These Tools Will Add Swedish Spirit to Your Home Cleaning Routine

They say the Swedish have such magnificence in them that almost all their products are high-end quality. Volvo cars are something to marvel at and can compete with German makers which have been considered the best for years. The Swedish brand Ikea is also well-loved and respected as a home and office furniture and products manufacturer.

There are a lot of other products that come out of Sweden and can be presented as proof of Swedish excellence. You can also experience this greatness by getting yourself the most amazing, but affordable home essentials. Right now, you might be wondering how you can get the original Swedish products to your home.

Learn how to Ship from Sweden and Shop like a Scandinavian

Unlike shopping for Volvos, there is no need to fret, visiting local dealerships, as you can shop online for your stylish Swedish home cleaning essentials and get them delivered to your home. 

How? Easy, there are parcel forwarders who can help you handle an international delivery from Sweden and assist with customs paperwork. And the best part? There is no need for you to meet your forwarder in person or even leave the comfort of your home. You can initiate and complete the entire delivery process using either your smartphone or PC. 

Get Started with Parcl

You can easily buy online and get your stylish Sweden-made products shipped to your country. Simply request a Parcl service to have it delivered by one of their Swedish package forwarders. Just follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official Parcl website to learn how to request international delivery from Sweden.

  • Read the information carefully, and then complete the form requesting for Parcl service delivery. You can include or exclude services to match your preferences.

  • Make sure to correctly enter the origin and destination countries as this is the most vital information.

By reading how to complete a Parcl request form, you’re setting yourself up to easily purchase from Sweden, the UK, the US, South Africa, Italy or any other country. No need to physically go to that country and present yourself; you can start and complete your shopping quests easily online.

With Parcl account you can buy from Sweden and ship internationally any product and as many times as you want. There are no membership fees only the forwarders’ handling fees. And there are no additional requirements or monthly subscriptions, so you don’t pay, when you don’t use the service.

Top Five Swedish Home Essentials to Make Your Life Easier

Now you know about Parcl and how a forwarder can assist in a package forwarding from Sweden, let’s get started selecting your five best Swedish home cleaning tools.

  1. Wooden Desktop Pan by Iris Hantverk

This stunning home essential is not only pretty but functional. When the Swedish luxury home manufacturer comes to mind, one doesn’t go without mentioning Iris Hantverk’s tabletop dustpan. With this portable wooden pan, you get to easily and quickly clean your tables and counters. It’s friendly on all surfaces thus making it the number one choice even for your electronics. Intended for cleaning, brushing and totally scrapping off all pieces and types of crumbs from tabletops, counters and just about any other surfaces. Get it delivered to your home from its country of origin via the services of a parcel forwarder.

  1. Lint Remover Brush

Lint rollers have an annoying feature about them: you can use numerous rolls a month as the lint never ends. So, you would need something more sustainable. This rosewood clothing brush is far gentler than your regular rollers and effortlessly removes all hair, fur, and dirt while lasting you longer. It can be used to remove dust from furniture, lampshades, and curtains. It’s also excellent for taking care of your delicates and any other fabrics that need gentle hands. But best of all, it’s strong enough to remove dirt from your jeans and other tough material.

Prices at €25, available at Steamery Holland.

  1. Paper Towel Alternatives

In a bid to become more eco-friendly, many manufacturers are doing their absolute best to ensure that their new products are aligned with the earth’s survival. These paper towel alternatives are exactly that and more. Instead of the disposable paper towels that can easily pile up and create more dirt, use these biodegradables. They are a hybrid of paper towels and dishcloths and made to last longer while being super-absorbent. They can easily and quickly get washed up in the dishwasher. Yes, you read that right! So if there is any eco-friendly cleaning essential that deserves your effort in connecting with a Swedish parcel forwarder, then these towels are number one on the list.

Prices at $8 for a set of two, get from

  1. A Chic Dustpan and Brush

Doesn’t it annoy you when your dustpan just breaks or cracks? This Iris Hantverk dustpan is the next brand that you need to try before fully making up your mind about dustpans. Not only is it pretty darn stylish but it’s also made from strong materials. The pan itself is in a beautiful shade of grey and the brush is a mix of wooden handle and horsehair bristles. This combination can be great if you’re a neat freak as each part nestles into each other allowing you to nicely stash it in your broom closet.

Priced at $45, available on

  1. Swedish Dish Scrubber

Take a long and well-deserved break from your plain dish sponge and spoil yourself with this traditional Swedish home goodie. This short witch-like broom is the most perfect scrubber under the sun. Get ready to wash up any dishes while scrubbing and sweeping the dirt away. Whoever thought of this tool was clearly thinking about your wrist and not just your dishes; the scrubber is double bound to hold it securely in place and ensure that the sticks don’t splay out. The scrubber is made out of nature’s best grown and hand-picked Tampico fiber and twine.

Priced at $11, buy from

These are some of the top five home essential cleaning tools from Sweden. You can find more online and increase your shopping haul.

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