Top 10 Japanese Jewelry Brands

Asian beauty standards have always been something to marvel. With Japanese fashion, the level and angle of beauty have always possessed a unique aura. What is more with the proliferation of Japan jewelry online shop websites over the internet, Japanese fashion has only become more popular.

Japanese Fashion Leading Asian Market

Japanese clothing has become so popular that when searching for Asian styles, one is bound to discover mostly Japanese styles. Not only are Japanese clothing brands successful. That success gets shared with the sister industry comprised of jewelry designers and shops. When paired together, the fashion statements are iconic, modest, classy and even timeless. Shoppers only need to find what corresponds to their style and age when buying both Japanese clothing and jewelry.

When shopping online, you only need to find a dedicated package forwarder to help you buy from Japan and bring your ‘wardrobe’ home. Read on to find the list of top 10 Japanese jewelry brands that will help make your search easier.

  1. Mikimoto

The Mikimoto jewelry brand is undoubtedly regarded as part of Japan’s finest Jewelers. Established in 1893 by Kokichi Mikimoto, their first ever creation was the world’s first cultured pearls. Mikimoto has developed and gone on to redefine their brand over the years. They set up the first pearly specialty boutique in Ginza, Tokyo before the tuкn of 1900. At the moment, Mikimoto is a top Japan jewelry online shop. International shoppers get everything from pearls to diamonds and a whole array of classy stones. The experts say that the only true way to differentiate lab gems and natural ones is to find impurities - The impurities that can be spotted by a trained expert eye tell us that the gemstone is natural while lab diamonds and gemstones tend to be flawless.


  1. Vendome Aoyama

The roots of Vendome Aoyama are deep in the luxurious and plush town of Aoyama. This brand is popular and loved by many because it caters to a broader audience. In their webstore, you will find modern Japanese jewelry for young to early 50’s ladies. Vendome Aoyama manages to be a sentimental favorite of everybody. Their pieces exude so much grace and authenticity with just the right amount of trendiness. Designed by an all-female team of Japanese designers, no detail is too small in this jewelry.

Vendome Aoyama

  1. Tasaki

Tasaki is recognized home and abroad as a leader of the pack when reviewing Japanese jewelry brands. Their rare, large-winged pearls have been featured on the cover of Vogue and worn on many-a-red-carpet. Alongside Mikimoto, Tasaki is revered for the way the brand introduces the most intricate of designs into desired pearls. Additionally, this brand makes waves making its unique gold accessories using SAKURAGOLD™. The SAKURAGOLD™ line relies on K18 gold making the finished pieces more elegant.



STAR JEWELRY is a premium Japanese jewelry brand that has items and pieces for all seasons and occasions. Their designs have some of the most amazing patterns and unique colors. Perfect mostly for the young, modern audience; it’s worth the investment. Their pieces go perfectly well with stylish outfits. Jewelry is an excellent accessory to help complete and bring to life an otherwise simple outfit.


  1. 4℃ Jewelry

4℃ Jewelry is another leading Japanese online jewelry shop that also has a lot of establishments locally. It has a strong fan base, and their audience consists of young people. With a stronghold on simple designs that bring out the alluring natural features of the one wearing the piece, their pieces manage to go over and beyond as far as brightening the mood. Amongst the other new and upcoming Japanese brands of jewelry, 4℃ Jewelry stands out because it doesn’t shy away from being classic, timeless and elegant. They stick to the essence of Japanese beauty standards.



This brand is on the high-end of the spectrum. Inspired by rich, classy and glamorous for the trendy, classy lover of jewelry, NIWAKA comes from the ancient city of Kyoto. With the rich history dating back to over 1200 years ago, NIWAKA has evolved and mastered modernity. The company sells jewelry to anyone including international buyers who use package forwarding from Japan to receive their buys. Their pieces have proven to stand the test of time and are thus treasured by owners.


  1. agete

The agete jewelry brand is most famous for their play around with K10 and K18 gold. For anyone searching for the perfect, adorable jewelry, agete has all that and more. On this list, agete is perhaps the most international. Their jewelry has a Bohemian range, and in the same instance, the everyday type of simple pieces that can be worn in the workplace. Agete designers play around with all types of stones, pearls, and feather-like gold plates. Thus, their range of beauty is dynamic and broad.



This Japanese jewelry brand responds to women looking for everyday accessories. Their target audience is young women to those in their 30’s and 40’s. Using vivid colors accentuates whatever outfit the owner decides to pair with the COCOSHNIK jewelry. Although the brand doesn’t highlight any specialties used, one thing is sure; you can look elegant in their designs.


  1. Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is a modern Japanese jewelry brand established for women who want to stand through the sands of time. Their designs are aesthetically pleasing and accompanied by authenticity. This brand goes by the signature line ‘Eterno Family,’ meaning the woman who wears any Ponte Vecchio piece stays attractive forever. Popular for their uniquely curved heart-shaped pendants and eternity rings, seekers of beauty from all regions love the Ponte Vecchio look.


  1. AHKAH

If you intend to shop online in Japan, be sure to check out this brand among the first. AHKAH creates petite, elegant jewelry. Their pendants have the signature look of being feminine in all aspects. The section where the pendant image goes can be customized at your request, and owners can wear their jewelry both on everyday and special occasions. Since they use the subtle K18 gold, their pieces have enough shine to look good, but not overdone.


Buy from Japan And Get the Package Forwarded Using Parcl Services

Now that you have discovered Japanese jewelry brands and are aware of their sense of style and presence, you can scout the internet. Before settling onto anything, you might want first to discover a trusted Japanese proxy service to help you forward your buys. Although these brands cater to an international market, they only provide local shipping within Japan. International shoppers must find a parcel forwarder to help send their jewelry all the way from Japan to their home countries.

Parcl offers package forwarding from Japan. They have several verified forwarders in Japan who come with verified Japanese shopping addresses. All you have to do is:

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  • Select the best one and proceed to check out using that address. Your jewelry will get sent from the shop to the local Japanese address where your handler will be waiting.

  • Your valuable Japanese jewelry will be sent to you using top shipping carriers to protect it and ensure timely delivery.

  • You can track the package until it gets to your final destination. The transaction is only complete when you mark it as complete after receiving the package.


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