This is an Ultimate Suitcase for Travelling Console Gamers

Consistency is key. In life, as a professional and in general, it’s a given that consistency yields harvestable results. For most, this concept is easy to understand and adhere to. But there are circumstances beyond one’s control where they falter and the results can be dire.

That was the lesson learned by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, the popular Fortnite streamer, when he took a four-day break from online streaming in June 2018. Ninja was attending the annual E3 video game conference in LA and didn’t have the means to carry his portable gaming console. Because he wasn’t online every day as most had grown accustomed to (consistency), Ninja lost over 100,000 subscribers.


If you’re also a Twitch or YouTube vlogger and wouldn’t want to find yourself in the same situation as Ninja, you’ll love this latest invention.

GAEMS saw a gap in the market and they have just come up with one of the most brilliant inventions of this century to cover that gap. As a supplier of portable gaming setups, GAEMS developed a high-end Guardian portable carry case. The new GAEMS case is a premium version of the existing case and comes as a solution in alleviating the stress that comes with carrying sizeable valuables. It’s called the Guardian. The Guardian is a massive suitcase, has a built-in monitor that’s compatible with both PCs and gaming consoles that are portable enough to lug around and plug anywhere convenient.


Purchasing the case online will not be too much of a task as it can easily be shipped, especially when using a competent international package forwarder.

Why the GAEMS Guardian Massive Suitcase Idea was Readily Accepted

GAEMS is one of the widely used and most respected names in the luggage industry. Their well-designed encasements for game consoles take the lead in the industry as they are second to none. For a decade, GAEMS console cases have helped ease the burden for gamers without a stable environment. Those who are always on the road or regard themselves as nomads have found solace with GAMES cases as they can be set up in just about any environment.

GAEMS has been a consistent friend to those who are on the road or in the military and want to carry their consoles or PCs with them.


As far as design goes, GAEMS designated encasements come with secure built-in display and clamshell case to hold several types of gaming machines, particularly a console. Within the case, there is proper circuiting and plugs to ensure proper functionality. If you’re using the console, just power up with a single wall plug and your PC or gaming console will be ready to start working.

GAEMS Guardian Case – Compatibility

When it comes to the Guardian case, GAEMS took it to the extreme and the result- a beautiful case that is multifunctional and brings order to your traveling woes.

Manufactured out of a slightly sturdier blend of metal and plastic, the Guardian is unlike your standard hard-shell plastic used for most cases.


Harbouring a 24-inch QHD panel and a 60Hz refresh rate, this case is GAEMS’ best portable case to date. Again, showing that consistency is key. There are built-in 9W stereo speakers which are conveniently located not to mess with the storage situation but solve your dilemma of having to walk around with a sound system.

The Guardian GAEMS PS4 case is not only compatible with the PS4. It can be used to carry and support the following:

  • A gaming console (PC)

  • PS4

  • PS4 Pro

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox One X

To fit any of these consoles in their sizes, adjust and move around the removable, screwed-in metal cover, which is a replacement for the standard Velcro straps that was the norm in previous models.


When it comes to PC compatibility, the Guardian case might not fit all gaming PCs and it will require you to first check with the PC. However, if your PC is the same size or built like a gaming console, it might fit better.

Special Mounts in the Carry Case

The latest GAEMS suitcase comes with special mounts. These mounts are high grade, a Picatinny variety which is the military mounting standard.

For soldiers who could use some company while in the war zone, the Guardian’s military mounting comes in handy. As a result, this is one of their marketing strategies and they focus on such a marketing strategy. In case you’re already outside of the US, you can look up how to ship from the US to help you buy your case. The sturdy casing makes it possible to install a webcam and lighting system and use the case as a workstation even in the middle of nowhere.

Who Should Get the Guardian

Every product comes with a target audience and a marketing strategy. The same applies to the Guardian. This mighty case is meant for everyone, but the audience at the top of the list includes:

  1. Avid gamers or streamers, such as Ninja, who cannot miss a single day because of travelling or lack of a steady environment.

  2. Military personnel ready to keep entertained in their leisure time.

  3. Business-oriented individuals who spend most of their time travelling, but don’t have the luxury of being idle while at it.

  4. Anyone who would appreciate the ultimate travelling suitcase for consoles/PCs that comes with the necessary input/output ports.

To get the Guardian delivered to your doorstep, sign up for handling and shipping from the US. If you use a Parcl account to buy from America, you will get your delivery to your specified address according to your preferences.


In case you’ve been wondering how to achieve Live Streaming, GAEMS has indicated that you can offload your video to a secondary laptop and stream on Twitch. With your PC and Guardian suitcase for travelling, you’ll also need a second machine and just like that, your home setup replacement will be stationed. You’ll just need your standard accessories, such as a microphone and webcam.

Cost and Availability of the Guardian

The Guardian is no doubt a serious upgrade from the standard GAEMS portable rigs. At the time of this publication, GAEMS had not yet provided the official price for this carry case from the future. But one can only estimate using the Sentinel which goes for $349.99 and is the brand’s next most expensive model. If you’re to derive the most accurate cost, consider the build quality of the Guardian as well as the higher-quality display. Of course, it will be more than the Sentinel. Keep refreshing your search tab for more developing news from GAEMS.

The Guardian is expected to ship from the US some time in the second half of the year. More developments will also be announced as the date of release draws closer.

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