This Turkish Brand Crafts Unique Luxury Slippers

If there’s one thing that keeps people unique and relevant, it is their rich display of culture. Each group has its own culture, which comes with beliefs, actions and rich display. One such group that stands out easily are the Turks.

From Turkish Delights to Turkish Airlines and all other Turkish brands that are open to the public, it’s possible to understand what Turkey as a nation is like, and the way they function.

There is a stunning Turkish label on the market making all the right noise and creating everyone’s favorite shoes. Yes, the shoe of the moment, mules, with a beautiful new twist. Heels and platforms are also in the mix. You might have only been exposed to the Turks during the widely publicized 2016 political unrest that was all over the news. But Turkish creativity and design have been around much longer. The latest brand joining the long list of impressive names is Sanayi 313 with their exquisite slippers.

Meet the Brand—Sanayi 313

Before we get lost in the nitty gritty and how to shop for the Sanayi 313 slides online, lets first meet the brand. The brand is a new kid on the block having been established in 2015. Their founders are brothers Amir Karavil, who is more active in the family’s automotive and construction chemicals business, and Enis Karavil, whose passion is in interior design. Visionaries behind the brand are the Creative Director Enis and Brand Director Serena Uziyel. Leadership at Sanayi 313 is all about pushing for innovation and development first in the city of Istanbul and then globally.

Sanayi Target

As Sanayi 313 continues on their path of conquering the luxury industry, they are expanding their territory. The brand’s global holding looks towards U.S and Middle East growth and expansion. In the same instance, their target is aimed at reaching those seeking luxury and unique style made in limited quantities.

  • Sanayi is a shoe and accessory brand that has made waves since conception for their unique, loud and daring designs.

  • In 2018, they made bold moves towards taking a global stand when they had stores pop up in several countries. The most notable being their Bergdorf Goodman, New York store and Level Shoes store in Dubai which was strategically timed to meet the Ramadan season.

  • The brand, its shoes and accessories are successful and have been globally met with enthusiasm as they rely on Amir’s vision for a “Multi-disciplinary concept, where design meets art, food, architecture and fashion.”

  • The company, which is originally based in Turkey, has an insatiable hunger for aesthetic. The brand thus combines art, food and design. The Sanayi 313 group manages a refined/healthy restaurant, a gallery of distinguished fine selected furniture and office space which serves the Sanayi 313 architects and atelier.

Sanayi Setting up Base in Istanbul

Before 2015, if you searched for things to buy in Turkey, the top results had clothes. The founders of Sanayi 313 easily recognised the amazing design legacy that is Istanbul. Also, there are a lot of passages between Turkey, Europe, Asia, Africa and as far as the Americas and Oceania go, Istanbul is the capital for flights. As a result, all the shoes are crafted in Italy and the embroidery is individually made in Turkey. It’s even easier for international parcel forwarders to locate suitable shipping methods.

Even with a remote shipping address, online shopping in Turkey affords you the best shipping methods.

The Relationship between Sanayi and Traditional Craftsmanship

The company has made it clear since conception that the Sanayi 313 slippers and other products under the brand bring together the eclectic individuality and true craftsmanship. All of these qualities are what Sanayi is all about. With the Sanayi Turkish slippers, the world gets exposed to traditional Turkish creativity like never before. And for the brothers, this means a realisation of Turkish glory.

Perhaps it is the time taken and the effort put into executing each pair, but owners of the Sanayi 313 shoes swear they are the most comfortable luxury footwear ever.


Traditional craftsmanship respects time. Each pair is individually crafted and it takes a long time to produce the slippers. As a result, all Sanayi Turkish shoes are limited in volume. Instead of thousands of the same luxury shoes, Sanayi gives their customers a chance to extend their true self and express real feelings just through footwear.

Meet some of the Sanayi 313 Top Sellers

Each brand becomes a success because of hard work and dedication. But, it’s not a secret that there will always be one or two items from the brand that gives it its identity. Here are the top 5 slippers from Sanayi 313 and a luxury clutch bag worth checking out.


Before you decide to visit the Sanayi 313 shop online, consider signing up for the services of an international parcel forwarder who will help make the purchase easier. You can sign up and get a local Turkish shopping address.

  1. Sanayi 313 Ragno Embroidered Slippers — these are woven with glittering metallic threads. They have the classic point-toe silhouette and bedazzled embroidered detailing. Usually, they retail for €759 a pair.

  2. Sanayi 313 Zarina Embroidered Sandals — one of the most affordable items from the brand without compromising on the quality we’ve come to expect. They are crafted in Italy using black satin and finished with a raffia floral motif adornment. Originally sold for €580.

  3. Sanayi 313 Alegra Embellished Slippers — the design allows room for a lot of details. The frame is made from black grosgrain fabrication, and the intricate, colourful embroidered detail on the top is the cherry on the cake. Excellent for almost every season. Of course, as luxury wear. Usually goes for €705.


  1. Sanayi 313 Retro Ragno Velvet Clutch — the only accessory on the list, this black velvet Ragno clutch houses the brand's signature embroidered insect that is threaded in a copper tone. The structured design and soft velvet material make this clutch a favourite amongst many, and go well with soft, floaty dresses. Usually goes for €979.


If you have had the pleasure of purchasing Turkish clothes online, buying these luxury shoes will not be a problem. If anything, you will enjoy the high-quality and class they exude. With an account on a verified international forwarding service website, online shopping from Turkey to worldwide addresses is a dream. Consider signing up for one, and try it with one interesting Sanayi 313 slipper or mule. The other internationally known and most shopped Turkey shoe brands tend to mass produce in bulk. However, with Sanayi 313, you are assured that what you’re wearing is exclusive and always limited edition.


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