Top-10 Items Delivered Internationally This Week

It is amazing how different we all are, how many interests, needs, and shopping habits we have, and how open we can be to all things new. Here at Parcl we have an exciting opportunity to explore online stores all over the world thanks to our customers, who trust their international shipping to us. Every day, these shopping enthusiasts come to Parcl to eradicate the injustice of not being able to get their favorite goods shipped to them.

This week we have helped many shoppers to solve the ‘Store doesn’t ship to my country’ problem. Usually, the package forwarding process is pretty simple: shoppers, who need help shopping a store that doesn’t ship internationally, request delivery from this store with one of Parcl’s forwarders located in the store’s country. The parcel forwarder receives the buys from the store, and then re-ships the package to the shopper’s address. This mechanism works for all countries where Parcl has registered forwarders, but the most popular cases are when:

  • UK shoppers need to buy from US shop and ship to the UK,

  • US store doesn’t offer delivery to Canada,

  • American shop doesn’t ship to Australia,

  • US shoppers need to buy from UK and ship to US,

  • European customers need to ship from American, Australian, or Asian stores internationally.

International Shipping from American Shops

Many online shoppers from around the world wonder how to shop US and ship internationally. This is not surprising, because American stores offer a fantastic selection of all kinds of goods, huge discounts during holidays and regular clearance deals. Users from the UK, Canada, European countries, Australia, Russia, and other countries, can order international delivery from US stores through the Parcl package forwarding service. Here’s what we have delivered this week from the USA:


Assassin's Creed Baby Collection Connor Bib

International delivery from Ubisoft US store


Floating Speaker

International shipping from Home Depot store


Never Summer Proto Type Two Snowboard

Delivered from to the UK


Hybrid Smartwatch Q Annette Sand Leather

International delivery from Fossil USA


Wedding Church Wooden Music Box

International delivery from Papyrusonline US


Digital Display Soldering Iron Station

International shipping from Amazon US


Package forwarding from the UK

Our parcel forwarders from the UK receive dozens of delivery orders on a daily basis. What is interesting about users’ shopping habits, is that their buys are not limited to common consumer goods such as clothes or electronics. Customers order industrial goods and household items from the UK as well! Just take a look at these products, shipped internationally from UK stores just a few days ago:


Torque Wrench

Delivery from Toolstop UK to Thailand


House of Wolves Doormat

Package forwarding from UK


Aguri Skyway GPS/radar/laser Speed Trap Detector

International delivery from to Saudi Arabia


Sleeping Cat Statue

Shipping from the UK to Switzerland


The UK is a great destination for shoppers from all around the world. The country offers stylish clothing and shoes at affordable prices, unique makeup and healthcare products, home and garden items, consumer electronics, industrial goods, and of course, rare collectibles and exclusive items. At Parcl you can find a trusted person, who can ship goods from any UK store to you, even from offline shops, such as Tesco, Sainsburry’s, Asda, etc.

To order international delivery from the UK, just fill out the delivery request form and wait for a UK forwarder to purchase, receive and ship your items to your country.

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