This Beauty Device is a Real Magic Wand for Your Skin

It’s no secret that in this digital age of mind-blowing tech, people rarely take raw, unfiltered images. In fact, society frowns upon images that show blemishes and have little to no effort in making the image look as perfect as vision 20/20.

  • Achieving good skin is always possible with the help of at least one photo-editing software.

  • Outside of the photo editing, there is real life and real people to interact with. It only makes sense to resemble the image shown on social media in real life. The solution includes covering acne scars, age spots, freckles, dark circles and redness with expensive specialised creams.

  • Real life solutions can be ridiculously expensive. For instance, if your skin responds to a French product and you’re in Australia, it becomes expensive to also pay the monthly price for skin product plus a shipping fee to have your newly purchased products delivered.

  • It’s about time a real-life editor, as perfect as those used by photo-editors became available to the public such that anyone who can afford it can purchase the editor.


Skin tech continues to grow beyond simple comprehension. And as it grows, so does the demand for the latest beauty devices and trends. If you aren’t able to afford to buy the big brands for pre-filtered skin, don’t worry about it. Now, you can invest in a lasting, ideal real-life photoshop edit that’s worth all the fuss.

Procter and Gamble with a Real-lifePhoto Editor

The Opté wand from Procter and Gamble is the real-life beauty filter you and your skin have been searching for. This is the answer to perfect skin that we’ve all been needing. It comes long after humans have accepted that there’s no way to cheat genetics into being taller or selecting one’s hair color at conception. The Opté wand is a skin tech magic or miracle for everyone who has always been looking for the perfect, natural-looking skin beauty.

CES 2019 Tech and Beyond

Instead of the usual faces at CES, the 2019 CES saw an addition of other faces. Get ready to sift through your favourites such as Ikea, LG, and Honeywell and spend your time looking at products from the likes of Procter and Gamble. The Opté Precision Skincare System is one such newbie and it comes in hot.

After realising the gap in the market and a need for skin perfection, Procter and Gamble have blessed us all. And where better to let the good news out than CES 2019? Most of us are super-excited and holding ourselves from doing the happy dance and showing just how excited the skin tech product has made us.

How the Opté Precision Skincare System Works

Just like all other skin tech products, the Opté wand needs the user to be careful and follow instructions when using it. So far, the details are still fuzzy. However, based on information from a press release, the Opté wand is a fancy handheld thermal inkjet printer. It has 120 nozzles. There is a camera that captures 200 pictures of your skin per second, 1 billionth of a litre of makeup is deposited on each detected skin spot.


Essentially, the tool scans your skin using blue LED lights and compares the skin tone of a spot to the natural skin around it. All unmatching areas are corrected using a micro printer in the wand to achieve the perfect and even skin tone promised by many creams that have so far failed dismally.


When finished, the results appear looking like skin-smoothing beauty filters in your smartphone camera instead of traditional makeup.

BUT! And, this is a big but! But, the exciting news is that the pro-filtered real-life skin is visible to real people, in the real world. Yes! You read that right. The real-time, real-life beauty filters on your skin are also visible in the real world (can you read that excitement?)


All this is not just speculation or fake news to rally your excitement over nothing. It so happens that BBC and VentureBeat journalists had the privileged of applying their own faces and were stoked about the results. The review from the BBC even went on to call the Opté wand a ‘skin printer’.


So yes, you are allowed to start doing the happy dance and collecting your money. The skin-smoothing beauty filter spitting wand will be worth your time. Just, secure it by shipping it via a proven package forwarder who will not compromise on quality. With this Opté wand, you might need package consolidation to protect it and increase the chances of receiving it in prime condition. What are a couple more dollars if you’re to invest in the Opté?

More Details, Additional Questions about the Opté

After a quick read, one thing is clear. We are madly in love with the Opté. After all these years of yearning for perfect skins, the solution is finally here-well, almost.

At the time of publication, there were still some irregularities needing clearance from Procter and Gamble and these include:

  • When is the wand going to be available for purchase by the public? So far it has only been viewed and tested behind closed doors. But the general public remains yet to view the Opté with their own eyes. Tabloids have reported that it’s expected to start making the rounds in early 2020.

  • How much will the Opté wand and specialised makeup cost once it’s been made available for public purchase. The makeup formula has been named as the ‘Opté Precision Serum’ by creators Procter and Gamble.

  • Will there be enough variety in terms of catering for different skin tones and colours? If so, will all the Precision Serums be priced the same and are there going to be colour combinations when purchasing to suit families or group purchases?

  • Does the Opté Precision Serum have enough moisturiser to retain the natural skin moisture?


Regarding the last query, most people are worried that just like the current makeup products, the Opté might just provide temporary perfect skin at the expense of the user’s natural skin. Such concerns require official statements from P&G and their engineers to ease the worrying. There are reports from the likes of the Cincinnati Business Courier that the serum will be both a UV protector and moisturizer. Also, it is expected to be superior in quality, lasting for days unless one washes their face. The refills will last two months for daily facial usage.

Procter and Gamble’s Opté Wand Available – Purchase Online

What are you waiting for? This is going to be one of the best marriages in the 21st -century. Go ahead and purchase the Procter and Gamble Opté wand. It’s the inkjet printer your face deserves but had never come across — until early 2020. If you register for a shipping account with a trusted parcel forwarder, you’ll get your beauty filter delivered in mint condition and before everyone else in your country gets it.

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