Top-10 Australian Cosmetics Brands

As far as beauty standards go, Australia takes the lead. So much prestige, pride, and passion go into the making of cosmetics in Aussie. For the average consumer, there are a lot of affordable high-quality brands to pick and choose from at will. For international buyers, Australia competes head-to-head with America for the capital of cosmetic beauty.

Luckily, international buyers seeking Australian cosmetic brands can buy online thanks to package forwarding from Australia. With so many brands to select from, it would make sense to have a reliable parcel forwarder who will help ship your cosmetics from Australia to your country.

Signing up with Parcl for a Long-Term Freight Forwarding Relationship

Finding trusted Australian cosmetic brands is quite easy. Since e-commerce has stepped up to engulf social media, using the right hashtags can help you easily find the right product with just a few clicks, a couple of swipes and some scrolls. The main challenge lies in getting the right package forwarding from Australia. Since most cosmetics tend to be fragile and usually packaged to be aesthetically pleasing, you need a forwarder that will prioritise and treat your purchase with the right level of care.

At Parcl, you can buy from as many Aussie local cosmetic brands as you possibly want. A dedicated local concierge assigned by Parcl will double check your orders and make sure that you receive exactly what you bought. In case your purchases are multiple small packages, your forwarder can combine them into one parcel before taking to the local shipper. This is good because:

  • By making it one package, there is no need for you to expect multiple deliveries and spend more time checking the mail for deliveries. It is cheaper to consolidate your orders and ship one big box instead of having multiple smaller boxes shipped.

  • In case your country applies taxes on international cosmetics, one package will be taxed and the rate will be significantly lower compared to shipping several packages.

  • The same case applies when shipping. Most shipping companies charge a flat rate for the first 1kg then fractional charges up to 3kg, 5kg and so on.

Other than free registration on site, there is a whole lot of other advantages that come with signing up with Parcl as your Australian package forwarder.

Shopping from the Top 10 Australian Cosmetic Brands

Now that your dilemma on shipping from Australia has been solved, let’s take a look at the top 10 Australian cosmetic brands that are worth your time and money:



Of course, this brand makes it to the top of our long list, simply because Australis is pocket-friendly and offers everything to complete your beauty station. Made for the true Millennial, this brand also offers products that are vegan-friendly as well as cruelty-free.



Face of Australia

Wouldn’t it make sense to buy from Australia a brand that claims to be the face of the Kangaroo nation? Designed to suit the everyday Australian lady, this brand creates almost every colour range to keep up with the dynamic beauty standards. Their products are mostly water-based and friendly on the skin and nails.



Eye of Horus

This brand is a foul-proof example of the magic that emerges when more than one concept is applied. Eye of Horus uses ancient Egyptian beauty formulas alongside modern Australian cosmetic industry formulas to bring out the goddess in everyone who happens upon their products. Drawing closely to Egyptian ancient beauty standards, the signature Eye of Horus shades include earthy charcoals, metallic coppers, and golds as well as shades of taupe. Their main attention is focused on eye makeup. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are proudly cruelty-free.



Edible Beauty Australia

Literally, everything from this brand is good enough to make one feel like taking a bite! They produce EBA products that are oozing with purity, quality and of course, quite luxurious. The packaging process is a wholesome one with glass preferred to avoid product aging and oxidising.





A brand after many women’s hearts, Iluka is the brainchild of one of Australia’s most celebrated icons, Natalie Imbruglia. Identifying as a luxury skincare range with products made from 100% natural ingredients found in Australia, this brand represents everything Australian and more. One of their key ingredients is Marine Collagen and Iluka loosely translates as ‘by the sea.’ Taking the high road to approach beauty holistically, this brand is worth ‘investing in.’




This natural Australian skincare brand prides itself on having mastered the art of extracting natural products indigenous to Australia for use in their products. Their slogan states: “not all natural skincare products are created equally.” Clearly, they know a thing or two that the other brands are not aware of.  100% natural, their products are free from any sulphates, parabens, triclosan, aluminum salts, and phthalates.



Grown Alchemist

If this brand doesn’t fascinate you, then the name should at least make you inquisitive. Grown Alchemist is one of Australia’s highly-sought after organic brands. Most buyers get it shipped through the use of Australian freight forwarders. Popular for their ability to replenish the skin and return it to its natural shine and balanced tone, some of their ingredients include ginseng, rose and of course, water.



The Base

An all-time collection of self-bronzing products, The Base is an Australian brand established by Lara Bingle, a celebrated Australian beauty. This self-bronzing line has a widely varied range of tanning products for all skin types. For anyone looking for the perfect summer complexion, The Base is a radiation-free and affordable tanner with the perfect formula achieved by an ‘it-girl.’




One of Australia’s most successful skin care lines at home and abroad. This brand was cooked up by a cosmetic physician, Dr. Geoffrey to help his cosmetic beauty patients achieve their look without surgery. Scientifically proven to deliver results, UltraCeuticals contains a significantly high percentage of active ingredients.




Napoleon Perdis

Our list would be null and void without Napoleon Perdis. The cosmetic brand has 85-concept stores in Australia as well as stockists in other countries. As one of the leading brands in the beauty industry, they are responsible for perfectly setting foundations, moist masks, eyeshadows, primers, and lipsticks. The Napoleon Perdis products are infused with or contain beneficial components such as BBB Cream, Lotus Blossom, and Snail mucus.


Get shopping!

There is a whole lot more than what meets the eye. If you want to buy online from Australia, then take your time to check out these top 10 cosmetic brands. From this list, you might find a whole lot more than what you bargained for.

As long as you have an account with an Australian package forwarding service who will ship from Australia to your local address, then your online cosmetics hunt is the only stress. Australia has a lot of ‘it-girls’ with a knack for business. Clearly, in the near future, there will be a whole lot more brands to pick from. Arrange for lifetime shipping assistance, and you will be set to enjoy shopping for Aussie cosmetic brands whenever you want.

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I personally think your article is fascinating, interesting and amazing. I share some of your same beliefs on this topic. I like your writing style and will revisit your site.
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Thank you!
Jessica Smith
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Jessica Smith
2 years ago
International Meeting on Dermatopathology Cordially Invites you to take part at this conference which is going to be held at Paris, France on May 22-23, 2019. Join us to brudge all the gaps between wisdom and meaningful experiences on the platform of this conference
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