This Machine Prepares Cocktails, Beer, and More at Home Using Pods

You’re most probably used to your coffee-making machine brewing a hot cup before you wake up. Well, how about a machine that premixes cocktails? Keurig and Anheuser-Busch noticed this gap in the market, set to work and have brought forth the Keurig cocktail machine, a first of its kind.

The cocktail machine falls under a new sub-brand known as Drinkworks. The very first product, the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig was launched in November 2018 and is already available for purchase. The first ever appliance has been designed to take after Keurig in looks and functionality. It’s easy to use. In a simple process, the machine accepts single pod servings at a time, churns them into cocktails, alcohol or any other refreshing drink including beer.


The cocktail machine has been designed and completed to pair with a compatible iOS app through a Bluetooth connection. Through this connection, the user gets information on what the cocktail machine is doing. Also, the connection enables pod refill orders and troubleshooting. But the best part is that one can use the touchscreen function to make their drinks without making use of the app. Android users will soon be included in this piece of heaven as a companion Android app is under development.

Retail and Availability

This aesthetically pleasing and highly functional cocktail making machine sells for $299. Cocktail pods are sold separately for $3.99 per unit or $15.99 for a pack of four. At the time of launch, there were 15 of the popular and all-time favorite flavors including Mojito, Moscow Mule, Long Island Iced Tea, and Margarita.


In the US, the St. Louis Missouri was the first to stock up, but everyone else has had the opportunity of buying from the Drinkworks’ webstore and other select retailers. If you’re interested in owning the cocktail maker, the best place would be to get it from the official Drinkworks website. A trusted international parcel forwarder will deliver it to your country from the US.

Keurig Drinkworks Cocktail Pods Machine – How it Works

The Keurig cocktail machine is a totally smart machine. Each cocktail pod comes with a unique barcode that the machine scans for information concerning carbonation, time and appropriate temperature. Thus, all cocktails get made to perfection, with the right amount of carbon and at optimal temperatures.

  1. Each cocktail flavor takes a different time to be ready, with a difference of seconds. The fastest drink to mix in the Keurig cocktail maker is a Margarita, and it takes 25 seconds to be ready, while a Moscow Mule will take 50 seconds to get prepared.

  2. Once the pod has finished, one must manually remove it from the cocktail maker. The current version lacks a garbage bin. The cocktails from this machine come in three size variables: 3.9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, and 8.1 ounces. You have to select your size before making the cocktail.

Other Details

For the machine to work, the owner must purchase a CO2 tank and fill the machine with water. When purchasing the cocktail machine, it comes with one CO2 can which works to make anywhere between 15 and 18 drinks, then it must be changed for a new one. CO2 refills cost $14.99 for a pack of two.


Although the launch solely focused on the cocktail making process of the machine, it also doubles as a beer brewer. Pods from Becks and Bass beers will also have codes that can be scanned by the machine, as well as a Stella Artois Cider.

More changes are still to follow, but for now, the main focus of the Drinkworks machine is on getting the drinks to have optimum carbonation and the right temperatures. The collaborative effort between Keurig and Drinkworks combines technology (Keurig side) and innovation (Drinkworks focus). As a result of trying and testing previous machines, the best machine was invented. The cooling system is referred to as the Drinkworks’ Quick Cool KOLD Technology.

The Keurig and Anheuser-Busch are clearly for those who like to host parties and would love for their guests to have a cocktail (and later, a beer or cider) of their choice. Instead of having to pay for a bartender, or play the host duties of bartending your cocktail party, you can place the Cocktail making machine right in the middle of the room where it’s easily accessible, and guests can make their cocktail flavors as they please.


If you have a pretty busy social life, then this machine is highly recommended for you. Of course, your socials are about to take a turn for better because every attendant will be fascinated by your cocktail maker. You might be the conventional type that appreciates the art which goes into handmaking drinks. However, this is the age of technology and what better way of setting yourself at a technologically advanced stage than having a tech-bartender in your living room.

Buy your Keurig Drinkworks Cocktail Making Machine from the US

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Here is how it works:

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  4. Go back to the Keurig cocktail machine website and add the cocktail machine to your cart. Proceed to checkout and use your verified US shipping address.

  5. Your Drinkworks products will be shipped locally to the Parcl handler’s shipping address, where they will be waiting for it.

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  7. Use the tracking code provided to check the progress of your Keurig Drinkworks cocktail maker until it arrives at the final destination. At this point, you can mark your order as complete.


Your Parcl account only works when you use it. Thus, there are no monthly subscription or maintenance fees applicable. If you have an account with Parcl, at any moment, you get to shop in the US and ship internationally. Also, other countries are fair game. As long as you can enter the details, Parcl’s search engines will find the best forwarder and package carrier for your order.

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