This Clever Tablet Digitizes Paper Drawings

It’s the age of digitization. Everything has become efficiently digital such that people can co-exist and share virtual offices that are more productive than the traditional physical cubicles. Obviously, there are a lot of factors behind the success of the modern creative spaces.

The Slate Repaper is a new smart tablet by iSKN that digitizes paper drawings. This smart tablet works with you, in real-time using your ordinary pens and pencils.


As you sketch, the Slate Repaper transfers what you’re drawing in digital format. You get the most accurate sketch without all the hustle previously involved.\

Who will love the Slate Repaper?

Artists, architects, engineers and other creatives come in every form and fit a range of descriptions. You get those that are deep, complicated souls and their drawing come from the soul. And then you get the carefree individuals who live for the moment and are inspired by pretty much everything, including breathing. Within the range, there are professionals who must include every inch and nook in their drawings.

  1. For artists, there is a good faction that’s ready to embrace tablets and all the smart technique that they bring. And there are those who are still super comfortable with their pencils and paper. However, given that we are becoming digitally more aligned, the sketches are becoming increasingly done on tablets making paper drawing closer to obsoleteness with each sketch.

  2. Civil engineers also work on the move. What might be seen as a new and cool trend of smart tablets by other fields is seen as a breath of fresh air by young engineers who can draw their sketches and make them as close to real life as possible to make the construction process easier.

  3. For the medical practitioner, this CES tablet gives mobility to skilled professionals. More imaging and clearer pictures can be developed before embarking on a procedure. In teaching hospitals, the iSKN Slate Repaper is an excellent teaching tool that will allow learners to apply what senior staff is explaining to them

  4. The smart tablet can also come in handy for architects and illustrators who want to get images in the highest definition possible. It can be bought by any professional and through international shipping from the USA, delivered to almost any address on the globe.


How do the Slate Repaper CES Smart Tablets work?

Whereas the Slate Repaper is not the first smart tablet in the market, it’s going to be undeniably impactful. Most smart tablets such as the Wacom Bamboo tablet produce good sketches, they are fast and efficient. But, they are also lacking and artists cannot overlook these shortcomings. With the Wacom Bamboo tablet, there is a feeling of unnatural use and the one drawing quickly missed the sensation of drawing on paper.

The Slate Repaper is iSKN’s 4th generation product and it comes with improved pressure sensitivity giving an amazingly one-to-one feeling as that of drawing on paper.

The best attribute of this tablet recently unveiled at the 2019 CES is that you can use whatever pen or pencil you fancy. As the day rises every morning and sets at night, it will remain a fact that most artists have that one favourite pencil. Even with all the smartpens and pencils introduced every other day, there’s always that one which holds a special place and is preferred over all else.


You might be wondering, how is it that any pen or pencil works on this smart CES unveiled tablet? To make everything uniform and corresponding, there is a magnetic ring which comes with the tablet. Take the ring and attach it to the pencil. This magnetic ring allows the tablet to follow every little movement made on paper. The result is a seamless experience, smooth and just as if it were directly on paper – only better because it’s been digitalized.

In case you aren’t too pleased with your drawing, there is a way you could erase it. To erase, slide the ring to the end of the pen while making an erasing motion on the paper. The movement erases the strokes on-screen but leaves the marks on paper, that is if you were not using a pencil with an erase at the end.


There are four shortcut buttons to make functionality easier. Using the buttons, you can redo/undo, change your brush size and turn the power on/off.

Companion App Making the Tablet More Accessible

The Slate Repaper is as smart as can be. Those who had a brief encounter and the fortune of testing it out at the CES is worth the trials over the past couple of years. The tablet has a companion app known as Imagink, Imagink is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and PC. Additionally, the Imagink companion app offers a couple of different brushes such as airbrush, chalk, pen and pencil for users to select at will.

Going back to the functionality, you might be drawing with your favourite pencil, but the on-screen strokes could be a different brush and colour. All this depends on what you select from the onset.

The Come Up of Repaper

The Slate Repaper is arguably the best smart tablet in the market. As the 4th generation creation of the iSKN startup group, there have been significant developments before the latest tablet was revealed at the 2019 CES.

  • There are predecessor smart tablets that also digitize paper drawings as they happen in real-time.

  • With the Repaper, you get the latest technology as this tablet houses the best pressure sensitivity currently available in the market (4096 levels of pressure sensitivity).

  • The tablet can be used just about anywhere because of the Screenless Mode which enables unplugging from the computer.

  • Get your documents anywhere as they are stored on an SD card without alterations and can be uploaded into the Imagink app once reconnected.

  • The magnetic rings which can be fitted onto your own pens or pencils make package forwarding from the US worth it as you get more functionality than you could have ever bargained for.


Smart Tablet Availability and Pricing

The Slate Repaper smart drawing tabled unveiled at CES 2019 will be made available for the public in the last third of the year, starting from September. It will retail for US$200 per unit and this includes the initial magnetic rings.

In preparation for the Slate Repaper, you can create an account with an international package forwarding service. The account will afford you the luxury to get a US shipping address which you can use or test the process while waiting for the smart tablet to start shipping. Since the Repaper comes with the best specs in a while, it’s common knowledge that it might be on demand and run out before ordering it. Creating a ‘ready-to-go’ shopping account with Parcl gives you surety of shipping it out as soon as it is released and not risking it running out before you get your unit.

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