This Pink Quartz Laptop by Razer Will Steal Your Heart

Let’s have a little chat, do you prefer straight talk or want the details sugar coated to dumb down the facts and whatever effect they might have? Let’s settle on the naked truth. Razer has decided to make its Blade Stealth Quartz laptop in a limited number in the top of the range pink colour. The Razer Pink Quartz laptops were released just in time for the much-celebrated annual lover’s day – Valentine’s Day.


But don’t be fooled, these laptops, as aesthetically appealing as technology affords, do not just fit the stereotypic V-Day presentation. They are as stealthy strong as every other laptop from Razer. After all, they are Blade Stealth Quartz, just in a different colour. If any Razer product deserves insurance cover and protection during international forwarding, it’s the Pink Quartz laptop.

The Growth of Razer in the Tech Field

The Pink Stealth Blade is not Razer’s first Pink gear. The company has a history in this section as they released four Quartz products in 2018. The current line-up for new Quartz items is a lot broader. For example, be prepared to splurge on the following items:

  • Seiren X Microphone

  • Basilisk Mouse

  • Kraken Headset

  • Huntsman Keyboard

There will be more items and the announcements will be made as tangible developments hit the planning board. The pink-hued line-up is nothing short of amazing. It’s set to literally steal hearts everywhere. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of trying out Razer products, the pink-hued line-up might just be the perfect place to start.

Designed to Steal Hearts – Jaw Dropping Stats

The Razer Blade Stealth Pink Quartz laptop is a chromatic pink. Stunning, to say the least. This laptop is top of the range and comes with all the specs that a competitive 2019 high-end laptop houses. You get it in an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8565U processor with 16GB of RAM, a 256GB PCIe SSD, Full HD (1920 x 1080), a discrete NVIDIA MX 150 GPU and 13.3-inch display.


Like all Razer products, the Pink Quartz is something that many desire but only a few will get to own. The fact that it comes as a limited edition only makes the Pink laptop an even rarer sight. The Pink Razer laptop falls under the company’s most recent trend. It is a part of the laptops that come with more mature designs and alternate colours. For example, if you consider the Pink Quartz as a laptop for girls, you might consider getting the gunmetal Blade Stealth Blade or the white Blade both of which might pass as gender neutral colours.

Razer’s Pink Quartz Doesn’t Come with Pink Tax

The unfair tax that only half of the population is subjected to has been brought up over the years as a murmur. But it was the Use Your Voice (a non-profit organisation focusing on the fair distribution of sanitary pads) that clearly defined it globally. Pink tax is whereby women pay more for feminine products. Although this happens more in cosmetics and clothing sections, the tech industry is also notorious for pink tax. Numerous studies have proven that products that are specifically targeted towards the fairer sex tend to be priced higher than those for men. As such, the difference, no matter how small, becomes what is known as a pink tax.

Advocates against pink tax have shown how it makes it difficult for women to shop online. The actual pricing, as high as it will be, might be within the buyer’s budget. But, it is the unavailability of free international shipping that twists the narrative. Logistics companies such as are immune to pink tax and don’t apply it. Women can buy their Pink Quartz laptops as desired from overseas and use such package forwarders to have the laptops safely delivered at the same price as men would!


This laptop is an excellent gift to self without the pink tax, and an even more fitting gift when using fair parcel forwarders to have the laptop forwarded to your home address from overseas. Buy this laptop from the USA, Canada or China and join the cause against gender-based pricing. It carries the same price as other colours with the same specs.

Pricing and Availability of the Pink Stealth Blade

  • The new laptop has Razer’s best tech and development, as such, it is as good as all their stellar products.

  • For all the specs it houses, the pink laptop by Razer will sell at $1599 per unit minus the international shipping costs. Unlike other products that make feminine colours more expensive, Razer kept this laptop at the same price as its cousins with the same components but different colours. No pink tax!

  • This laptop was released just in time for Val Day. If you wanted a huge and meaningful gift and were yet to get one, this could have been your answer. They were made available from Razer on January 29, and shipping from the USA, China and Canada, but only for a limited time. However, Valentine’s Day is not the only occasion this laptop could be perfect for. Secure that you purchase and receive your pink laptop by working with a trusted package forwarder.

  • The Pink laptop hit the market around the same time when Razer increased their range of accessories and was offering other colours that are not the common neon-lit black. More colours, a wider range, phenomenal designs are giving buyers more options to select from.

Buying from the Razer Shop

When you opt to buy your snake logo Pink Stealth laptop online, it’s best to buy it directly from the manufacturer’s webstore. The Razer shop offers shoppers fast free shipping. Depending on the time one checks out, the laptop gets shipped out the next business day. You will need a trusted parcel forwarder who will furnish you with their verified shopping address in the US, Canada or China. As soon as the laptop is delivered to your forwarder’s address, the forwarder will use a leading international carrier to get it to you.


There is also a 14-day no risk easy return guarantee if you buy directly from the Razer shop. For such a price, you will do best to cover your laptop for as long as you possibly can. Should you buy from the Razer store, you will also get the option of selecting the RazerCare Protection, which enables buyers to extend to a 3-year coverage.

Work with your favourite forwarder with a verified Parcl shopping address. If you need to get your laptop checked in under RazerCare Protection in any of the 3 years, you simply use your Parcl account to get the forwarder who made the purchase or received the purchase on your behalf to use their address in sending the laptop to the country of origin and then back to you again.

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