These Simple Things Will Help You Create a Hygge Mood

Think of winter, but in a nice warm way. Think cosy, and warm, fluffy and fuzzy. This is the only way to not just survive winter, but also enjoy those cold afternoons and excruciating foggy mornings. Even self-proclaimed die-hard fans of winter understand that not everything about winter is likeable.

Making your living space more comfortable and warmer for winter is the best way you can combat winter without feeling helpless and defeated about the grey days during the winter months. Think about the comforting hot cup of cocoa and milk, then top it with the image of yourself curled up and draped in a mink blanket. Get yourself the best Scandinavian products to make your space even homier and warmer with the right kind of seasonal décor and trendy winter items.

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There are about 1001 unique hygge things you can buy that all exude a feel of the Nordics which is homey and welcoming in any home anywhere in the world. Hygge is drawn from Swedish, Danish and Scandinavian cultures. Actually, hygge loosely translates to ‘a mood of cosiness and comfort with feelings of wellness and contentment’. The idea behind hygge is to bring peace into the home and harmonious living, even during those dreaded months of winter.

Why Shop from Hygge Online?

Hygge items are available online meaning they can be accessed by anyone with access to online shopping and who has an affection for the Nordic culture. Come to think of it, we’re all happy to feel at home, loved and safe. That is exactly how one feels when they buy warm home décor seasonal pieces that are hygge. The idea behind shopping online from hygge-inspired collections is to:

  • Enjoy a warm, clean and beautiful home even in the chilling winter weather sipping on warm beverages and eating decadent foods.

  • Open the doors wider and welcome new cultures into your home. With the help of efficient international parcel forwarders, one can shop an entire house look that is hygge without having to set foot outside their door.

  • Become inspired about your lifestyle and opening up to other cultures to experience life from a broader perspective. Your home becomes the epitome of warmth and a welcoming site for both inhabitants and visitors to the home.

Hygge has a broad section and can inspire you on a lot of things including your décor, sense of style, what you consume and most importantly, the way you approach living. In winter, everyone needs an extra bit of everything to feel warmer and more comfortable. What’s more, with this age of digitalisation when people can work and meet at home or other comfortable places, décor becomes an essential part of winter. 

After stalking Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, you will be happy to have access to a hygge style where you can find similar or exact pieces to create those designs in your home or office. Your hygge-inspired décor won’t even cause a dent in your pocket as most items are priced at approximately $20 or under.

Hygge Cosy Items Worth Your Time

  1. A French Press for A Rich Taste Every Time

Instead of standing up every 15 minutes to fill up your mug, how about you get this Utopia French coffee press and take it with you once. Enjoy your winter warm, home-baked ginger biscuits and an oversized coffee mug that is refilled from an arm’s length. The 34 oz press has a heat resistant glass and will keep the beverage hotter for longer. It’s easy to buy from Amazon but you will need an international package forwarder to help you complete the process since Amazon doesn’t offer global shipping on this.

Get this Chrome Coffee Press for $13 from Amazon.


  1. A Knitted Cosy for Your Favourite Coffee Mug

Knitted items are the ultimate winter companion. Remember a hygge lifestyle has a way of impressing and affecting your life in general. Get yourself this adorable mug cosy to help protect your fingers from the hot mug and also to keep the liquid inside warmer for longer. The brownish colour is perfect and looks like it was dipped inside a cup of rich latte. The coconut button makes it all the more adorable.

Get your Coffee Cosy for $17 from Etsy.


  1. A Woodsy Candle to Keep Nature in Your Home

Having a warm and clean home for winter makes for a perfect combination for a welcoming home. Achieve all this by bringing indoors the nature that is meant for the autumn season. These three candleholders are the perfect winter décor. These holders are real wood and you will need to use a metal between the candle and holder to avoid them also burning away. Originally from Lithuania, you can buy this trio and have it forwarded by your local shopping assistant to any address across the globe.

Buy the $18 Rustic Home Décor Candles from Etsy.


  1. A Rustic-Looking Mug for Warm Sips

Perfect for the endless sips, this mug has an interesting design. The Tritone mug is handcrafted by Terracotta, safe for use in both the microwave and dishwasher and comes in a series of pink lines. While at it, you might want to organise shipping from Denmark as your e-shops don’t provide international shipping.

Get the Tritone Mug from Anthropologie or Shoptagr.


  1. A Touch of Greenery to Bring the Outside Indoors

Even in winter, you can still have green in your living space. Take it a step further by bringing the greenery indoors with this cute wreath that will fit your door like the missing piece of a puzzle. An international package forwarder will take it to a suitable international carrier to have it shipped your way. Keep your love for nature indoors in a subtle manner in winter with this wreath and a couple of potted plants.

Buy your $20 wreath from Crate & Barrel.


  1. Moleskin Classic Notebook

This notebook is excellent, especially when you’re under the weather but chose to feel positive and exercise your happy thoughts. Buy the moleskin classic notebook to easily make journal entries and pen down thoughts of what you will do once winter passes and you’re able to enjoy the warm outdoors weather.

Available for $20 at Staples.


  1. Knee-High Socks to Keep You Warm

Besides the spine, our feet are fast temperature detectors. And they are particularly active in winter. Don’t let your extremities freeze off from hours of inactivity. Go the traditional way and get yourself hygge inspired tall Boho women’s bulky knitted socks. Add an oversized sweater and you get the best combination that just promotes the feeling of curling up and not doing anything all winter day long.

Buy your Boho Tall Alpine Knitted socks for $10 from Amazon.


  1. A Warm, Oversized Blanket to Curl Under When It Gets Too Cold

If you admire the Danish and have been wondering what to buy in Denmark. Think no further. Without travelling out of your country, you can experience winter like no other with this hygge inspired warm oversized blanket. The blanket from Threshold is all about warmth and comfort and you’ll appreciate how you feel under the colourful throw.

Buy your Curl Blanket for $12 from Target

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