This Bedside Light Will Help You Fall Asleep and Wake Up Comfortably

Glow is a smart bedside lamp created by Casper – the mattress company. Glow emits light via a high-efficiency LED at 2,700K. This efficiency is on the lower end of the colour temperature scale. As such, the light only gives off the white, yellow, orange and red hues.

The Smart Technology that is Glow

Glow is designed to help one ease to sleep and also wake up as softly and comfortably as possible. Basically, Casper reviewed all the factors that are necessary for sleep. Biologically, the body is designed to go to sleep when the light dims down. This is the concept that Glow chose to run with as a light that helps the owner to sleep and wake up naturally.


Taking all environmental factors necessary for falling asleep, Casper designed a light that is designed to help one sleep. The bedroom lights get one into the right mindset for falling asleep. Initially, the light gives off enough illumination for several evening tasks, such as tidying up the bedroom or reading a couple of pages. Eventually, the light dims down and goes dimmer. The pattern of a sunset is followed by Glow when helping you ease into sleep. As the light dims down, it also turns orange, and then black, these colours, which are exactly like the sunset, help prepare the mind for falling asleep.

To wake you up, Casper Glow also follows the same pattern as the sunrise. Instead of the annoyingly loud alarm, this light will start smaller and illuminate, then eventually glow up into a light similar to the day colours. Get yourself a schedule to help you slowly rise with your Glowlight and easily start your new day.


Glow is smooth and organic. Casper spent a long time designing their first tech gadget and the results are amazing. The light feels warm and inviting, just like a smooth fire. The light itself is smooth and organic.

This light is designed to be one that can be used even in a semi-sleep condition. If you have a tendency of waking up in the middle of the night, the light can help you do your nightly activities without the blinding bright ceiling light. Do all your activities with as little distraction as possible.

How Glow Works

The light is designed to be soft and merge into the bedroom environment as naturally as possible. The light is based on the science behind the brain and sleeping. The fused smooth organic shell was tested and tried until the right consistency passed. To control your light:

  • Use gestures. According to Glow’s Principal Product Engineer, Josef Norgen, this light can be used while very sleepy, just “flip it to turn it on or off.” It begins a drift pattern of 45 minutes by default.

  • Press the buttons on either side to pause Glow. When you want to continue, press the button again and continue with the drift pattern of 45 minutes until done.

  • There is no up or down with Glow, you can hold your light either way without disrupting functionality. Therefore, there is no way of confusing functionality or getting something wrong.

  • Casper didn't blatantly intrude into your bedroom and sleep pattern. They are already your trusted mattress manufacturer, but Casper Glow is a magical new way of helping you ease into sleep. Quiet technology for the win. It merges into your bedroom naturally.

Glow Synchronized System

With Glow, you can own more than one light without the increased sense of maintenance. The quiet technology helps you create groups. If you light one Glow, in a group, they all light up together. If you dim one, the entire group dims.


You’ll get excited to learn more about Casper Glow and use these lights to create a group that depends on synchronization to create a magnificent light show in your bedroom. By the way, these Casper lamps are cordless and can be moved around. They can even work outdoors, if you want to take a nap in your open space, you can start a Glow smart light group with a synchronized experience to help you fall asleep faster even in broad daylight. The technology behind the smart light helps your brain ease into a calm state of rest and get ready to sleep. You will need to buy Glow from the US and use package forwarding to get it delivered to your home.

Similar Technology

Casper’s smart bedside light is definitely a new field for the mattress maker. However, this is a huge development and comes with exciting prospects. If you have a Casper mattress and enjoy the high-end quality, then you will definitely be among the first prospective clients for the Casper Glow.

However, if this is your first time learning of the company, you might need a little more convincing. Glow is new for Casper, but the technology is not alien. It is drawn from the same vein as Apple’s Night Shift mode on iOS and MacOS. The technologies are similar in that Glow is supposed to be adjustable based on how you like to wind down at night. Also, there are gesture controls just like in Apple’s Night Shift Mode. The smart light goes from bright, warm light to a dimmer, redder light and then completely shuts off. The 45-minute cycle is enough to ease one into a comfortable deep sleep for the night.


Use your smartphone to set up your patterns with Glow. Just before going to bed, you select your routine for the evening, then set up the time you would like to get out of bed. To ease you out of deep sleep, Glow reverses the sleeping pattern. As you wake up, you’re met with a deep red light which turns into a warm dim and then eventually gets bright and nice as you fully open your eyes and get ready for the new day.

Availability and Pricing of Casper’s Glow

According to the leaders of Casper mattress store and the brains behind Glow, the light is here to get you in the zone, help you create a mood for sleep while eliminating harsh white or blue lights. Glow is made for the smart home and is a must-have.

  • The light sells for $89 per unit and $169 for two. Consider buying a pair at a go to enjoy the full Glow experience. Also, this will help you save on international shipping fees. Use your trusted parcel forwarder to estimate the shipping and handling fees. You will notice that it becomes relatively cheaper to buy and ship two at once than just one.

  • Glow is available from the Casper mattress webstore. You better visit the store to see more items in Casper’s broader sleep and wellness section.

  • Pair up your Glow smart light with Casper’s $75 pillow that has product spec list modelled after a consumer electronic device. Enhance your sleep patterns with quality products.

  • When buying Glow, get a local US forwarder who will focus entirely on helping you with shipping from the US.

Your smart home deserves quality. If you can afford it, then buy from the US and have your Glow delivered anywhere in the world. Package forwarding makes your dreams come true as far as owning a group of Glow lights.

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