Top 10 Cosmetics Brands from South Africa

When one thinks of South Africa, most probably, the first thought is ‘African Safari.’ The Southernmost country has more to offer than trips in khakis. Whereas some are lucky enough to experience South African skincare products in person when they visit the country, others have to learn about them online and pay for parcel forwarding to give their shopping haul a try.

Let’s help you by taking a look at the top 10 cosmetics brands from South Africa that you can simply add to your cart.

Leading Skincare Products from SA

  1. African Extracts

The African Extracts infused with rooibos is perhaps the leading South African brand both locally and internationally. With prizes that allow it to compete on an international level but still cater to the average income earning local buyer, this brand is truly South African in the sense that almost every household has at least one African Extracts item in their bathroom. It has skin toners, SPF creams, day and night vanishes. For a long range of skincare products, try the African Extracts brand. It has everything for a full facial care treatment and caters to teenagers as well. Use your international parcel forwarder from South Africa to buy the rooibos infused products.


  1. Bio Oil

No one loves stretch marks. Not even a single stretch. There are a lot of beauty and body care products that promise concoctions to get rid of stretch marks and yet fail to deliver. With the Bio Oil for stretch marks, South African women know to use it all the time for the perfect skin tone. It works to even out the tone while taking care of the stretch marks. You can use it on its own or mix into your body cream. Good news, you can even buy Bio Oil online from South Africa.


  1. Lulu & Marula

As one of the leading South African cosmetic brands, Lulu & Marula presents their products in the most adorable packaging. If you want to be excited about receiving an online purchase, consider getting yourself the Lulu & Marula products. Filled with scents from products that are naturally grown in the country’s plush greenery side of Mpumalanga, you will get to enjoy the main ingredients that are nothing but mother earth’s gift to humanity. Also, all products are cruelty-free and packaging is from recycled material, and made recyclable.


  1. Africology

Representing the true nature and essence of Africa is this brand — Africology. Producing cosmetics for both men and women, one would expect the likes of cleansers, masks and lotions. Filled with the most delicate of flavours from the blossoms of lavender and rosemary, Africology is the best South African brand to shop for therapeutic aromatherapy range made from pure plant essences and distilled oils. Their products are used in spas across the country and are worth the hassle that comes with international shipping.


  1. Suki Suki Naturals

The Suki Suki range of beauty care products started out as a hair care range that was for both men and women. With their rapid success, they have grown to include a body care range mostly focused on women. The Suki Suki Naturals are made from essential and natural oils from the vast flora across South Africa. Offering products that are preservative, paraben and sulphate free, this brand will leave your skin rejuvenated, renewed and ready to flourish.


  1. Sorbet

If you’re a South African and love visiting the spas and beauty salons, chances are you have had first-hand experience with Sorbet. This is one for the rapidly expanding South African beauty brands. Focused mostly on skincare products to bath ranges, they also identify as a makeup brand because of their nail polishes. Not from SouthAfrica? Not a problem! You can still purchase some Sorbet to try and have an international forwarder deliver your buys to you.


  1. Charlotte Rhys

Originally from Cape Town, the Charlotte Rhys South African brand is now an internationally recognised beauty brand. They started off as a one-product brand, but have since grown into an innovative and exclusively big brand that focuses on being environmentally and organically friendly. Their products are manufactured from locally sourced ingredients and bring the natural aspect. The widely used items from the Charlotte Rhys brand are their liquid soap as well as hand and body lotion.


  1. Oh-Lief

This Afrikaans brand is all about love for your skin. ‘Lief’ means love and thus, the love their products have for your skin. All their products are extracted from nature’s love. The skin care is on a whole new level that is promoted by the use of olive oil as the base ingredient on all their products. The brand has stalls spread across the country in most malls and tourist areas. Excellent for sensitive skin types, normally, their products are an instant hit on all skins. Consider paying for international shipping to receive your Oh-Liefe skincare range.


  1. Esse

This South African brand is inspired and motivated by the Latin. Directly translated, Esse means ‘to be.’ As a globally accredited brand, they have products across the globe. Esse focuses on probiotic skincare and creates an environment on the skin to promote the growth of beneficial microbes. All products are vegan and not tested on animals. Esse has campaigns that promote the wellness of both humans and animals.


  1. DermaFix

For all your skincare troubles, trust that DermaFix has you covered. This South African brand is loved for its products that focus on treating skin ailments ranging from simple acne to hyper-pigmentation. If you’re looking for an affordable thorough skincare treatment to combat the wrinkles that come with aging, then get yourself a DermaFix shopping haul shipped to your country with love from South Africa.


Take Care of Your Skin Like your Heart

They always claim that true beauty radiates from the inside. But, without an outside to match, that inner beauty might just be a lost cause. You need the right kind of skin care products to be able to take care of your skin. If you’ve tried makeup brands from your country and they just don’t do you justice, then how about you consider investing in shipping from South Africa?


With brands such as African Extracts and Oh-Lief, your skin will come to life and thank you for the effort.

  • The French have a pretty laid out and long skincare routine usually done at night. If you’re not a fan, consider something simpler such as washing your face with water and smearing Bio Oil before bed to achieve a smooth, even-toned look.

  • With the country’s beauty brands focusing on both strong and light looks, it’s easy to achieve any beauty look using South African makeup brands.

  • When you buy online from South Africa, you give your skin a second chance in life to feel renewed and alive, because most of their ingredients are naturally grown and sourced within the country, paraben and chemical free.


Consider going back to nature.  Browse South Africa’s biggest brands, some of which are used by local celebrities. Cleanse your skin with products infused with natural ingredients and watch as that youthful glow becomes easier to maintain. 

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