Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Technophiles

Everyone deserves a meaningful gift. For tech dudes and tech babes, it’s usually challenging knowing what exactly to buy for them. You’re most probably reading this because you’d like pointers on how to select the best tech gifts for technophiles in your life. Whether your budget is limited to a Lego set or wide enough to accommodate a smartwatch, our list has you covered.

Find some of the coolest tech gifts for men from the ancient Nintendo to the coolest tech gifts for women such as The Barisieur - Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock. The collection we have compiled for you includes old and golden tech gift ideas, but also has some of the latest inventions. Christmas tech gift buying doesn’t have to be a minefield. Go over our list of handpicked items and find your ideal technology gifts to help you fit in the realm of specs and jargon!

Handpicked Ten Best Christmas Tech Gifts

Our team of experts took out time to help pick the best games, Lego kits, laptops and smart gadgets that could make great gifts for her and him.

  1. Sonos One from HAY

What Makes it Stand Out: Perfect marriage between sound and home design, cool tech gift for him and her.

This limited-edition speaker designed by Danish brand HAY is one of the best tech gifts in 2018. Equipped with Amazon Alexa voice controls, the speaker has over 80 music services globally making it the ultimate party in 2019. Also, the Sonos One allows you to enjoy multiroom audio and has near-audiophile levels of sound quality. Dope, dope, dope! Although there is no Bluetooth connection, this speaker easily connects using the Sonos App. The owner can opt to link their speaker to their favorite music services, such as Apple Music and Spotify.

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  1. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

What Makes it Stand Out: Learn Coding by building a Wand. DIY at its tech glory.

Not all tech gifts for men are not physical. One such example is the Kan Harry Potter Coding Kit. Buying this kit for that intellect startup or kid tech guru in your life brings in the sense of physical involvement. First, build a wand that corresponds to your movements-customized. From there, you learn to code using the 70+ step-by-step creative challenges. The magical wand has a built-in gyroscope for measuring orientation and accelerometer for speed measurement. Nothing was overlooked. Your young tech gets to learn and be entertained.

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  1. Nintendo Labo

What Makes it Stand Out: Education and entertainment galore.

The thing about cool tech gifts is that they can become a center for edutainment. This variety kit combines learning with fun. Instead of one child playing alone this festive, they get to play with the rest of the family or other kids. The kit has Toy-Con that must be created step-by-step following the interactive instructions o the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Parrot Mambo FPV

What Makes it Stand Out: has all drone qualities, but is suitable for first timers.

Technology gifts can be expensive, especially when they are for young techs. One such is the Parrot Mambo drone. Currently the best on the market for its price, it is excellent for learning. The experience is equally amazing, as the drone has a first-person view built-in camera. This scalable drone can get controlled from a smartphone for easy flying. It has the coordination for stable flying, and you can take shots while in the air.

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  1. Bragi Dash Pro

What Makes it Stand Out: the 21st take on wireless headphone and portable MP3 player mashup.

If you have been scrolling down for tech gift ideas for the grownups, then this Dash Pro is what you have been looking for. The product is German engineered and has 4GB of storage that takes up to 1000 songs. The battery has an impressive 30 hours. You can use these wireless headphones on the go, take important calls, swim or even run the treadmill.

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  1. Tile-Mate

What Makes it Stand Out: affordable, convenient way of keeping your keys.

Not all technology gifts are priced over $100. Some are simple, and practical, for everyday use and yet affordable. With Tile Mate, you can keep track of your bags, keys and any small item by attaching it to the Mate. Attach the Tile, download the App on your mobile phone. If you want your keys or bag, go to the phone app and ring it.

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  1. Pro-Ject The Beatles Yellow Submarine

What Makes it Stand Out: goes in the Beatles fans’ collectible display.

This turntable celebrates The Beatles. The unique turntable design is an amazing tech gift for men that come from Hi-Fi pros Pro-Ject. The sound quality gives life to any party. Befitting and worthy of being passed on as a present.

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  1. Polaroid's Mint 2-in-1

What Makes it Stand Out: Fun and befitting way of documenting Crimbo.

Polaroid came back to the top of the leaderboard as far as cool tech gifts go. This 16MP camera with printer in 2-in-1 creation is the partner your smartphone has been looking for to take high-quality pictures. Capture and get a physical memoir in real time.

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  1. The Barisieur - Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock

What Makes it Stand Out: tech gift to benefit the entire household.

When you have searched specifically for tech gifts for men and still fail to find something that stands out, then you might want to consider this barrister machine. The alarm clock is connected to the coffee/tea maker. When your alarm rings to wake you up, the barrister part concocts your morning drink. Just buy loose leaf tea or ground beans for this immeasurable pleasure.

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  1. PlayStation Classic by Sony

What Makes it Stand Out: celebrates the marriage between Nintendo and Sony.

Don’t be shy to walk down the vintage lane. Classics have often proven to be the best tech gifts, as most people only shop for newly released items. The console has that forever loved full-sized iconic DualShock controller and harbors 20 vintage games from the first console released. Of course, you need to connect it to your TV using USB slots and HDMI, and you’re good to play the likes of Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer Type 4.

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