huge success. Before there was ASICS, the mother company known as Onitsuka Co., was a huge brand. In 1977, they rebranded into two sections with  Onitsuka Tiger focusing only on the vintage style and ASICS being one to spearhead the contemporary and modern sneaker. Now identifying as an athletic equipment company, ASICS is familiar to many and distribute their products globally through their stores. Thanks to third-party resellers, they have become more popular. However, if you’re interested in buying the original from the source at the first price, then package forwarding from Japan is the way to go. You simply need to visit the ASICS Japanese webstore and use a verified Japanese shopping address to check out. Your handler in Japan will use a trusted parcel forwarder to have your sneakers delivered to the final destination and you still save significantly.

Shop ASICS online.


  1. RFW Tokyo

This is one of the newest brands with international recognition. RTW Tokyo was launched in 1998 by Takashi Kanokogi. As a graduate from one of the institutes in London, Kanokogi returned to Japan to establish his own shoe brand under the name Rhythm Footwear Tokyo (RFW Tokyo). Notorious for their sleek and simple designs that spot subtle details, they are popular amongst both genders and across all ages. Because they are sleek and slim, the owner of the shoe gets to determine the thickness with their feet. This makes RFW Tokyo more popular among wearers with slim feet looking to show off their natural built.

Shop RFW Tokyo online.


  1. Hender Scheme

This Tokyo-based brand relies on raw leather as the main product for their sneakers. In a somewhat similar manner to LOSERS, the owner of a Hender Scheme sneaker gets to determine the shape of their sneaker. Wondering how? Simple. The raw leather used is untreated and this picks up natural wear and tear of the environment, meaning the way one stores, wears and washes their sneakers results in each pair differing from owner to owner across regions. Get yourself a forwarder who provides you with Japanese proxy service. Their services will make buying the Hender Scheme shoe easier than you might possibly dream.

Shop Hender Scheme online.



With such an interesting name, this brand makes one wonder what they really know about sneakers and personally want to connect with the brains behind the company. The LOSERS brand started out in 1975 with a goal of creating designs that stuck to the sense of iki, a concept of beauty and perseverance native to Japan. Drawing their slogan – ‘Stick to your Guns’ from the perseverance side of the iki aesthetic, the beauty of the brand is self-explanatory. Visible for all to marvel and well, purchase. And of course, if the name interests you more than anything, then it will please you to learn that loser in this aspect is actually the hero. The brand gives courage, because a loser must have faith in themselves to keep going and reach the end. It only helps their cause that they remain loyal to Japanese culture. The ‘48 Browns and 100 Greys’ commonly used on the LOSERS branded sneakers are from the Edo period and were worn by the common folk.

Visit Losers Online Store.


  1. Mizuno

Established way over a century ago, Mizuno is the oldest Japanese sneaker brand to grace our list. They started their business as a general dealer selling Western merchandise in Osaka in 1906. The following year, they started making, on order, sneakers which would be sold locally. They quickly gained international recognition and expanded their territory. If you are to buy from Japan, then Mizuno should be a part of your haul, as their sneakers are the essence of Japan. When shopping with a trusted forwarder, you can get help and successfully shop from Japan and ship internationally to your country.

Shop Mizuno online.

The Different Sneaker Types and Designs You Should Own

Knowing where to shop in Japan is the first step. The next involves knowing the trends and what is fashionable. The following are some of the designs of sneakers that you should be wearing right now. Check them out from any of the seven Japanese stores on our list:

  • High Top Sneakers

  • Plimsoll perfect fit sneakers

  • Slip-On Sneakers

  • Athletic Kicks

  • Classic Canvas Converse

There are a lot more sneaker types and designs. To comfortably rock different outfits, you will need to own at least 5 and we recommend the ones on the list. Remember, sneakers are differently suited for different use. You can not wear a High Top when jogging. Just as much as you cannot don your Athletic sneakers with a casual outfit. Buying several designs from Japan and getting them all shipped at a go will save you in terms of shipping expenses. Be smart, use a parcel forwarder and buy all the sneakers you want in a single order.

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